Photos of Gujrat (Pakistan)

Platform of Gujrat Railway StationGujrat is a district of Gujranwala Division in Punjab Province of Pakistan. The city of Gujrat is the capital of the district. It is situated 160 km from Islamabad on the bank of Chenab River on Grand Trunk Road (G.T. Road), also known as “Jernaili Sarak”. The district is administratively divided into three tehsils (subdivisions); Gujrat, Kharian and Sarai Alamgir.
Gujrat was a walled city and the Fort was located within the walls. There were four gates to enter in the city. Please read the details of these gates in a subsequent paragraph of this article. Later a Circular Road was built around the walled city.
Gujrat has a unique distinction that three Nishan-e-Haider recipients; Major Raja Aziz Bhatti, Major Muhammmad Akram and Major Shabbir Sharif, hail from this District. Read more about Nishan-e-Haider recipients……..
There are many historical buildings and ruins in and around the historical city of Gujrat. The tombs of Sain Karam Ellahi (Kanwaan Wali Sarkar), Shahdaula Peer and Shah Hussain are also located here. Sohni, heroine of a popular folk story Sohni Mahiwal, also hailed from Gujrat.
The city is well-known for its industries, such as; electric fans, pottery, wooden furniture and shawls, etc.
Brief History: Gujrat was founded by Raja Bachhan Pal Gurjar in 460 BC. The city’s Raja Porus fought bravely with Alexander, the Great at the bank of the Jehlum River. Mughal emperor Jahangir died at Gujrat while returning from Kashmir. The news of his death was kept secret to avoid any rebellion. His abdominal organs were buried in Gujrat. To this day, an annual festival is held commemorating this event, commonly known as “Mela Shah Jahangir”.
Gujrat was controlled by the Sikhs from 1756 to 1846 before it was annexed by British. Two major battles between British and Sikh armies were fought in this district; the Battle of Chillianwala and the Battle of Gujrat.
Official Website of TMA (Tehsil Municipal Administration) Gujrat:

Video of Gujrat City. Please see a short video about Gujrat.

The Gujrat Fort. The Gujrat Fort was constructed in 1587 by the Mughal emperor Akbar.  The Fort reflects the beauty of Mughal architecture.

Gujrat Pictures: A view of Gujrat Fort, built by Mughal Emperor Akbar - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Another View of Gujrat Fort

Gujrat Pictures: Gujrat Fort, built by Mughal Emperor Akbar - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Gates of GujratIn old times, Gujrat city was located within four gates. At night, the gates were closed and nobody was allowed to enter inside the city. The names of these main gates are;  the Shah Daula Gate (Shahdaula Darwaza, named after famous saint Kabiruddin Shahdoula Daryai) ) in the East, Dhakki Gate (Dhaki Darwaza) in  the West, Sheeshiyan Wala Gate (Shishianwala Darwaza, which was famous for the glass work carved on its roof) in the North and  Shah Faisal Gate (Shah Faisal Darwaza. Its old name was Kalri Gate, named after a small village Kalra) in the South. The Sheeshiyan Wala Gate was famous for the glass work carved on its roof. However, Professor Sharif Kunjahi, a local historian, argues that the word “Shishi” is a Scandinavian word for graveyard. Hence, there would have been a graveyard near the gate and the name stuck to it with the passage of time.
Names of two more gates also strike the memory chord namely; Kabli Gate and Timbal Gate. I am not sure whether these are some separate gates or alternate names of some of the gates mentioned above. The learned visitors of this Post are requested to clear this doubt.

 Gujrat Railway Station

Gujrat Pictures: A view of Gujrat Railway Station - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

 Welcome to the City of Nishan-e-Haiders, Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: Welcome to Gujrat, the City of Nishan-e-Haiders - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

A Village near University of Gujrat: Snow-Covered Kashmir Mountains in the Background. A village near University of Gujrat, Hafiz Hayat Campus. Please note the snow-covered mountains of Kashmir in the distant background. Photo taken from the roof of University of Gujrat on April 7, 2014 by Asfand Yar Masood with his Nikon camera (D 3200 with 200 mm Teli lens).

A village near Gujrat with snow-covered mountains in the background - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Zahoor Elahi Stadium (Old Horse Show Ground) Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: Zahoor Elahi Stadium (Old Horse Show Ground) Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Aerial view of Zahoor Elahi Stadium (Old Horse Show Ground) Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: Aerial view of Zahoor Elahi Stadium (Old Horse Show Ground) Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Gujrat Pictures: Nishan-e-Haider Monument at Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Nishan-e-Haider Monument-Gujrat

 An Aerial View of Old City, Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: An aerial view of old city, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan


Eid Gah Masjid on G.T. Road, Gujrat 

Gujrat Pictures: Eid Gah Masjid, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

An old Photo of Eid Gah, Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures - An old Photo of Eid Gah on G.T. Road, Gujrat - Old Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

An Ancient Haveli in Kunjah, District Gujrat. This Haveli belonged to a Hindu, Dewan Kirpa Ram, an administrator of Ranjit Singh.

Gujrat Pictures: A Mughal Bara Dari at Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Jinnah Hall, TMA Office, Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: Jinnah Hall, TMA Office, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Gujrat Press Club, 1986. Photo courtesy Gujrat: Old memories.

Gujrat Pictures: Gujrat Press Club building, 1986 - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

A Pottery Shop in Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: A Pottery Shop in Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

 Mazar of Shah Daula Pir in Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: Mazar of Shah Daula Pir in Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Shrine of Kanwaan Wali Sarkar, Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: Tomb of Kanwaan Wali Sarkar, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Mazar of Shah Hussain Multani in GujratShah Hussain was a very famous saint of his time. He was a Syed and came to Gujrat from Multan. His tomb is situated in Mohallah Shah Hussain, named after him.

Gujrat Pictures: Mazar of Shah Hussain Multani in Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Pakistan Chowk (Near Sheeshaan Wala Darwaza), Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: Pakistan Chowk (Near Sheeshaan Wala Darwaza), Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Aerial View of University of Gujrat. In 2003, the Punjab government, led by then-Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, established University of Gujrat (UOG) on the vacant land adjoining the shrine of saint Hafiz Muhamad Hayat, who lived in the Mughal period.

Gujrat Pictures: Aerial view of University of Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Another View of University of Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: A view of University of Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Nawaz Sharif Medical College, Gujrat. Located in the Main Campus of University of Gujrat. Photo taken by Asfand Yar Masood with  Casio EX-Z80.

Gujrat Pictures: Nawaz Sharif Medical College Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Buses of University of Gujrat. Buses lined up on a weekend at the main Campus of the University of Gujrat. Photo courtesy University of Gujrat website.

Buses at University of Gujrat on a weekend - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Pakistani flag painted at the wall of University of Gujrat, City Campus 

Gujrat Pictures: Pakistani flag painted at the wall of University of Gujrat, City Campus - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Zamindar College, the Oldest College of GujratThe Zamindar Educational Association established a high school in Gujrat in 1921 and Zamindar College in 1937. The college attracted the students from the districts of Attock, Jhelum, Mianwali and Sargodha, as well as Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K). For this reason, Gujrat was declared as the Khita-e-Yunan ((part of Greece) of Punjab.

Gujrat Pictures: Artistic Building of Zamindar College, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

 Government College for Women, Fawara Chowk, GujratGovt. College for Women Gujrat was established by “Zamindar College Association” for the women education in 1949 in Kidaar Nath Building (کیداد ناتھ بلڈنگ) at Fawara Chowk. Begum Suriya Saleem (ex secretary of Miss Fatima Jinnah) was the first principal of the college. In 1952, Government took the college under its control. Now this college is also working as Girls campus of University of Gujrat (UOG). The old Jail, just across the road, has also been converted into stadium for the college.

Gujrat Pictures: Government College for Women, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Govt Girls Inter College, Marghazar Colony, Gujrat, 1988. Photo courtesy Gujrat: Old memories.

Gujrat Photos - Govt Girls Inter College, Marghazar Colony, Gujrat, 1988 - Images of Gujrat Pakistan

Aerial view of Fawara Chowk, Gujrat. The white building of Govt. College for Women (located in Kidaar Nath Building) and overhead pedestrian bridge is visible in the photo.

Gujrat Pictures: Aerial view of Fawara Chowk, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Another Photo of Fawara Chowk, Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: Fawara Chowk, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Ram Pyari Mahal (Palace), Circular Road, Gujrat. Ram Pyari Mahal (Palace) is a majestic building in Gujrat. It is a combination of Greek and Roman architecture. It has more than 40 rooms and four basements.
Ram Pyari was the second wife of Sundar Das Chopra, a contractor of Dingah town (55 km from Gujrat city), who got constructed this building for his beloved wife in 1918.  Chopra died in 1920 while Ram Pyari died in 1967 in Mumbai, India. The road that passes by the building was previously known as Ram Pyari Road, but later it was renamed as Circular Road.
The family of Ram Pyari migrated to India during the Partition in 1947. The building was used as a hostel of  Govt College for Women Gujrat and later, it was handed over to the Punjab Archaeology Department for its renovation for converting it into a museum.

Gujrat Pictures: Ram Pyari Mahal (Palace), Circular Road, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

“Cheema Manzil”, Kutchery Road, Gujrat. This building was constructed by a Hindu resident on Kutchery Road Gujrat between 1900 and 1910. It was a single storied building when purchased by a famous lawyer Ch. Muhammad Hassan Cheema in 1920s. Later, some major changes/additions were made with excellent woodwork. The building was named as “Bait-ul-Hassan” (The House of Hasan) but it was widely known as “Cheema Manzil”. The building was sold by its owners in 1992 and a few years back it was demolished and converted into commercial shops.  Photo contributed by Ahmed Pervaiz Cheema

Gujrat Pictures: Cheema Manzil, Kutchery Road, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

An Old Building near Shahdula Chowk, Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: An Old Building near Shahdula Chowk, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Old Building of the Punjab Provincial Cooperative bank Ltd at Ram Talaee Road, Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: Old Building of the Punjab Provincial Cooperative bank Ltd at Ram Talaee Road, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital, Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Government Swedish Pakistani College of Technology, Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: Government Swedish Pakistani College of Technology, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Gharib Pura, Gujrat. Photo by Naseer Ahmad.

Gujrat Pictures: Government Girls High School, Gharib Pura, Gujrat- Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Government Mission High School for Girls, Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: Government Mission High School for Girls, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

 Government Zamindar High School, Gujrat. This high school was established by the Zamindar Educational Association at Bhimbar Road Gujrat in 1921.

Gujrat Pictures: Government Zamindar High School, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Government Comprehensive School, Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: Government Comprehensive School, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

OPF Public School, Gujrat 

Gujrat Pictures: OPF Public School, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

District Courts Complex, Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: District Courts Complex, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Airport (Airfield) of Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: Airport (Airfield) of Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Railway Bridge on River Chenab, Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: Railway Bridge on River Chenab, Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Road Bridge on River Chenab, near Gujrat

Gujrat Pictures: Road Bridge on River Chenab, near Gujrat - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Mian Jee Restaurant on GT Road between Lala Musa and Kharian. It is a stop over for travelers, located almost midway between Lahore and Islamabad. It’s original specialty was Daal cooked in Desi Ghee. It was initially a modest hotel. Another elegant restaurant (shown in the photo) was constructed much later. Photo taken and contributed by Lt Col (R) Shahid Nazir, an old Aviator.

Gujrat Pictures: Mian Jee Restaurant on GT Road between Lala Musa and Kharian - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

A View of Kharian Cantonment 

Gujrat Pictures: A view of Kharian Cantonment - Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

A Church at Kharian Cantt, Gujrat 

Gujrat Pictures: A church at Kharian Cantt, Gujrat - Images, Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

A Street in Gujrat in 1940s 

Gujrat Pictures - A street in Gujrat in 1940s - Old Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Show Room of Industrial Co-operative Societies, Gujrat, 1940 

Gujrat Rare Pictures: A Government official visiting the Show Room of Industrial Co-operative Societies, Gujrat, 1940 - Extremely Old Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Another Photo of Show Room of Industrial Co-operative Societies, Gujrat, 1940 

Gujrat Rare Pictures: Government officials visiting the Show Room of Industrial Co-operative Societies, Gujrat, 1940 - Extremely Old Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

A Train at Lala Musa Railway Station, District Gujrat, 1932  

Gujrat Rare Pictures: The hustle-bustle at arrival of a train at Lala Musa Railway Station (District Gujrat) in 1932 - Extremely Old Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Ladies Mission Home, Gujrat, in 1910. The Women’s Association for Foreign Missions sent their first missionary, Miss E. S. Paterson, to Gujrat in 1888. Unfortunately she had to return home after two years due to ill health. Misses Helen and Mary Mackichan and Miss Hannah Stephenson continued to run the mission with its emphasis on female education and work. Miss Russell, M.B. was responsible for establishing a thriving medical branch and the Dow Memorial Hospital, funded by the Misses Dow of Montreal in memory of their mother, was opened in Gujrat in 1899.

Gujrat Pictures - Ladies Mission Home, Gujrat, 1910 - Old Photos of Gujrat Pakistan

Notable Persons from Gujrat

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  1. Asad Durrani says:

    Just a beautiful place! …Love from Quetta, Balochiatan.

  2. Anil Sobti says:

    My father had migrated from Gujrat during Partition.
    I showed him all these pics. He is remembering those days and is very sentimental.
    He had a photography shop named Laxmi Dass & Co. Very famous shop of that time. He is now 90 years old.
    Thanks for these photos.

  3. Ramit Tandon says:

    My father’s family came from Gujrat during Partition time to India. Their Surname is Tandon. I am trying to find their address in Gujrat. There was a bank in their house/Punjab and Sindh Bank and the name of the street was Ram Gali.

    • Badar Islam Butt says:

      Mr. Ramit,
      I belong to Gujrat city. I was born in 1952 and completed my education there, later migrated to Lahore. Gujrat being my native city (junam bhomi) and because of being social worker, I often visit my home town.
      There are two places which arr likely to be your targeted sites:
      1.Ram Payari Mahal (Its pic is in this Post). But there never existed any bank in it.
      2.There is Ram Talaee Road. Talaee is from Talab (Pond) because in the middle of that road there existed a Pond. Next to the pond there exists an old building (pre-partition style) and in that building there was a bank named ‘Zimindara Agriculture Bank’. The bank was closed somewhere in early 70s.
      Your information says Punjab/Sindh Bank. These both banks came into being in late 90s. I am still probing and won’t leave any stones unturned to help you. Give me few more tips enabling me to find your house.

      • Ramit Tandon says:

        Hello Mr.Butt,

        A thousand thanks for your above reply. I am sailing on a ship at the moment and will be home around 11th May. Wants to show all the photos in the website to him first and will also inquire about the banks name. As you know, everybody has a special attachment to his/her home town/Janam Bhoomi so is my Dad. I really want him to visit Gujrat and see himself the place. If not for politics/visa issues , I would have taken him to Gujrat long time back and then he could have been in touch with his old neighbors, etc.
        Above all, I am so happy and glad that you showed so much interest in our case. People like you help us change our mindset towards Pakistan. We grew up learning only adverse things about Pakistan and same must be the case your side. But the reality is totally different. We are all humans to begin with. Lately, I had the opportunity to sail with some Pakistan nationals too and they are such a wonderful people and fun to work with. Actually, we guys are same in so many things and I, being Captain, was respected so much by them that its hard to explain.
        Ramit Tandon

    • Behzad Butt says:

      Hello Mr. Tandon,
      Can you share your e-mail address for few questions related to your family history before the Partition?
      Who was Prakash Lal Tandon to your family?

      • Mr. Ramit Tandon,
        One of my friends from Gujrat has informed that the name of Ram Gali has been changed to Rahman Gali and it is near Muslim Bazaar (Previously known as Hindu Bazaar). A sub branch of Bank Al-Habib is located in that Gali.
        A residential area close to Hindu Bazaar was known as Gayanpura (Now called Muslimabad).
        The phone number of bank’s sub branch is 92-53-3511540 and phone number of main branch is 92-53-515803
        I am in USA since 29 March 2016. Mr. Badar Islam Butt is requested to locate your house during his next visit to Gujrat and take a photo of your house.

        • Dr. Khalid Saboor says:

          I think the Ram Gali is located near the Kashmir House where a Butt family lived. It is just opposite an old building where Australasia Bank was located. That was an old building outside Shahdula Gate on Circular Road in Gujrat. That street still houses the Butt family, later known as Nashiman Walay Butt. Tariq Butt from that family was my school mate at Public Model School Railway Road, now residing at Marghazar Colony near Lady Doctor Bano’s Maternity Hospital.
          Hope this solves the query?

      • Ramit Tandon says:

        Hello everybody,
        I just spoke to my father. Some more details as below :
        – First of all my email address is
        – Prakash Lal Tandon was my father’s uncle. (Cousin uncle)
        – Our house was on Circular Road, close to Lakdi ki Taal and also close to Shahdaula. (Also called Chuaa – where deformed children were been kept) There was bank called “Bank of India” close to the house.
        – Our neighbors were Butt family who used to have Buses/Transport Company.
        – Our Shop was in main Bazaar – JIWANDA MAL KAAN CHAND. It was a cloth shop, near Sheeshan Wala Gate.
        Thanks everybody for your help.
        Ramit Tandon

        • Badar Butt says:

          can u plz continue this topic on my E.Mail address………..Repost these infos there too.

        • Badar Butt says:

          First of all pay my regards to your dad and congratulate to him that your efforts have started making a road i.e. you have found a Butt at least from his Jannum Bhoomi. I understand his emotions and attachment. Plz ask your dad can he recall the name of any elder/younger of that Butt family. Allah Ditta Butt is most likely. As he ran transport business and lived near Shahdoulah tomb. Secondly was his home located in area known as GAYANPURA this is old name of one of the areas previously known as MOHULLAS. Like Mohulla kutra shalbafan.
          One more thing was his home located on main Circular Road or off the road and how far was IMMAM BARGAH (IMMAM BARA….Mosque of Shia Sect Muslims)?
          I think I will hit the bull after your reply,till then take care.

          • Ramit Tandon says:

            Hello once again,
            Trust you are doing well.
            I spoke to my father, below some more clues :
            1) Their house was on Main Circular Road. The road to Shah Duala ki dargah used to go from the side of their house.
            2) Gentlemen by the name of “Mansoor” from Butt family was his friend.
            3) The ground floor of the house was rented to “New Bank of India”.
            4) Across the road, there was Punjab National Bank.
            5) My Grandfather’s name was Trilok Nath Tandon.
            6) Regarding our cloth shop, there was a famous Pansari shop at the back lane (Chotta Bazaar) of our shop called “Hari Singh Pansari”. Now these people have a dry fruit shop in Chandi Chowk, Delhi.
            Best regards,

            • Badar Islam Butt says:

              Whenever I visit Gujrat next time will take and send pics of the area. Meanwhile let me know the age of Lala Jee (your dad) at the time of Partition or once he left for India. Also ask him, “Does name of a Mohalla Katra Shalbafan strike his mind?” This area is off Circular Road Opposit Imam Bargah (Mosque of Shia sect muslims). It starts from ShahDula Gate/Chowk and ends at SHISHIAN WALA GATE/CHOWK. Having Circuelar Road on one side and Muslim Bazar (old name Hindu Bazar) on the other side.
              Also can he recall name of LANIA DE HAWALI? This very old building is still there, it is on the Circular Road and in ShahDowla Chowk.
              Surprisingly and to my knowledge there were two Mansoors. Both are from Butt Family. One of them is my elder brother and the Other one too is my distant cousin. They were class fellows too and were aging 5 to 6 years at the time of Partition. My father was amongest the poineers of Bus business, his name was Nazir Ahmed Butt. He was in Postal Depatment. The bus was driven and run by and later handed over to Allah Ditta Butt. This person lived in your specified area and was our distant relative too. None of his sons’ name is Mansoor.
              Our house was in Katra Shalbafan, next to the Mosque. The other Mansoor lived off Mulim Bazar. Both houses were within 5oo yards of ShahDoula Gate. Appearantly it seems tricky, I believe pics will help. Till then Take Care.

              • Hello Ramit Tandon,
                I have today added a photo in this Post titled “An Old Building near Shahdula Chowk, Gujrat”. Please show it to your dad. Is it his house located at Shahdula Chowk?
                I have also added another photo titled “Old Building of the Punjab Provincial Cooperative bank Ltd at Ram Talaee Road, Gujrat”. That is definitely not your father’s house but it may give him some nostalgic feeling.

              • Ramit Tandon says:

                Hello Butt Saab,

                My father was about 20 years of age at the time of Partition. He somehow recalls Dargah of Shahdulla and not of Shia sect Muslims. Maybe they are both the same and he is confused.

                Regarding Mansoor, this particular gentleman was not from Butt family. That was mistake from my side. His friend Mansoor was from a different family and they used to meet on a daily basis on Lakri ki taal, which was very close to their house. But he remembers Butt family clearly. He told me yesterday that he very often used to go to their house for meal/especially mutton. I sent him the photo of the house too. Initially he said that this is the same house where they lived, then he asked for close up, he wanted to see the Iron grill on the top floor. He is nearly 90 years old and can’t remember everything in detail but he is saying it looks like the same house. He was asking if there was any Bank across the road/opposite their house. It seems that there was Bank either Punjab National Bank or Punjab and Sind Bank.
                Also he recognized Zamindara College. It seems during those days, it was a Co-Ed college as he studied there but now it is a Women college. Also he recognized Ram Pyaari Mahal.
                I will be going back to India next week and sit with him and show him other photos from this website.
                You once mentioned Prakash Lal Tandon. As far as my father can recall, he was his grandfather’s brother.

                One of my father’s uncle visited Gujrat in late 80’s. He met some of our family’s old acquaintances and also saw our house. As he is no more, I have asked his son if he took any photos at that time or any other information to share. Will revert.
                Is this house bought by some family who are residing abroad now?

                • Shoaib Ashraf says:

                  Brother Ramit,
                  You should visit Gujrat with your dad. This is right time, I think. Your father will be happy. If you understand what I am saying. Thank you.

  4. Malik Waqas Ahmed says:

    Superb…fantastic……love it.. great!!

  5. Mrs. Feeney for A. Mohammad says:

    I am searching for someone to help me. I have a young refugee Pakistani boy here from Santal/Surkiaan near Gujrat and we are trying to trace his family. I live in Germany and work in a children`s home. Who can help me?
    My email address is;
    Please help. Thank you.

  6. Iftikhar Bashir Butt says:

    Masha Allah, Subhan Allah. Sohna wasda rahawat Gujrat, Aameen.

  7. Peer says:

    Great city and lovely people. Miss you Gujrat.

  8. Aamina, Nawabshah, Sindh says:

    I was born at Gujrat, studied at Govt Women College, Fawara Chowk and at Zamindara College. I am happy to see the photos but I think the pics of Gujrat’s Gates, Akbari Hammam and main shopping centres should also be added.

  9. Dr. Tahir Mahmood says:

    Please refer to a black & white photo titled, “A street in GUJRAT in 1940” in this Post. I am very sorry to say that this beautiful and glorious building has been demolished.

  10. A. Razzaq says:

    I live in Gujrat and I like the city. My Gujrat is a beautiful city. The residents of this city are nice and cool.

  11. Bohat acha hai Gujrat. Pakistan mein bohat kuch hai, dekhnay wala chahiye!!

  12. Mansoor Behzad Butt says:

    1. The picture of the Haveli in the start has been titled as of”Mughal era” which is wrong. That haveli was built by a Hindu, Dewan Kirpa Ram, an administrator of Ranjit Singh. There is another haveli like this at the same place besides a Resting Place for Sikhs pilgrims donated by a female sikh then.
    2. The Gujrat Fort was built in 1587, the date 1596, as mentioned above, is incorrect as per historical record.
    3. Ram Piayri was the second wife of Sundar Das Chopra of Dingah, Kharian. The haveli was built in 1918. Mr. Chopra died in 1920 while Ram Piayri in 1967 in Mumbai, India. I’ve collected through family sources…correct the fact if you can.
    4. The mention of the Holy Rosary Church built in 1938 looks wrong to me as the first Scottish Missionary, Mr. Hunter, started working in Sialkot in 1856 and was killed on July 9, 1857 during the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny. His death persuaded the Chruch of Scotland to carry on his mission of the Mission schools and kept sending more missionaries in the years to come. Then, first church was built in 1864 in Gujrat. I have not read the reference St. Holy Rosary Church built in 1938 in the history of Scottish Churches.

    • Dear Mansoor Behzad Butt Sahib,
      Thanks for your observations. The first three points have been incorporated in the Post.
      Regarding your point No. 4. I don’t see any photo of Holy Rosary Church in this Post.

  13. Tajammal Hussain Anjum says:

    I love Gujrat city!!

  14. Azam Bhatti says:

    Gujrat meri jaan hai. I love Gujrat.

  15. Maiya Ali says:

    I love my city, Gujrat.

  16. Mohammad Javaid Raja says:

    I love so much my city Gujrat, Pakistan. It is the city of brave persons and symbol of Wafa.

  17. Syed Asad Abidi says:

    I lived in Gujrat when I was seven in 1967 to 1971. I still remember the city and would love to visit the city of my childhood. Now I live abroad and inshaAllah I will visit my neighborhood.

  18. Dr. Tahir Mahmood says:

    I love to see old GUJRAT.

  19. Gujrat is my favourite city in Pakistan.

  20. Gujrat is very nice city!!

  21. Munawar Iqbal says:

    Gujrat is my city, I love my native city and my country, Pakistan!!

  22. Adeel Ghous says:

    I am form Gujrat. These days I live in Saudia Aribia. I love Gujrat, Pakistan.

  23. Rana Atique Aamir says:

    I like Gujrat University.

  24. Abdul Samad Memon says:

    I like Gujrat because my fiend lives in Gujrat.

  25. I wish to add a few random thoughts towards my birth place
    Na tum nay hum ko jaana
    Na hum nay tum ko pehchana
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  29. Qila Sardar Atar Singh is situated in district Gujrat, today the township around the fort is known as Qila Sardar Atar Singh. The fort was build by Sardar Gurmukh Singh Lamba one of noted generals of Maharaja Ranjit Singh who was wounded fifteen times and was a recipient of highest military award Izazi-e-Sardari and civil awards of Nimal Bud, Ujal Didar.
    His ancestor Sardar Gyan Singh Lamba was a Divisional Darbari and jagir holder of PindiLala, Do Chack, Kot Sater DoBurji, Nasshera, Shapur and Qila Sardar Atar Singh, Rakh Sardar Gurmukh Singh.
    In 1952, when walls of the Qila started falling due to want of care and non maintenance, the Royal Treasure was found and confiscated by the Government of Pakistan.

    • Let us make a correction. Sardar Gyan Singh Lamba was not a Divisional but a Provincial Darbari. Sardar Hari Singh Lamba, son of Sardar Kehr Singh Lamba of Khewa was a member of the Divisional Darbar.

      • Yes, you are right to some extent. Sardar Atar Singh Lamba died in 1880. Sardar Hari Singh was elder brother of Sardar Gyan Singh Lamba ‘He lived through out in Qila Sardar Atar Singh and died in 1893, without having any son. His bother Sardar Gyan Singh Lamba was a recipient of his hereditary title of Sardar and the seat of Divisional Darbars. During the great Word War, he contributed financial and manpower help to the British Empire. He was greatly respected and very influential personality of Gujrat during his time. He had a “Havali Sardar Gyan Singh”” at Dinga and “Havali and Mohala of Sardar Gyan Singh” Yaki Darwaja at Lahore.
        I appreciate your interest in the family and request for more information if you possess any article or photographs. The Portrait painting of Sardar General Gurmukh Singh is displayed at Central Museum Lahore at serial D-40, I will be grateful if I get a copy.
        With all Regards.

        • Bobby Singh Bansal says:

          Dear Colonel Lamba,
          I am a Sikh historian and writer based in UK who has written books on Maharajah Runjeet Singh. I am currently cataloguing Sikh monuments located in Pakistan and wish to include the havelis and forts of Sardar Gurmukh Singh Lamba. Please can you contact me on and forward me your contact details.
          Kind Regards,

      • You are right to some extent, Sardar Hari Singh Lamba was not having any son, on his death Sardar Gyan Singh Lamba was made a Divisional Darbari.

  30. Zamidara Education Society was formed in 1921 where inauguration of Zamidara college was carried out 1n 1937 where chief guest was the Governor of the Punjab and eminent Sardars were there from united Punjab. Inauguration of Zamidara College group photograph should be a part of this text.

    • I agree with Col Lamba. The inauguration of Zamindar College Gujrat was a big milestone in the history of Gujrat. The group photograph of the members of the Zamindar Educational Society was taken at the time with H.E. the Governor of the Punjab as the chief guest. The photograph should be a part of this website.

      • Dear Col H. S. Lamba and BIW,
        I have tried to find the photo of inauguration of Zamindar College from the Internet but in vain. If you find one, please send me at my email address:
        I will then add it in the Post.

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    Editor: Some visitor of this website will InshaAllah find your friend from Kakraali Sayedaan.

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    • It has not been missed. It is very much included, please see all photos once again, hope you will not miss it this time!! 🙂

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