Photos of Azam Gill, Lt (HDR-1)

Azam Gill is the author of five books (including two thrillers): Jail Reforms, Army Reforms, Winds of Change, Blood Money and Flight to Pakistan. He served in the French Foreign Legion, did his PhD on William Faulkner, and lectures in English at one of Toulouse University’s rural colleges.

Azam Gill: Current Photo

Lt Azam Gill (H-1) Current Photo

Azam Gill

Lt Azam Gill (H-1)

Azam Gill as a Légionnaire in French Army

Azam Gill as a Légionnaire in French Army

Fun in Ante Room, July 1972.  A week before the Passing Out, Khalique Akram (ABD-3) and Naveed Akbar (ABD-5) were invited in the Ante Room, jointly shared by Haider & Ghori Coy. Probably it was a rehearsal for the incoming Gala Night. In this photo, Azam Gill (HDR-1) is singing some English song while Khalique is playing the guitar. Later, Naveed Akbar (ABD-5) sang  the nostalgic song “Summer Wine”. Photo contributed by Capt Khalique Akram (ABD-3).

Song and Guitar, July 1972

Azam Gill with HDR-1 GCs Relaxing in the Sun, 1972. Photo contributed by Capt Ishrat Ansari, (HDR-1).

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  1. Azam Gill (HDR-1), France says:

    Mustaq Jee, Thanks for your welcome, and for remembering, and my apologies for a late reply.

  2. Azam Gill (HDR-1), France says:

    Dear Shafquat Ullah,
    The pleasure is all mine — in fact I feel honoured to be back in the ‘ample bosom’ of my Course-mates, something that indeed came about due to the energy, dedication and sense of honour of Rashid Zia Cheema. I owe him a drink, and hope to be able to discharge this debt one of these days. However, there is no hurry “thandi kar ké khao”!

    The “unfortunate incident” you refer to was in discharge of my moral obligation to respect and honour my men, as is (or certainly was) inscribed in Ingle Hall.

    Thank you for your kind words, but a lost grain of sand leaves a silver beach intact.

    My books are now out of print, but the novels BLOOD MONEY and FLIGHT TO PAKISTAN are on Gooogle Books. In response to Rashid Zia Cheema’s questions on JAIL REFORMS and ARMY REFORMS, I said I’d scan them shortly and send them to him — in fact send them to Google Books and the World Digital Library.

    Shafqat Ullah, I have only lately started resurrecting old memories after a whiteout of over four decades, and as we all know, memory functions by association. I am flattered that you remember one of my silly jokes. I’ll start thinking of Sophia Loren (pleasant!) and soap, and see what comes up, and if it’s worth communicating, I will!

    I would dearly love to have your e-mail address for further communication.

    Salutations Légionnaire,


    • Capt Shafquat Ullah Khan (SSH-4) says:

      Gill dear,
      Thanks for the very prompt reply. My email address is I would love to be in communication with you, got to catch up on all unfinished stories and incidents, so many things. Do send your contact noumbers. My cell no is +92 302 3522300 and Home land line number is +92 928 623162. Looking forward to talk to you.
      Bye for now.

  3. Capt Shafquat Ullah Khan (SSH-4) says:

    Dear Gill,
    I am from 13 Punjab. Good to have you back in our lives, late, but still glad to have you back. All credit goes to Cheema who was able to locate you after a very strenuous effort. Often used to wonder where you were, especially after your most unfortunate incident, in which you acted more like a crazy Pathan or a Pathan gone crazy. Your going away was a big loss to the Army, your talents were not made use of, they were wasted. You still seem to have done well, would love to read your books, where do I get them from? Would also like to hear once again the joke regarding Sophia Loren, a soap bar or something like that. Anyway I still remember my father ex PUNJAB REGT had a good laugh. Do remain in touch, would love to talk on phone sometimes. kindly send your phone number if possible. Take care.
    “Au revoir and bonne nuit”

  4. Capt Ishrat Ansari (HDR-1) says:

    My very dear Gill!
    Hope you are well and enjoying the best of life with your family. It has been a real pleasure to know that you are still doing good and performing well. I do remember your peculiar smile which is also evident from your above picture as a Légionnaire in the French Army…its brilliant and wonderful and you are just looking great!! As regards the other two pictures, you are looking too serious and I suggest that you better change your mood.
    Gill, I have particularly liked your profile and regret how unfortunate the government of Pakistan has been to have lost a talent like you…I know for sure that if you were dealt-with tactfully and with love, you would have been a great asset for Pakistan and would have certainly done anything for this country…seems like people did not try to understand you!!
    OK then, its goodbye from me now. Take good care of yourself and please pay my special regards to all the family members, whom I have yet to see.
    Sincerely yours’
    Ishrat Ansari
    Note: Yoiu may also write to me directly on my e-mail address:

  5. Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (ABD-1) says:

    Dear Gill,
    Welcome on board. When did you lose your hair?

  6. Maj Mushtaq Ur Rehman (ABD-2) says:

    Gill Jee,
    Welcome to 2nd SSC Forum. I am Mushtaq (ABD-2) with nick name ‘Daniel’, punishment parade kay 26 articles wala.

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