Photos of Kohat

Photos of Kohat.

Kohat Pictures: General view of King Gate, Kohat - Photos, Images of Kohat

Brief History: Kohat city is the Headquarters of Kohat District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (Formerly NWFP) located on the left bank of Kohat Toi River. The town, centers around a 19th century British fort, built on the site of an old Sikh fortress. The old town is enclosed by a wall with 14 gates.
The main tribe of Kohat is Bangash but it is also occupied by Orakzai, Khattak (Main sub tribes of Khattaks in Kohat are Barak Khattak and Seeni Khattaks), Shinwari, Afridi, Banoori, Awan, Bukhari, Akhunzada , Qureshi and more . It was earlier also known as ‘Bangash Valley’ along with Hangu. The residents of Kohat speak Pashto and Hindko. Urdu being National language is also spoken and understood.
Kohat is the terminus railway station of Kohat-Jand railway line. It was also the terminus station of a narrow gauge railway line which connected it with Thall. This railway line was closed in 1991.

Aerial view of Kohat City and Kohat Airfield. This photo taken from 7000 feet altitude shows Kohat City and Kohat airfield. Darra Adam Khel mountains are at the back while Malakand and Swat Mountains can also be seen in the far distance. Photo by Hydaspes’ Lightbox.

Kohat Photos - Aerial view of Kohat city and Kohat airfield - Photos of Kohat

Friendship Tunnel, KohatThe Kohat Tunnel, also called “Pak-Japan Friendship Tunnel”, was constructed with Japanese help.  Its length is 1.2 miles (1.9 km). It was opened for traffic in June 2003. The tunnel serves as a shorter, alternate route to the Kotal Pass, situated between Peshawar and Kohat, thus saving travel time by 20 minutes. Long-bodied vehicles that previously couldn’t negotiate the sharp bends on the Kotal Pass, have now got access to the Indus Highway.

Photos of Kohat - Friendship Tunnel (Kohat Tunnel) - Kohat Pics

Internal View of Kohat Tunnel. Photo by Dashing Khattak.

Kohat Pictures: Internal view of Kohat Tunnel - Images Photos of Kohat

Kohat Toll Plaza

Pictures of Kohat; Kohat Photos - Photo of Kohat Toll Plaza - Photos of Kohat

King Gate, Kohat 

Kohat Pictures: General view of King Gate, Kohat - Pictures and Photos of Kohat

Tomb of Abdullah Khan Durrani at Kohat. Abdullah Khan Durrani was son of Abdul Qadir Khan Durrani and grandson of Ahmad Shah Durrani (also known as Ahmad Khan Abdali), the founder of the Durrani Empire in modern-day Afghanistan. After the death of Ahmad Shah Durrani in 1772, his son Timur Shah Durrani became the second ruler of the Durrani Empire. In 1776, Timur Shah compelled his uncle Abdul Qadir Khan Durrani to leave Afghanistan. Abdul Qadir sent his two sons Faizullah Khan Durrani and Abdullah Khan Durrani along with other family members to Akora Khattak. He himself went to Damascus (Syria), where he (Abdul Qadir Khan Durrani) died in 1781.
After the death of his wife, Abdullah Khan Durrani migrated to Kohat in 1791 where he married a widow, Pashmina.

Photos of Kohat - Tomb of Abdullah Khan Durrani at Kohat - Images of Kohat, Pics of Kohat

Entrance of Kohat Air Base. Kohat Air Base was commissioned by Royal Air Force for operational purposes in 1922 to meet the threat posed by tribesmen of the northern and western areas of the Frontier Province. Kohat was one of the three Air Bases in the region, the other two being Peshawar and Risalpur.

Kohat Pics: A fighter plane displayed at the entrance of Kohat Air Base - Photos of Kohat

Kohat University of Science and Technology. Photo by Irfan Saeed.

Kohat Pictures: A view of Kohat University of Science & Technology - Photos of Kohat

A Panoramic View of Kohat University of Science & Technology. Photo by Afaq Hussain.

Pictures of Kohat: Building of Kohat University of Science & Technology - Images Photos of Kohat

Entrance Gate of Cadet College KohatPhoto contributed by Brig (R) Anwar Khan. The little boy in the picture is his grandson, Ayaan Khan.

Photos of Kohat - Cadet College Kohat, Main Gate - Images and Pictures of Kohat

BISE (Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education) Kohat. Photo by Nasir Saeed Khattak.

Kohat Pictures: BISE (Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education) Kohat - Pics and Photos of Kohat

Fruit Vendors in a Bazaar at Kohat (‘Old Woman’s Nose’ Mountain in Background). The mountain in the background is called Dosaray Ghar (Hill with two tops), though one can see three tops. While Britishers used to call it ‘Old Woman’s Nose’. Photo by friend_faraway -Back home from Nepal.

Kohat Pics; Fruit vendors at a Bazaar in Kohat - Photos of Kohat, Images of Kohat

Spitfire Mark VIIIe Aircraft at Royal Air Force Base Kohat, 1946. This Spitfire Mk VIIIe was with No.2 Sqn from 20 Jan 1946. It was written off on 29th Jan 1947, when Pilot Officer Pat Callaghan belly landed the aircraft in Kohat airfield. The aircraft engine had caught fire after an oil leak during circuit and landing practice. Photo by Arun Agnihotri.

Kohat old Pictures: Spitfire Mark VIII e aircraft parked at Aerodrome Kohat, 1946 - Old Photos of Kohat

A Hawker Hurricane Aircraf Flying near Kohat, 1946. Photo by Arun Agnihotri.

 Kohat old Pics: A Hawker Hurricane plane flying near Kohat, 1946 - Old Photos of Kohat

A British Soldier at Kohat Railway Station in 1930

Old Pics of Kohat - A British soldier at Kohat railway station in 1930 - Rare Old Photos of Kohat

A Hunting Party in Kohat, 1930. Commanding officer Grahame Donald, a senior RAF pilot, is sitting second left middle row.

 Kohat Old Pictures: Two British officers with a Hunting Party in Kohat, 1930 - Old Photos of Kohat


An Old Black & White Photo of a Cobbler in Kohat, 1925. The signboard shows that Bannu is 79 miles away.

Kohat Rare Pictures: Old Black & White photo of a cobbler in Kohat - Old Photos of Kohat

A Bazar in Kohat, April 1919

Kohat Old Pictures: A Bazar in Kohat, 1919 - Old Photos of Kohat, Kohat Images

Old Photos of Kohat: Kohat in 1919  (‘Old Woman’s Nose’ in the Background). The mountain in the background is called Dosaray Ghar (Hill with two tops), though one can see three tops. While Britishers used to call it ‘Old Woman’s Nose’.

 Kohat Old Pictures: Vew of Kohat in 1919, 'Old Woman's Nose' in the background - Old Photos of Kohat

Rare Photos of Kohat: Mule Lines of 52nd Sikhs Regiment at Kohat, 1919

 Kohat Old Pics: Mule Lines of 52nd Sikhs Regiment at Kohat, 1919 - Old Images & Photos of Kohat

Old Photos of Kohat: Living Lines of Soldiers and Quarter Guard of 52nd Sikhs Regiment at Kohat, 1919 

Kohat Old Pictures: Living Lines of Soldiers and Quarter Guard of 52nd Sikhs Regiment at Kohat, 1919 - Old Photos of Kohat

RarePhotos of Kohat: Lines of 52nd Sikhs, Kohat, 1919 

 Kohat Old Pictures: Lines of 52nd Sikhs Regiment, Kohat 1919, "Old Woman's Nose" in background - Photos of Kohat

Old Photos of Kohat: Another View of Lines of 52nd Sikhs, Kohat, 1919

 Kohat Old Pics: Lines of 52nd Sikhs, Kohat 1919 - Old Photos of Kohat, Images of Kohat

Rare Photos of Kohat: St. Augustine’s Church, Kohat in February 1916. Photo by emmyeustace.

Kohat Pictures - Pics of Pakistani Churches: St. Augustine's Church, Kohat 1916- Photos of Kohat

Old Photos of Kohat: A Football Match in Kohat, 1910

 Kohat Rare Pictures: Army soldiers playing a Football match in Kohat, 1910 - Old Photos of Kohat

Rare Photos of Kohat: Government House, Kohat, 1906

 Kohat Rare Pics: Old photo of Government House at Kohat 1906 - Rare Photos of Kohat

Old Photos of Kohat: Kohat Cantonment Railway Station, 1900s

Old Photos of Kohat - Kohat Cantonment Railway Station, 1900s: Old Images & Pictures of Kohat

Rare Photos of Kohat: A Cricket Match in Kohat, 1860sSt. Augustine’s Church is visible at the background.

Rare Photos of Kohat - A cricket match in Kohat, 1860s: Old Pictures of Kohat

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  1. I am so happy to see the old pictures of Kohat which reminds one the history of those days. It appears that the people of that time were simple but healthy specially they look like innocent away from the hypocrisy.

  2. N.N.Tangri says:

    I have heard much of Cavingiri House in Kohat. But no Photograph.
    What about the Mall Road and a huge Banyan tree that existed in the 1940s?
    What about Bharatri High School on Hangu Road?

  3. Basit Farhan says:

    Great work…thanks.

  4. It would have been nice to have some description with each picture, though there is some, more would have provided clarity (e.g. like where is the church place today)

  5. Mansoor Shah says:

    Good to see pictures of Kohat, my home town. Two big tribes reference was missing like Miankhel and Peerkhail and most important no reference of Hazrat Haji Bahadar.

  6. Shahid Latif Paracha says:

    Nice collection!! Love to see more pics of old Kohat, my home town.

  7. Saiful Islam Qureshi says:

    Very nice collection of Kohat pictures. I along with other friends climbed ‘Two Top’ (do chooki) mountain a few years back where I took some photos. I will post them here.

  8. Shahid Khan Bangash says:

    Kohat is the city of our ancestors. I really appreciate these pictures. My grandfather worked in Kohat Air Force Base before Partition. I noticed that the mountains of Kohat at that time were lush green. We should restore the greenery of Kohat.

  9. Nisha Chawla says:

    Sir, many many Heartiest thanks for the old and latest pics. My Grandparents left Kohat in 1947 only with tears and sweet memories, my parents as small kids then, have lots of remembrances of the painful departure from Kohat in a hope that they would come back soon. We are grown up listening to the real stories of their life in Kohat, starting with shine and ending with tears in their eyes!

    • Shahid Khan Bangash says:

      Nisha, I am from Kohat. Our grandmother told me a lot of stories regarding Hindus families who were Kohatians. So if you need any more information then add me on facebook as shahid399″ Plz also mention the locality of your forefathers in Kohat.

    • Shahid Khan says:

      I am from Kohat/Hangu (Anarchena village). my father told me about Mr. Faqir Chand, Lal Chand Soba Das and Bala Lal Chand. If you want to know aty information about this family, kindly let me know.

      • Although I was born after Partition but my father used to tell me old memories of pre Partition era. He had lot of friends and his family doctor used to be Dr. Ram Naath Chopra at Kohat City. The doctor regularly used to send cards and letters before Our Eid festivals. A very loving human being who kept in touch till 1984 and his address was New Delhi. I wish you could trace out his family but it would be very difficult because a lot of time has passed and old people have vanished as the new generation has stepped in. Wish you the best of every thing.

  10. A U K Malik says:

    Nice work. Well done!!
    However, there are some more tribes living in Kohat. You may like to update.

    • Sir, thanks for your update through email. I have added more tribes as indicated by you. Thanks again.

      • Hamid Ali Muzaffar says:

        Can you please add some pictures of Kohat such as Kohat High School No 1, Sagher Primary School, Main Bazzar, Bazar Zargeraan St. Patrick School, Convent School Bazar Mian Khel Mullah Oh! there are too much to look back of my child hood city it still rules my all memory lines

  11. Hamza Naeem says:

    Very beautiful pictures, Maasha Allah.

  12. M Tayyab Paracha says:

    I am very happy to see these pictures and appreciate the effort. Some more photographs are also available,

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