Photos of Burewala

Photos of Burewala.

Pictures of Burewala - Photos of Burewala - Burewala Photos, Images, PicsBurewala is a city of Vehari District in southern Punjab. Burewala city is the headquarters of Burewala Tehsil (subdivision). Burewala was upgraded as a Tehsil in July 1976.

The exact origin of Burewala’s name is unknown; however, there are different theories. One theory is that the city is named after a person named “Burha”  who was a ‘Sikh’. The village is also called “Old Bura” or “Purana Boora.” The people of this village constructed a well and named it after their ancestor so it was called “Chah Boorhay wala” (Well of Burha). Due to this well the new city was named Burewala.

Major Tufail Muhammad (Shaheed), a recipient of Nishan-e-Haider, Pakistan’s also belonged to a Gujjar family from Burewala. His native village has been named after him and is now known as Tufail Abad.

The world renowned former fast bowler and captain of Pakistan cricket team, Waqar Younis (known as “Burewala Express”) also hails from Burewala. Mohammad Irfan, the world’s tallest cricketer (Height; 7 feet 1 inch), also belongs to Burewala.

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Burewala News Online

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Photos of Burewala ; Burewala Railway Station. Photo by Shahid Iqbal Burewala Trekkerz.

Pictures of Burewala: Burewala Railway Station - Images and Photos of Burewala

Photos of Burewala ; Signboard at Railway Station, Burewala. Photo by Dr. Shahid-Burewala Trekkerz.

Burewala Pics: Signboard at Platform of Railway Station, Burewala - Pictures & Photos of Burewala

Photos of Burewala ; Zero Degree Centigrade Temperature in Burewala . Photo by Dr. Shahid-Burewala Trekkerz.

Burewala Pictures: Temperature drops to Zero Degree Centigrade in Burewala - Photos of Burewala


Photos of Burewala; Burewala Hospital and Medical Centre. Photo by Syed Umar Hayat.

Pictures Burewala: Photo of Burewala Hospital & Medical Centre - Images & Photos of Burewala

Photos of Burewala; City Centre Shopping Mall, BurewalaPhoto by Syed Umar Hayat.

Pics of Burewala: Picture of City Centre Shopping Mall, Burewala - Photos of Burewala

Photos of Burewala ; Main Gate of College Road, Burewala. Photo by Syed Umar Hayat.

Pictures of Burewala: Main Gate of College Road, Burewala - Images, Pics and Photos of Burewala

College Road Burewala during Rain

Burewala Pictures & Images - College Road Burewala during rain - Photos of Burewala

Water Tank in Burewala Textile Mill

Photos of Burewala - Water Tank in Burewala Textile Mill - Pictures of Burewala

Shrine of Baba Haji Sher Dewan, BurewalaThe tomb of a saint Baba Haji Sher Dewan is located in Chak No. 317 EB, 17 KMs from Burewala city on Burewala-Sahuka Road.

Burewala Pictures & Images - Tomb of Baba Haji Sher Dewan, Burewala - Photos of Burewala

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  1. Waqas Sarwar says:

    I love my city Burewala. It is Pakistan’s second largest cotton-seed-cake producing city (after Rahim Yar Khan). Burewala is the second biggest tehsil of Punjab.

  2. MâLïK ÑâDéèM FãRéédÎ says:

    I love my city, Burewala.

  3. Ghartash says:

    Burewala, really a loveable city. I was born in Burewala.

  4. Malik Umer says:

    Burewala city is the best city of Pakistan. I love Pakistan.

  5. Asif Sardar says:

    I miss my city and its loving people. I can not forget my childhood spent there. Some time when I worry or get upset then I miss my those days which I spent in Burewala in my childhood.

  6. Burewala should be made a district now.

  7. Nisar Ahmed says:

    I miss Burewala, now I am at Karachi working with UBL Head Office as a Unit Head.
    Previous days on Eid ul Azha I visited my parents’ land. Now I am very unhappy to remember the moments that have I had spent at my beautiful & charming city.

  8. M Sohaib Ahmad says:

    Burewala ko District ka darja milna chahiye.

  9. Mohammad Mushtaq says:

    i miss my city Burewala and I love my country Pakistan.

  10. M. Farrukh Rana says:

    Kia khas baat hai janaab Burewala ki agriculture land ki!!!

  11. I miss my city.

  12. Nashranabi says:

    I love my city so much and I really miss my city.

  13. I love Burewala and also Pakistan.

  14. Chuhadri Waseem Zubair Arain says:

    Burewala city is the best city of Pakistan. I love Pakistan.

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