Photos of 1965 Indo Pak War

Photos of 1965 Indo Pak War.

Photos of 1965 Indo Pak War. General Ayub Khan Visiting Chamb Sector During 1965 Indo-Pak War. Maj Gen Yahya Khan, GOC, is briefing General Ayub Khan. Also present in the photo are Gen Muhammad Musa, C-in-C (extreme left) and Air Marshal Noor Khan, PAF C-in-C (third from right).

Images & Pics of Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 - General Ayub Khan visiting Chumb Sector - Photos of 1965 Indo Pak War

 Gen Ayub Khan Visits Operational Area in Sialkot in July 1965Photos of 1965 Indo Pak War.

Images & Pics of Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 - Gen Ayub Khan reviews war strategy, Sialkot 1965 - Photos of 1965 Indo Pak War
Names indicated by Capt Tariq Shamsi: This photograph was taken in the operational area of 2nd Baluch Regt.
Standing left to right are: Capt (Later Maj Gen) Rafi-ud-Din Ahmed, 2 Baluch, Lt Col K.M. Khan, CO 19 Punjab (partially hidden), Lt Col (later Brig) A.B. Shamsi, CO 2 Baluch (father of Capt Tariq Shamsi), officer in beret not known, Maj Nazir Butt, 2 Baluch (partially hidden), Brig Hussain, Bde Comd), Maj Mujtaba 2IC 2 Baluch (partially hidden), Gen Musa, officer with helmet not known, Air Marshal Asghar Khan, Maj Gen (later Gen) Yahya Khan (GOC).
Sitting left to right are: Lt Gen Bakhtiar Rana (Corps Comd) and Gen Ayub Khan (C-in-C).

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  1. Col Sajid Razvi (Retd) Arty says:

    Reference picture with caption “Gen Ayub Khan Visits Operational Area in Sialkot in July 1965”. I have a comment to make on the picture as I have first hand information on the pre/post 1965 era as I (though a college student then) was physically present In Sialkot and followed the September 65 War. The details of personalities as given in comments are fairly accurate and correct. The gentleman in the center of picture with a mug is my late uncle Brig Syed Mahmood Hussain, then Comd of 101 Bde ex 15 Div. My uncle took me to the actual ops area after the war to visit his units. I remember having met Lt Col K M Khan, 19 Punjab, Lt Col A B Shamsi, 2 Baluch and his 2IC Maj Mujtaba, I had the privilege to see the picture immediately after the September 65 War. The army’s performance during the war was source of tremendous motivation for me and scores of other students at Murray College, Sialkot to join the armed forces.

  2. S. Siddiqi says:

    It’s time history is corrected, and the truth told, Air Marshal Asghar Khan retired in July, 1965, how can he discussing the 1965 War that was fought in September.

    • Dear Mr. S. Siddiqi,
      It is my fault that I have erreneously mentioned the word ‘war strategy’ in the caption of the photo under discussion.
      I have again checked up with Capt Tariq Baseer Shamsi (son of Brig AB Shamsi, then CO 2 Baluch). His reply is as under:-
      “The photograph was taken in the operational area of 2 Baluch. I have not stated that the picture was taken during the 1965 War. Actually if I remember correctly, the photograph was taken in first week of July when the FM was visiting troops in Sialkot area. I recall this because in first week of July, I left Sadiq Public School (Bahawalpur) and returned to Sialkot.
      This photograph is of 15 Div area. As a matter of fact Gen Yahya had left 15 Div before the war and taken command of 7 Div so there is no doubt that the picture was taken BEFORE the war.”

  3. The second photograph was taken in the operational area of 2nd Baluch. Standing left to right the people in the photograph are Capt. (Later Maj Gen) Rafi-ud-Din Ahmed – 2 Baluch, (partially hidden) Lt Col K.M. Khan CO 19 Punjab, Lt Col (later Brig) A.B. Shamsi (my father) – CO 2 Baluch, Officer in beret not known, (partially hidden) Maj Nazir Butt – 2 Baluch, Brig Hussain (Bde Comd), (partially hidden) Maj Mujtaba 2IC 2 Baluch, Gen Musa, Officer with helmet not known, A.M. Asghar Khan, Maj Gen (later Gen) Yahya Khan GOC. (Sitting) F.M. Ayub Khan and Lt Gen Rana, Corps Comd.

    • Dear Tariq Shamsi,
      The details given by you have been added below the photograph. Thanks.

      • Lt Col Masood Alam (Retd) says:

        Dear Shamsi,
        Thanks for sharing the details of this rare and historic picture. Thing to note by us is how simple they all were. Gen officers sitting on camp stools while others standing. That was the reason that better results were achieved. Regards

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