Photos of Khalique Akram, Capt (ABD-3)

Capt Khalique Akram, USA, January 2013

Capt Khalique Akram, USA, Oct 2012

Capt Khalique Akram, USA, 2012

GC Khalique Akram, 1972

Khalique, July 1972

Khalique Akram A-3), July 1972

Fun in Ante Room, July 1972.  A week before the Passing Out, Khalique Akram (ABD-3) and Naveed Akbar (ABD-5) were invited in the Ante Room, jointly shared by Haider & Ghori Coy. Probably it was a rehearsal for the incoming Gala Night. In this photo, Azam Gill (HDR-1) is singing some English song while Khalique is playing the guitar. Later, Naveed Akbar sang  the nostalgic song “Summer Wine”. Photo contributed by Capt Khalique Akram (ABD-3).

Song and Guitar, July 1972

Khalique in PMA, 1972. Last Exercise before the Passing Out.

Khalique Akram, Lahore, 1969

Childhood Photo of Khalique Akram, 1956This photo was taken in Murree in 1956 when Khalique was 3 years old.

Khalique Akram's Childhood Photo

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  1. Cherished memories – thank you Cheema Jee for another superb job!

  2. Khalique Akram says:

    WoW Cheema thanks very much dear for this posting much appreciate it …I have some recent like couple of weeks old I will share those with you…Take care and God Bless you. .

  3. Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (ABD-1) says:

    Dear Khalique,
    Nostalgic photos.
    Always stay happy & blessed.

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