Photos of Chitral

Pictures of Chitral: Photo of Tirich Mir, HinduKush Mountain Range, Chitral

Tirich Mir Peak, Chitral.

Photos of Chitral.

Chitral is a district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Province of Pakistan. The city of Chitral is the capital of the district. It is situated on the western bank of the Chitral River (also called Kunarl River) and at the foot of Tirich Mir, the highest peak (25,289 feet) of the Hindu Kush Mountain Range. The district is administratively divided into two tehsils (subdivisions); Chitral and Mastuj.
Chitral city is 365 km from Peshawar and connected through Lowari Pass. The route is closed during winter and the town is cut off by snow from the rest of the country for six months in a year. Regular PIA flights from Peshawar and Islamabad operate on daily basis subject to weather conditions.
Beautiful Kalash people, having blond hair, fair skin, and green eyes, also live in Chitral District in three remote mountain valleys: Bumburet, Rumbur, and Birir. Some photos of Kalash people have been included in this page but for knowing further details about their culture and more photos, go to an exclusive page in this website: Kalash Valleys of Chitral.
Brief History: In the 3rd century AD, Chitral was occupied by Kanishka, the Buddhist ruler of the Kushan Empire. The Chinese captured the valley in 4th century AD. Then it was under Raees rule from 1320 to  the 15th century. From 1571 onward Chitral was the capital of the princely state of Chitral under the rule of the Katur Dynasty. In 1895, the British negotiated a treaty with Chitral’s ruler, the Mehtar, and it was declared as a semi autonomous princely state within the Indian Empire. This status was maintained after its accession to Pakistan in 1947. Finally the princely state was abolished in 1969 and Chitral was made a district of NWFP.
This page shows the photos of Chitral district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. These beautiful images of Chitral are worth watching.

Tirich Mir Peak. Tirich Mir is the highest peak of the Hindu Kush Range, located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Tirich Mir overlooks Chitral town and can be seen from the main bazaar. Its height is 25,289 feet (7,708 metres). The mountain was first climbed in 1950 by a Norwegian expedition. Photo by Ajab Khan.

Pics of Chitral: Tirich Mir, HinduKush Mountain Range, Chitral - Photos of Chitral

Shahi Masjid (Mosque) in Chitral

Pictures of Chitral: Shahi Masjid (Mosque), Chitral - Photos of Chitral

The Domes of Shahi Masjid Chitral with the Tirich Mir Peak in the Background

Chitral Pictures: Shahi Masjid Chitral with the Tirich Mir peak in the background

How to Reach Chitral? The best time to go to Chitral is summer (May to September). You can take a PIA flight from Islamabad or Peshawar. This 50 minutes flight operates 4 days in a week, subject to weather (Flight status and schedule can be checked at the official website of PIA: ). You can also go to Chitral by road both from Islamabad and Peshawar. It takes around 10 hours from Islamabad to reach Chitral by road and about 7 hours from Peshawar.

A Panoramic View of Chitral Valley. Snow-covered Tirich Mir is also visible in the background.

Photos of Chitral: A Panoramic view of Chitral Valley, Trich Mir is visible - Chitral Pics


A Beautiful View of Chitral Valley. Photo by Ajab Khan.

Photos of Chitral, KPK: Beautiful photo of Chitral Valley - Chitral Pics

Chitral AirportChitral Airport is a small domestic airport situated 3.7 km north of Chitral town.

Photos of Chitral: PIA aircraft (Plane) parked at Chitral Airport - Images Pictures of Chitral

A Para Glider Flying Over Chitral Airport. Photo by Irshad Chitrali.

Chitral Pictures: A Para Glider flying over Chitral Airport - Images & Photos of Chitral

Wreckage of a PIA Fokker Plane at Chitral. This Fokker plane over-ran the Chitral runway during landing on 16 June 2004. It was piloted by Capt Aamir Faiz son of Gen Faiz Ali Chishti. The Fokker came to a stop in a wheat field when its nose and main landing gears broke after hitting the banks of a drain. No one was hurt.
PIA claimed damages from its Insurance company and the Insurance Company sold the plane to a company in Australia. The Australian company removed the two Pratt and Whitney engines and sold the rest of the plane to a retired PIA pilot Siraj Ulmulk.
He removed its 44 seats and put them in the Conference Hall at Hindukush Heights hotel owned by him. People attending conferences are quite amused when they see an ashtray attached to each of their seats! Photo by Tahir Khan Kayani.

Photos of Chitral Images: Wreckage of a PIA Fokker plane which over-ran Chitral runway in 2004 - Chitral Pics

A Beautiful Picture of Chitral Valley with Runway of Chitral Airport in the Middle Ground. Photo by Sheraz Malik.

Photos of Chitral: Chitral valley with runway of Chitral Airport in the middle ground - Chitral images

Chitral Fort

Pictures of Chitral: Photo of Chitral Fort , KPK- Photos of Chitral

Summer Palace of Former Mehtar of Chitral. Photo by Hector Salazar. Birmogh Lasht, located on a prominent ridge at an elevation of 2,743 meters (9,900 feet), has the summer palace of the former Mehtar of Chitral. The palace is 15 km from Chitral town and about 1200 metres above the town and valley.

Photos of Chitral: Summer Palace of former Mehtar of Chitral at Birmogh Lasht - Chitral Pictures

Peshawar High Court Circuit Court in Chitral. On September 3, 2012, Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court, Justice Dost Muhammad Khan, inaugurated the Circuit Court of Peshawar High Court (PHC) in judicial building, Chitral. It will provide speedy and easily accessible justice to the people of Chitral. The Chief Justice also heard three motion cases and two pre-admission cases as single bench.

Photos of Chitral: Inauguration of Peshawar High Court Circuit Court in Chitral - Chitral Images

Chitral Museum. Photo by Hector Salazar.

Pictures of Chitral: Photo of Chitral Museum, Chitral, KPK - Images & Photos of Chitral

The Langlands School and College, Chitral. The Langlands School and College, Chitral, formerly known as Sayurj Public School was founded in 1979. Major Geoffrey D Langlands, a Briton educationist, has finally retired at the age of 94 and handed over the charge to 58-years old Carey Schofield in 2012. Read more about Major Geoffrey D. Langlands.

 Photos of Chitral: The Langlands School and College, Chitral, Pakistan - Chitral PHotos

Hindukush Heights Hotel, ChitralHindukush Heights is the best hotel in Chitral. Tatler, UK, in its travel guide 2010 ranks it among “the best 101 hotels in the world”. The hotel is run by its owner Siraj Ulmulk, an ex PIA pilot, and his wife Ghazalla Ulmulk. Hindukush Heights has a branch of their hotel at Mastuj in northern of Chitral. For more details and reservation, please see their website  (

Images of Chitral, KPK: Hindukush Heights Hotel, Chitral - Photos of Chitral

Hollywood Actor Robert De Niro at Chitral in 2004. Robert De Niro (Hollywood actor, director and producer) is posed wearing a Chitrali cap while he was in Chitral in 2004. He stayed in Hindukush Heights Hotel.

Chitral Pictures: Hollywood actor Robert De Niro at Chitral in 2004 - Images & Photos of Chitral

Chitral Scout Mess at Chitral. A morning at Chitral. Photo by Tahir Khan Kayani.

Chitral Images: Image of Chitral Scout Mess at Chitral - Photos of Chitral

Children Enjoying Snow in Chitral

Pictures of Chitral, KPK: Children playing in the snow in Chitral - Photos of Chitral

Lowari Pass (or Lowari Top), Chitral – 20 June 1989. Photo by Noor Mohammad Khan. Lowari Pass (Elevation 10,500 feet) connects Chitral with Dir. Lowari Top is  the lowest pass to enter Chitral, the rest all being 12,000 to 15,000 feet. The Lowari Top is one of the four major mountain passes to enter Chitral. The others are the Dorah Pass from Badakshan in Afghanistan, Shandur Top from Gilgit, and Broghol Pass from the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanista. Lowari Top is closed by snow for all type of traffic from late November to late May every year. In 1954, the Mehtar of Chitral was killed when his airplane crashed into Lowari Top. The Lowari Tunnel is currently being constructed beneath Lowari Pass by a  South Korean company, SAMBU JV.

Photos of Chitral: Lowari Top, Chitral, being crossed on horses - Pics of Chitral

Lowari Tunnel, Chitral. It’s the first time that Lowari Tunnel remained open throughout the harsh winter of 2011-12. The 8.75 km long tunnel, which is still under construction, was built to reduce the distance between Dir and Chitral districts and ease movement of traffic throughout the year. More than 150 vehicles use the tunnel every day. Snow clearing machinery of FWO (Frontier Works Organization) works 24 hours to ensure smooth flow of traffic. Before the tunnel was constructed, people of Chitral had to make detours into Afghanistan while travelling to or from Peshawar because Lowari Top remained closed for six months in winter.

Photos of Chitral: Lowari Tunnel, Chitral, KPK, Pakistan - Pictures of Chitral

Shandur Polo Ground 2012. The Shandur Pass, elevation 12,200 feet (3,719 m), is located in District Chitral in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. There is also a beautiful lake in the area. The Shandur Polo Ground, the highest in the world at 3,700 meters, is a venue for a traditional polo tournament which since 1936 has been held annually in the first week of July between the teams of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral. The Shandur Polo Ground is about 168 Km from Chitral city and accessible by jeep. Gilgit is about 211 km from this polo ground.

Chitral Pictures: Para Glider landing at Shandoor Polo Ground, Chitral district - Photos of Chitral

Polo Match at Shandur

 Photos of Chitral : Polo match at Shandur - Images & Pictures of Chitral

Shandur Lake, ChitralLake Shandur is a beautiful spot on the border of Laspur Valley.

Images of Chitral: Picture of Shandoor Lake, Chitral - Photos of Chitral

A Beautiful View of Shandoor Lake, Chitral District

Chitral Images: Picture of Shandoor Lake, Chitral District - Photos of Chitral

Qaqlasht Festival in Chitral. The 4-day long Qaqlasht Festival is organized every year in mid April at the sprawling ground of Qaqlasht, 80 Km from Chitral town. According to local legend, Qaqlasht Festival is being celebrated for the last 500 years. Many sporting teams participate in a variety of games including cricket, football, volleyball, polo, Ghaluzchun Ghall (Polo without horse, more like a field hockey) Sia-Khaman (a shooting competition with an antique gun called Sia-Khaman)), falconry (an event where falconers exhibit skills of their falcons to hunt its prey), tug-of-war, athletics and paragliding. A Quiz competition  for students, a poetry program, a cultural show and musical concert are also held.

Pictures of Chitral: Qaqlasht Festival at sprawling ground of Qaqlasht, Chitral district - Photos of Chitral

Bow & Arrow Competition During Qaqlasht Festival in Chitral

Images of Chitral: Bow and Arrow competition by senior citizens at Qaqlasht Festival, Chitral - Photos of Chitral

Paragliding at Qaqlasht Festival at the Ground of Qaqlasht 

Pictures of Chitral: Paragliding at Qaqlasht Festival, Chitral, KPK - Photos of Chitral

Garam Chashma (Lutkoh Valley), Chitral. Lutkoh Valley, commonly known as Garam Chashma because of its hot springs,  is 45 km from Chitral town and takes around 2 to 3 hours to reach by jeep. There are sulphur springs which have healing effect on skin diseases, gout, rheumatism and chronic headaches. For the convenience of tourists “hamams” (baths) have been constructed near the springs. Photo by Hector Salazar.

Photos of Chitral: Garam Chashma (Hot Springs), Chitral, KPK - Pics of Chitral

Hotel Innjigaan Located at Innjigaan (Popularly known as Garam Chashma). It is quite modest hotel but takes care of basic necessities. The best it offers is a very clean and healing outdoor Swimming Pool, fed by Natural Hot Springs. This hotel is owned by some local Prince. Photo by Tahir Khan Kayani.

Chitral Pictures: Hotel Innjigaan located at Innjigaan (Garam Chashma) - Photos of Chitral

Pathak Festival at Garam Chashma in Lutkoh Valley, Chitral. Lutkoh Valley, commonly known as Garam Chishma, celebrate its traditional cum religious spring festival of Pathak. Pir Nasir Khisraw, an 11th century spiritualist poet and Sufi philosopher came here to preach Islam. He went into 40-day spiritual solitude. His disciples believe that in his 40-day meditation, he attained spiritual enlightenment, and they celebrate Phatak Festival in the memory of this day of enlightenment that falls on the first week of February. For centuries this festival had been celebrated by all of Chitralis as a national event. But currently only people of Ismailia community celebrate it in Lutkoh Valley of Chitral district.

Pictures of Chitral: Pathak Festival held in Gararm Chashma (Lutkoh Valley), Chitral - Photos of Chitral

Tomb of Saiyedna Nasir Khisraw at Garam Chashma (Lutkoh Valley), Chitral

Photos of Chitral: Photo of the Tomb of Pir Nasir Khisraw at Garam Chasma (Lutkoh Valley), Chitral - Chitral Pics

Majestic Building of Drosh Mess. This beautiful Mess building was constructed in 1915. Photo by Maj (R) Aamir Cheema.

 Pictures of Chitral : Majestic building of Drosh Mess - Chitral Images, Photos of Chitral

A Mosque in Drosh

Photos of Chitral: A Mosque in Drosh, Chitral, KPK Province - Chitral Pictures

Mastuj Valley, Chitral. Mastuj is a Valley and Tehsil of Chitral District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Photo by Hector Salazar.

Photos of Chitral: Photo of Mastuj Valley, Chitral, KPK - Photos Chitral, Pics chitral

Hindukush Heights Chalets at Mastuj Fort, Northern Chitral. Photo contributed by Siraj Ulmulk. Main branch of Hindukush Heights Hotel is located in Chitral town. For more details and reservation, please see the website

Photos of Chitral: Hindukush Heights Chalets at Mastuj Fort - Images of Chitral, Pics of Chitral

Breakfast at Hindukush Heightsat Mastuj, Northern Chitral. Photo contributed by Siraj Ulmulk. For more details and reservation, please see the website

Photos of Chitral: A girl having Breakfast at Hindukush Heights at Mastuj - Chitral Pics, Chitral Photos

PTDC Motel at Mastuj, Chitral

Photos of Chitral: PTDC Motel at Mastuj, Chitral, KPK - Chitral Pictures, Chitral Images

Photos of Chitral; Tourists enjoying Yak Safari

Chitral Pics - Chitral Images: Tourists enjoying ride on a Yak - Photos of Chitral

Photos of Chitral; A Snow Leopard in Chitral National ParkChitral National Park (also called Chitral Gol National Park) is located in Gol Valley and Kafir Kalash land of Chitral District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province. The word Gol in the local language means ‘the valley’. The Park is at a distance of two hours drive from Chitral town.
The snow leopard, an endangered species, lives in the mountain ranges of Central Asia. In Pakistan, their protected areas are Chitral National Park, in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province and  Khunjerab National Park, in Gilgit-Baltistan Province. They live at the heights of 11,000 to 22,000 feet above sea level. Their base colour varies from smoky gray to yellowish tan, with whitish underparts.They have stocky bodies, thick fur, and small and rounded ears, all of which help to minimize heat loss. They have long and flexible tails, helping them to maintain their balance. Their tails are also very thick and covered with fur which they use like a blanket to protect their faces when asleep. The snow leopard cannot roar.

Chitral Pictures: Snow leopard in Chitral Gol National Park - Photos of Chitral

Photos of Chitral; Naghar in Lower Chitral

Photos of Chitral, KPK Province - Photo of Naghar in lower Chitral - Chitral Pics, Images of Chitral

Photos of Chitral; A Yak in Broghil Valley, Chitral. Yaks are found in Broghil Valley.

Pictures of Chitral, KPK: A Wild Yak in Boroghil Valley, Chitral - Photos of Chitral

Photos of Chitral; Bridge to Yarkhun Valley, near Dizq Village, Chitral. This new bridge was opened in 2009. This bridge to Yarkhun Valley is located near Dizq village in Chitral district.

Photos of Chitral, KPK Province: Bridge to Yarkhun Valley near Dizq village, Chitral - Chitral Pics

Photos of Chitral; Yarkhun Village in Yarkhun Valley, Chitral. This photo is taken from Karimabad.

Photos of Chitral, KPK Province: Yarkhun village in Yarkhun Valley, Chitral - Pictures of Chitral

Photos of Chitral; Lake Karambar, Yarkhun Valley, Baroghil Pass, Upper Chitral

Photos of Chitral: Lake Karambar, Yarkhun Valley, Baroghil Pass, Upper Chitral - Chitral Pics, Images of Chitral

Photos of Chitral; Bridge Leading to Rech Valley, Chitral. Rech Valley is located in upper Chitral.

Photos of Chitral, KPK Province: A Bridge leading to Rech Valley, Chitral - Chitral Pictures

Photos of Chitral; A Stream in Rech Valley, Upper Chitral. Look at the crystal clear water of this stream.

Photos of Chitral: A stream with crystal clear water in Rech Valley, upper Chitral - Chitral Pics

Photos of Chitral; Kalash Women. The Kalash are indigenous people residing in the Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa . They speak the Kalasha language. They are related to the Nuristani people of the adjacent Nuristan (historically known as Kafiristan) province of Afghanistan. See more Photos of Kalash Valleys of Chitral.

Photos of Chitral - Kalash women making victory sign - Chitral Pics

Photos of Chitral; Kalash Women during Spring Festival 2012. Photo by G.H.Farooqui. See more Photos of Kalash Valleys of Chitral.

Photos of Chitral, KPK Province: Kalash Women during Spring Festival 2012 - Pictures of Chitral

Photos of Chitral; Traditional Dress of Kalash WomenSee more Photos of Kalash Valleys of Chitral.

Photos of Chitral - A Kalash woman and daughter crossing river - Chitral Pics - Kalash Pictures

Photos of Chitral; Joshi (Spring) Festival in Kalash, Chitral. The Kalash people celebrate the end of winter in May each year with the Joshi (Spring) Festival. The first day of Joshi is Milk Day. People go from house to house, dancing and singing. Each household offers milk that has been saved for 10 days before the festival. As hours of dancing reach a climax on the final day, men and women separate in dancing areas and each take branches of walnut to wave as they dance. At the shout of a Shaman, they throw their branches in the air. Photo by Hector Salazar. See more Photos of Kalash Valleys of Chitral.

Photos of Chitral: Kalash women in traditional dress during Joshi (Spring) Kalash Festival - Kalash Pics, Chitral Pictures

Photos of Chitral; Kalash MuseumSee more Photos of Kalash Valleys of Chitral.

Photos of Chitral: Kalash Museum - Chitral Pictures - Kalash Pictures

Photos of Chitral ; PTDC Motel in Kalash Valley. The PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) Motel is located at Bumburet in Kalash Valley. It has 14 cozy rooms and a restaurant. Foreign tourists need a permit to enter Kalash Valley. The permit is issued at the entrance of Kalash Valley. See more Photos of Kalash Valleys of Chitral.

Photos of Chitral - PTDC Motel in Bumburet in Kalash Valley- Chitral Pictures, Kalash Pics

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