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Hidden Truth About Pakistan. This short YouTube video tells about some hidden truths about Pakistan which not every one knows. Pakistan has World’s 2nd largest salt mine, 5th largest coal reserves, 7th largest copper mine, 3 nuclear reactors, 5 rivers, 6th largest Army, 7th nuclear power, and 8th largest wheat producer.

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  1. Malik Usman says:

    Great work!! Keep it up, your site is very informative.

  2. What We are , is because
    We’ve got Top Corrupt Politicians.

  3. Tehseen Aslam says:

    Good information for our new generation living abroad to create awareness about the values of Pakistan.

  4. Parvez Malik says:

    Is it possible to view such videos via some other source like DailyMotion, etc., as our Lion of Punjab Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif government is too terrified to allow You Tube?

  5. Shaheda Rizvi, Canada says:

    Very illuminating video and extremely well done!!

  6. Noreen Gul says:

    Phir bhi hum itnay peechay kioun…………..?

  7. A very good site and I am always impressed by their collection. Great work.

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