Photos of Karachi

Editor’s Note: Rare black & white photos of Karachi dating back to 1860s are in the last portion of this page.

Memorabilia of Quaid-e-Azam: Tomb of Quaid-e-Azam - Memorabilia of Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Mazar-e-Quaid. Photo by Shahid1024.

Brief History: The area of Karachi was known to the ancient Greeks by many names: ‘Krokola’ and  ‘Morontobara’ port (probably the modern Manora Island near the Karachi harbour), from where Alexander the Great’s admiral Nearchus sailed for back home.The Arabs called it the port of Debal, from where Muhammad Bin Qasim led his conquering force into Sindh.
According to legend, the city started as a fishing settlement, where a fisher woman, Mai Kolachi, settled and started a family. The village that grew out of this settlement was known as Kolachi-jo-Goth (The Village of Kolachi in Sindhi).
The city was under Kalhora rulers and later under Talpur rulers of Sindh. It was conquered by British east India Company in 1839. The town was later annexed to the British Indian Empire. When Pakistan got independence in 1947, Karachi was selected as its capital. The capital was shifted to Islamabad in 1959.
This page will display photos of Karachi; a mix of new, old and extremely rare pics of the city.

Bird’s Eye View of Jinnah International Airport, Karachi

Aerial View of Boat Basin, Karachi

Containers at Karachi Port

Mazar-e-Quaid, Karachi

Under Construction Mazar-e-Quaid

  Pictures of Karachi: Under construction mazaar-e-Quaid Pic - Photos, Images of Karachi

A Very Rare Video of Karachi-1942. A great video of Karachi made by an unknown British Soldier. See here Rare Videos of Pakistan

An Aerial View of Karachi

Teen Talwar, Karachi

Another View of Teen Talwar, Clifton, Karachi

Karachi Pictures: Teen Talwar (Three Swords), Clifton, Karachi - Images, Photos of Karachi

Frere Hall, Karachi

Pictures of Karachi; Photo of Frere Hall, Karachi - Photos of Karachi, Images of Karachi

Metropole Hotel, Karachi 

Pictures of Karachi; Photo of Metropole Hotel,Karachi - Photos of Karachi - Images of Karachi

Park Tower, Karachi

Honeymoon Lodge (Now Agha Khan Hill) at Korangi Road, Karachi 

Pictures of Karachi; Photo of Agha Khan Hill (Previously Honeymoon Lodge) at Korangi Road, Karachi - Photos of Karachi - Images of Karachi

DHA Golf Club, Karachi

Karachi Pictures: DHA Golf Club, Karachi - Images, Photos of Karachi

KPT Interchange,Karachi

 Millennium Mall Flyover, Karachi

Pictures of Karachi: Photo of Millennium Mall Flyover, Karachi - Photos of Karachi - Images of Karachi

Beautiful Karachi Scene at Night

Mohatta Palace, Karachi

A Boat-Shaped Mosque, Karachi. It’s name is Masjid-e-Safina.

PIDC (Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation) Building, Karachi

Pic of PIDC (Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation) Building, Karachi


Jahangir Kothari, Clifton, Karachi

Nagan Chowrangi Flyover Karachi During Day

Karachi Pictures: Nagan Chowrangi Flyover Karachi during day - Images, Photos of Karachi

Nagan Chowrangi Flyover Karachi During Night

Karachi Pictures: Nagan Chowrangi Flyover Karachi during night - Images, Photos of Karachi

Paradise Point, near Karachi

Cape Monze (Cape Mount) Beach, near KarachiCape Monze, also known as Cape Mount, is a beautiful beach on the Arabian Sea near Karachi. It is closer to Gadani Beach.

Cape Monze ( also known as Cape Mount) Beach near Karachi

D. J. Science College, Karachi. D. J. Science College was built between 1887 and 1893. Named after the Sindhi philanthropist Dayaram Jethmal, whose two family members contributed towards its cost, the building was constructed in the neoclassical, or ‘Italian architectural style’.

Karachi Pictures: Neoclassical building of D.J.( Dayaram Jethmal) Science College, Karachi - Photos of Karachi

The Eduljee Dinshaw Charitable Dispensary. The magnificent building of the Eduljee Dinshaw Charitable Dispensary, located in Saddar next to Khyber Hotel near the intersection of Preedy Street and Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road (Somerset Street), is a classical landmark of Karachi. It is also a reminder of  religious and ethnic diversity of Karachi. It was commissioned by the famous philanthropist Eduljee Dinshaw in 1882. Photo by Skybolt.

Karachi Pictures: Eduljee Dinshaw Charitable Dispensary located near the intersection of Preedy Street and Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road in Saddar, Karachi - Images, Photos of Karachi

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Karachi. It is situated on Shahrah-e-Iraq (Old Clarke Street), in Saddar Karachi, and was opened in April 1881. A church was initially built on the grounds of this cathedral in 1845, and was called St. Patrick’s Church. The little old church also continued to function until it was destroyed by a storm in 1885. Photo by Karachi_St._Patricks_Cathedral.jpgXalD.

Karachi Pictures: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Karachi - Images, Photos of Karachi

Holy Trinity Cathedral, KarachiHoly Trinity Cathedral is situated on Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi. Built in 1855, its tall tower was also a light house as it was built with a purpose to facilitate the ships arriving at Karachi Harbour.

Karachi Pictures: Holy Trinity Church, Karachi - Images, Photos of Karachi

Saint Andrew’s Church, Karachi

Karachi Pictures: Saint Andrew's Church, Karachi - Images, Photos of Karachi

Our Lady of Fatima Church, off M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi. Photo by GlennRyall. For more details about this church, see Churches in Pakistan.

Karachi Pictures: Our Lady of Fatima Church, off M.A. Jinnah Road Karachi - Images, Photos of Karachi

Habib Bank Plaza Karachi Under Construction, 1963

Karachi Pictures: Habib Bank Plaza Karachi under construction, 1963 - Images, Photos of Karachi

A Camel Cart and Tram on a Road in Karachi 

Pictures of Karachi; Photo of a Camel Cart and Tram in Karachi - Photos of Karachi - Images of Karachi

Municipal Hall, Karachi, 1954

Old Pictures of Karachi:  Municipal Hall, Karachi,1954 - Old and rare Photos, Images of Karach

Old Photo of McLeod Road, Karachi, Late 1940s. This photo was taken from where National Bank of Pakistan Head Office is today. The buildings on the left have been replaced by Habib Bank Plaza and some other buildings.

Old and rare Pictures of Karachi; Rare Photo of McLeod Road, Karachi, Late 1940s - Old and rare Photos of Karachi; Rare Images of Karachi

Federal Govt Offices, Karachi-1947

A Roadside Dentist in Karachi

Old and rare Pictures of Karachi; Roadside Dentist in Karachi - Old and rare Photos of Karachi - Rare Images of Karachi

A Road in Karachi Submerged in Rain Water Before Partition

Karachi Rare Pictures: A road in Karachi submerged in rain water before Partition - Old Photos of Karachi

Elphinstone Street, Karachi in 1940. It is now called Zaib-un-Nisa Street.

Karachi Rare Pictures: Elphinstone Street (Now Zaib-un-Nisa Street), Karachi in 1940 - Old Photos of Karachi

Elphinstone Street, Karachi, 1940Elphinstone Street is now called Zaib-un-Nisa Street.

Old and rare Pictures of Karachi; Old Photo of Elphinstone Street, Karachi, 1940 - Old and rare Photos of Karachi; Rare Images of Karachi

Old Photos of Karachi – Manora Barracks, Karachi, 1930 

Rare Pictures of Karachi: Manora Barracks, Karachi,1930 - Old and rare Photos, Images of Karachi

Rare Photo of Elphinstone Street, Karachi – 1930Elphinstone Street is now called Zaib-un-Nisa Street.

Old and rare Pictures of Karachi; Rare photo of Elphinstone Street, Karachi, 1930 - Old and rare Photos of Karachi - Rare Images of Karachi

Old Photo of Shops in a Street in Karachi

Old and rare Pictures of Karachi; Old photo of shops in a street in Karachi - Old and rare Photos of Karachi - Rare Images of Karachi

A Signpost at Malir cantonment – 1930.  This stone marker was erected at Malir Cantonment in 1930. During the Second World War, Karachi (and its surrounding military facilities like Malir Cantonment) became a major staging post  for troops of the British Indian Army being shipped to the Middle East and North Africa. From Oct 1941 onward, Malir Cantonment held the large number of Italian POWs captured in North and East Africa.  The distances to New York and San Fransisco were probably added in 1941 when the cantonment became a major base for the American support for the China-Burma-India (CBI) Theatre.  The distance to Warsaw may have been added after Partition when a large number of Polish pilots served in the Pakistan Air Force.

Old and rare Pictures of ;Karachi - Rare Photo of a signpost in Malir Cantonment, 1930 - Old and rare Photos of Karachi; Rare Images of Karachi

The Empress Market, Karachi – 1930

Old and rare Pictures of Karachi; Photo of Empress Market, Karachi,1930 - Old and rare Photos of Karachi - Rare Images of Karachi

A Parsi Family in Karachi in Motor Car, 1925

Extremely rare Pictures of Karachi; A Parsi family in Karachi in motor car, 1925  - Old and rare Photos, Images of Karachi

Bolton Market, Karachi, 1920

Rare Pictures of Karachi: Bolton Market, Karachi,1920 - Old and rare Photos, Images of Karachi

Star Cinema, Karachi, 1918-20. This cinema was located in Saddar, Karachi. Now it has been converted into Star Shopping Centre.The cinema is advertising Hands Up, which was a silent Western film released in America in 1917. There were two movies with the name of Hands Up; one was released in 1917 and the other in 1926. We are not sure which one was shown in Star Cinema when the picture was taken.
Please see both the links:!_(1917_film)!_(1926_film)

Karachi Rare Pictures: Star Cinema, Karachi, 1918-20 - Old Photos of Karachi

Rare Photo of Kothari Parade and Ladywood Pier at Clifton, Karachi

Old and rare Pictures of Karachi; Old photo of Kothari Parade and Ladywood Pier at Clifton, Karachi - Old and rare Photos of Karachi - Rare Images of Karachi

Rare Photo of Mausoleum of Abdullah Shah Ghazi at Clifton, Karachi, early 1900s

Karachi Rare Pictures: Mazar of Abdullah Shah Ghazi at Clifton, Karachi, early 1900s - Old Photos of Karachi

Karachi Cantonment Railway Station in 1900

Karachi Rare Pictures: Karachi Cantt Railway Station in 1900 - Old Photos of Karachi

Rare Photo of Bunder Road, Karachi – 1900. Bunder Road is now called M.A. Jinnah Road (Muhammad Ali Jinnah Road).

Old and rare Pictures of Karachi; Rare Photo of Bunder Road, Karachi,1900 - Old and rare Photos of Karachi - Rare Images of Karachi

Street in Karachi City – 1900

Old and rare Pictures of Karachi; Rare photo of Elphinstone Street, Karachi, 1930 - Old and rare Photos of Karachi - Rare Images of Karachi

Napier Mole Bridge, Karachi, 1900

Extremely rare Pictures of Karachi: Napier Mole Bridge, Karachi,1900 - Old and rare Photos, Images of Karachi

D. J. Sindh Arts College (Now D. J. Govt Science College), Karachi, 1900 

Extremely rare Pictures of Karachi: D.J. Sindh Arts College (Now D.J. Govt Science College), Karachi,1900 - Old and rare Photos, Images of Karachi

A Traffic Policeman Controlling Traffic in Downtown Karachi – Late 19th Century 

Old and rare Pictures of Karachi; A traffic policeman controlling traffic in Downtown Karachi, Late 19th Century - Old and rare Photos of Karachi - Rare Images of Karachi

A Busy Street in Karachi, Late 19th Century

Old and rare Pictures of Karachi; Rare photo of a busy street in Karachi, Late 19th Century - Old and rare Photos of Karachi - Rare Images of Karachi

Rare Photo of Victoria Road, Karachi, 1900. Victoria Road is now called Abdullah Haroon Road. Top left hand corner in the photo is where now Regal Chowk stands. Saint Andrew’s Church is also visible in the photo. The Church is between Victoria Road and Garden Road on Preedy Street. Immediate front is where Zainab Market now stands.

Old and rare Pictures of Karachi; Rare Photo of Victoria Road, Karachi, Late 19th Century - Old and rare Photos of Karachi; Rare Images of Karachi

Rare Photo of Napier Barracks, Karachi, 1890s. Looking Northwest, the wilderness beyond is where Quaid-e-Azam’s Mazar, Lines Area and in the distance Nazimabad are located today.

Old and rare Pictures of Karachi; Rare Photo of Napier Barracks, Karachi, 1890s - Old and rare Photos of Karachi; Rare Images of Karachi

Sindh Club, Karachi City, 1890s 

Extremely rare Pictures of Karachi; Rare photo of Sindh Club, Karachi City,1890s - Old and rare Photos, Images of Karachi

Frere Hall,Karachi, 1890

Karachi Rare Pictures: Frere Hall,Karachi, 1890 - Old Photos of Karachi

A Rare Photo of The Empress Market, Karachi – 1890 

Old and rare Pictures of Karachi; Rare photo of The Empress Market, Karachi,1890 - Old and rare Photos of Karachi - Rare Images of Karachi

Frere Hall,Karachi, 1880s 

Karachi Rare Pictures: Frere Hall,Karachi, 1880s - Old Photos of Karachi

Saint Patrick’s School, Karachi , 1873

Extremely rare Pictures of Karachi: Rare photo of Saint Patrick's School, Karachi ,1873 - Old and rare Photos, Images of Karachi

A Girls’ Classroom at Saint Patrick’s School, Karachi , 1873

Extremely rare Pictures of Karachi: Rare photo of a Girls' Classroom at Saint Patrick's School, Karachi ,1873 - Old and rare Photos, Images of Karachi

Parsi Virbaiji School, Karachi , 1873 

Extremely rare Pictures of Karachi: Rare photo of Parsi Virbaiji School, Karachi ,1873 - Old and rare Photos, Images of Karachi

A Class in Parsi Virbaiji School, Karachi , 1873

Extremely rare Pictures of Karachi: Rare photo of a Classroom in Parsi Virbaiji School, Karachi ,1873 - Old and rare Photos, Images of Karachi

Anglo Vernacular School, Karachi , 1873

Extremely rare Pictures of Karachi: Rare photo of Anglo Vernacular School, Karachi ,1873 - Old and rare Photos, Images of Karachi

A Classroom in Anglo Vernacular School, Karachi ,1873

Extremely rare Pictures of Karachi: Rare photo of a Classroom in Anglo Vernacular School, Karachi ,1873- Old and rare Photos, Images of Karachi

Students Taking Lesson in a Classroom in Anglo Vernacular School, Karachi ,1873

Extremely rare Pictures of Karachi: Rare photo of Students taking lesson in a Classroom in Anglo Vernacular School, Karachi ,1873- Old and rare Photos, Images of Karachi

A Girls’ School in Karachi, 1873

Extremely rare Pictures of Karachi: Rare photo of a Girls' School in Karachi, 1873 - Old and rare Photos, Images of Karachi

A Rare Photo of Karachi Harbour, 1860. One of the earliest photos of the Karachi Harbour.

Old and rare Pictures of Karachi; A rare photo of Karachi Harbour, 1860 - Old and rare Photos of Karachi; Rare Images of Karachi

A Rare photo of Frere Hall, Karachi – 1860

Old and rare Pictures of Karachi; Rare photo of Frere Hall, Karachi,1860 - Old and rare Photos of Karachi - Rare Images of Karachi

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  1. Muhammad Nasir ud Din says:

    Now looking at the old pictures, I feel proud of myself that I was born here. I love Karachi, I love my Pakistan.

  2. Karachi ka baasi says:

    Karachi ko Jeenay do.

  3. Nice Post. I would like to see a report on the areas which would be favorable for investment other than Bahria Town and DHA.

    • Affected Karachiite says:

      Paposh Qabrustan, Sakhi Hasan Qabrustan and Mewashah, etc. (after Rangers have cleansed the buried arms and munitions of MQM, Peoples Aman Committe and ANP, etc.).

  4. Very nice collection. 🙂 I like it.
    Thanks for sharing this collection.

  5. M. Nayyer Khan says:

    Thanks for these Pictures, I love pakistan and its belonging history….

  6. I remember Karachi of 1959-1974 when we moved out. Amazing was the childhood and the days. So safe, simple, clean. Trams and Victorias. Saddar was so clean, lots of foreigner seamen in white uniforms used to stroll at any given time there. Today even our own cannot, I presume. I passed through Saddar last, 25 years ago. We used to stay in Garden East, adjacent to St. Lawrence School and church. And later in Federal Capital area. We waived at motorcade of President Yahya Khan at Liaquatabad railway crossing, on his way to inaugurate Super highway in very early 70s. Musical fountain near Polo ground was so amusing. I studied 11th and 12th in DJ college. Nearby there was British Council Library, in Sarnagati Building at Pakistan Chowk. We used to visit there in free periods. The roads were less crowded. Lots of memories!

  7. M. Sidhva says:

    Karachi was known as Kurrachete then. You can find this name on all Government documents of those days. Before it was captured by the British it was inhabited by Kutchhis and Khojas and Sindhis. But for God’s sake don’t try to distort facts. Kurrachhee was the name given by the Brithish or maybe it was given by someone else before the British took over Karachi. In Kutchhee language Kura-Chee means what do you want. Most likely a foreigner might have tried to ask the name of this town from some Kutchhee speaking person, and not knowing what was being asked from him he put up the question what do you want in Kutchhee……henceforth this small town was named Kurrachee. This is the closest one can get in solving history. Now people should stop trying to portray Mai Kolachi’s with name of the naming of Karachi’s namee. Facts are facts and you cannot and should not try to distort history just because you are a Sindhi. Later it was during the British time only that the spelling of Kurrachee was changed to Karachi.

  8. I would like to use some of the old photo’s of Karachi for a small family book that I am writing about my mother who lived in Karachi in the 1930’s to the 1960’s. Can you please tell me who, if anyone, holds the copyright. Thank you.

  9. Mubashir Khan Afridi says:

    World class development and world class city. Allah Pak amman qaim farmye, Aameen.

  10. Ahmed Raza Khan says:

    Humein sub say pehlay ALLAH PAK ka shukar adda kerna chahiye kay oos Pak zaat nau humein aik apna zati country nawaza. Aaj hum kissi say aik guz zameen nahi lay asktay. QUAID-E-AZAM aur unnkay sathion ki wajha say aaj humein aik mulk hasil hoowa phir bhi haye afsose naasamajh awaam humri shaheedoun ki qurbani ko bhool gaye hain aur ganday alfazoum may naam pukaray jaatay hain, haye afsose…..

  11. Murtaza Ahmed Bugti says:

    What a beautiful city it was in in old days. clean and wide roads, huge houses, no signs of congested apartments, less traffic. Instead of going forward we went backward. Today big population, congested roads, no amenities, a jungle of flats like cages. O’ my dear Karachi, I weep for you.

  12. Sitara Bibi says:

    Could any one tell me if they remember an old hotel named Mubaark Hotel, in Saddar area in Karachi?

  13. Very very nice information, thanks.

  14. Pat Lofthouse (Crooks now) says:

    I lived in Clifton with my family from 1955 to 1964. I went to school in the UK in 1958 but travelled to Karachi for holidays. We had a beach cabin in what we called turtle cove. We used to ride our bicycles down the Clifton hill (black boys bikes) played Bingo at Runnymead, went to Karachi Grammar School and the American School during 1954-1958. Learned to sail around Karachi harbour, swam at the Boat Club and the Sind Club. Had so many parties it was a joke! Those were the days.
    Pat Lofthouse (Crooks now)

  15. Great effort, really liked it.

  16. Farooq Siyal says:

    Life in Karachi in my opinion has always been busy. If that activity would have remained then Karachi would have been the most popular city in the world today. I remember every little thing from samosa and big thing like ice cream was fun to eat. If I had more money I used to enjoy movies at marvelous cinema halls with big bill-boards and posters which I could be seeing for hours and inviting my friends to join me. That was indeed a wonderful experience. I cannot forget Karachi during 1970s-1980s.

  17. Kartikeya Amin says:

    You would be doing a great-invaluable service to a large group of followers of Pujya Sri Mota, a great Saint who had spent periodically some time in Karachi; during the time when he used to be there- in 1940 period, he would stay in a Bungalow on Clifton beach area rented or owned by the manager Sri P.N. Mehta of Scindia Steam Navigation Company, Karachi. Can you locate this bungalow with its street address- number, etc. and pictures? We all will be greatful for your services. Thanks a lot.

  18. Spent the day saving old tiles on the Old Clifton Bridge from being destroyed. Most of the tiles on left hand side (on way to Clifton) have been destroyed by the time I was able to bring authorities to stop the “upgrading” work.

  19. Salman Ahmed Khan says:

    Karachi is so good!!

  20. I left Karachi in 1994, but in my dreams I am still walking in the streets of Karachi. As I remeber till that time Karachi was a city you loved to live but now when I visited Karachi, my heart really really got sad to see that what they did to it by constructing unnecessory fly-overs and ruined the beauty of my beautiful Karachi.
    I really miss you Karachi.

  21. Ghulam Nabi Kalroo, Karachi says:

    Wow!! It is very good struggle to save our old memories, Karachi is my city. I love karachi and whole of Sindh because I am Sindhi and I am proud on it.

  22. My beloved city I missed you.

  23. M. Tufail Akbar says:

    There are woderful memories with these photos. Its an excellent effort to recall history.
    Tufail Akbar
    (an old resident of Karachi)

  24. Murtaza Bugti says:

    Oh my dear Karachi, where your beauty and cleaniness got lost?
    Wow! What a beautiful city it was!!

  25. When I came to this city in 1968 with my parents, we were very poor have nothing. This great city gave my family education and the best jobs, I am really thankful to this great city, its like a mother for me.

  26. Menohar says:

    I really like the pics of old Karachi, particularly the places I used to visit now a days with my children; like Frere Hall, Clifton, Kemari, Bunder Road, Bolton Market, Empress Market, etc. It really gave me happiness and knowledge.

  27. Madhu Sudhan (India) says:

    Amazing photos!! Gave a feel of Karachi and Pakistan. Truely wonderful. Would really like to visit once in my life.
    There are a lot of similarities of the places here in India, we have great in common, also the food.
    Its really nice work. Thank you.

  28. Nice Post!

  29. Sohail Hassan says:

    Thank you for such nice memories of Karachi. In 80s, I studied in D J Science College (DJ named after Dayaram Jethmal), an elegant nice building. Besides this college there is a Parsi Colony which is also very old place. In DJ premises I saw Nadir Shah Edljee Din Shah Statue also named after our one Engg. University NED. Some NED workshop was there in those days in DJ College.
    Can any one refresh my memories of those days?

  30. Zain (Sunny) says:

    Thanks for sharing these photos. I am really happy to see these Historical pics.

  31. Anam Ayaz says:

    Marvelous and wonderful collection of pics of Karachi.

  32. Tuba Naz says:

    I love Karachi.

  33. Zubair Ghani says:

    I was born and educated in this lovely city of Karachi. Remember unforgettable old days. In any case we will not leave our city. We pray to God for this lovely city. Whoever posted old pictures of Karachi, I am really thankful to him.

  34. I was born and raised in Karachi. Planning to return back to my beloved city. I don’t care about all the problems this city has. Happiness is a perception and sure, Karachi, gives it to you!

  35. Old is gold for ever. Kick out all politicians of present Pakistan and get old Pakistan back.

  36. Sher Afzal Jadoon says:

    Karachi is the most beautiful city in Pakistan, a very loving, caring, Like Mother we Love Karachi.

  37. Ya Allah, Meray Karachi ko waapis Roshnion ka Shehar Banna Day (Aameen).

  38. Sagheer Azam says:

    These pictures are our asset. now anybody can learn about Karachi and its history. very true and valuable pictures.

  39. Muhammad Rizwan Ashrafi says:

    I love my City Karachi, it’s a very beautiful & large city all around the world.

  40. M Nazar Khan says:

    Karachi was a great peaceful city in the past now the political forces in Karachi destroyed its shape and it is now known as a terror place to live and work in, it is shameful for all political leadership of Karachi.
    I wish Karachi again get her past glory, but it is possible when we remove political identity of Karachi including Zardari, Bilawal and Altaf. They are all bad political faces who have destroyed this city and if we count innocent killings from 1985 till now, we leave behind the number of killings in Second World wWr.

  41. Abdul Ghaffar Banglani says:

    Very nice and rare pictures!!

  42. Tony Fernandes. says:

    I am still in the city at age 73. Was born here. Thank you for your comments. Yes, it is not the same. There are some good people but no much voice to speak out. Being minority we have to live as the days go by. May God bless and help Pakistan. Karachi a city so bright is now a city of gloom.
    Please pray for our Nation.

  43. J.Sheikh (Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.) says:

    Thank you for all the pictures. I am turning 69 today and I left Pakistan before my 20th birthday. I have fond memories of Karachi, when it used to be a civilized city in a civilized country. Not any more. I wish you all the best and I send my old city and country my best as well. What a shame, a nice country has turned into a failed state.
    May God help Pakistan. Pakistanis have no desire to do anything for her at all.
    Khuda Hafiz.

    • Aftab Khan, Florida, USA says:

      I am 71 years old and wish to stay in Karachi for six months every year, only if Martial Law comes back. That’s the only way to live in Pakistan.

      • Omar Farooq says:

        Dear Sir,
        It was only today that I came across these pics, amazing and nostalgic. Well, seeing the news channels since yesterday it seems Almighty has felt pity on us and our city. It is not just in Karachi, we have to get rid of this political cancer (MQM, PPP, PML(A-Z), ANP, all Mullahs and their parties and anyone I forgot to mention, except PTI at least we must give them a chance before being judgmental). The only remedy to this disease is Martial Law with someone in power to make things straight within 5 years and take such concrete measures that it takes these clowns (I am being polite) at least 5 generations but even then they’d be unable to undo it.

  44. Abdul Qadeer Dahani says:

    Great effort, we appreciate your great work.

  45. If Present Government continued; which dose not represent Karachi, the situation in all aspects of lives will become more and more worse.

  46. Joaquim Correa says:

    Wonderful pictures of Karachi during the British Raj era. The memory of these pictures will live forever till eternity. I thank the person who took these pictures so that the coming generation may know about how Karachi looked then. Moreover, 100 years from now our generation will do the same.
    Long live Karachi and Pakistan.
    Thank you editor.

  47. Abdul Sattar says:

    Sub say pehlay apa ka shukria jo aap nay meray Karachi ko sambhal ker rakha hai, yeh shandaar kaam kar kay aap mubbarikbaad kay mustahiq hain. Mera Karachi aik maa ki tarah hai, jo her zaban, her qoum kay logoun ko apni goud may chupaa leta hai. Subha bhooka jaagta hai, lekin raat bhooka sulaata nahi. Bari taala aap ko aur meri aan meri shaan Karachi ko apni hifz-o-amaan may rakhay, Aameen.

  48. Saiyed Uzair says:

    Allah karay kay hamara Karachi dobara itna haseen ho jaye!!

  49. A. Mateen Qureshi says:

    Fa be Aeyyay aalaaa-e-Rabbekuma Tukazzebaan. Subhaan ALLAH.

  50. Saad Nayyer says:

    I am wondering that anyone can make 3D Old Karachi, But I know what I am saying is impossible. I will love to go back in time and wanna see Karachi from the Birth era to M.A. Jinnah (Quaid) to the Independence Day.
    I really love history and get excited to see old pictures and videos of any historical place, and again I wanna go back in time to see and experience them in real life.

  51. Wonderful Pics! I lived in Karachi from 1974 through 1983. I still miss the sounds and smells. My family left for Texas in the fall of 1983 and I visited Pakistan in 2010 for the first time after we left. It was quite a shock. I was so saddened by what I saw. What did they do to this beautiful city?!

  52. Farhaan Shaikh says:

    Thank you so much for these awesome pictures and I am upset too that Karachi was such a beautiful city and what we have done to it.

  53. Siddiq Gul Aga says:

    This is the best effort for Karachi, it looks cleaner and civilized than today.

  54. Khalid Rehman says:

    This are very nice pictures. Kaash Karachi phir aisa ho jaye, ya hum uss door may paida ho jaaen dobaara. Allah Pak Pakistan ki taa qiamat hifazat farmana, ameen.
    Karachi is a big city and fainternationally famous.

  55. Jami Shah says:

    Wonderful collection of my beloved Karachi. Karachi is in my heart, I miss Karachi since 2000 when I left this beautiful, full of life city. I am in North America and visit Karachi every year, I love you Karachi and I will back to you very soon, Insha-Allah.

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    My email address is

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    • Engr Gulzar Ahmed Memon says:

      Your great Grand Father was really very great and competent Engineer. He designed Water Supply and Sewage Disposal System in Karachi during 1885-1895. He designed Sindh Madersat ul Islam School, DJ Sindh Government College, and many other Construction activities. I request u to please talk to Architect Ms Yasmeen Lari who is the only person in Pakistan to give u complete information. You should be proud on your great grand father.

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