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Parents Quotes

Parents are a gift from God. All parents love their children and care for them through out their life. Therefore, it is also moral duty of their children to look after their parents when they grow old. We should know the value of our parents and see them happy and smiling. Allah has also ordered us to be dutiful to our parents. If they attain old age, we are neither supposed to utter any word of disrespect nor shout at them. We should always treat them honorably.

Hadees about Good Deed for the Deceased Parents

Islamic Quotes about Parents: Hadees (Hadith) about Parents: Good Deed for the Deceased Parents -  Parents' importance in Islam

Honour Your Parents

Quotes about Parents - Honor Your Parents and your sons will honor you.

Love Your Parents

Quotes about Parents: Love Your Parents

See Your Parents Smiling

Quotes about Parents: See your parents smiling

Responsibility of Parents

 Quotes about Parents: Responsibilty of Parents











Love Your Old Parents

Quotes about Parents: Love your old parents

Allah’s Order about Old Parents

Parents Quotes: Your Parents

Dua for Parents

Quotes about Parents: Best Dua for your Parents

Treat Your Parents Well

Quotes about Parents: Look after your old parents

Show Kindness to Your Parents.” (Quran 17:23)

Quotes about Parents: Show kindness to your Parents

When Your Parents Stop Advising You. It is the worst time when fearing your anger, your parents hesitate about telling their needs and stop advising you.

Best Quotes about Parents: When Your  Parents Stop Advising You

Worth of a Tear from Your Parents’ Eye

Best Quotes about Parents: Worth of a tear from parents eye

Punishment for Disobeying One’s Parents

Best Quotes about Parents: Punishment for Disobeying One's Parents

Don’t be Cruel to Your Parents, Don’t Abuse Them

Best Quotes about Parents - Don't be cruel to your parents and don't abuse them

‘Sach Kahoon..’

Best Quotes about Parents: 'Sach kahoon' - a tragic Poem

Khidmat of Parents

Best  Quotes about Parents: 'Khidmat' of Parents

Time, Love, Praise & Encouragement in Relationships. An excellent video on relationship between the parents and the children and the husband and the wife. It is a long video. Please just see first 2 minutes and I am 100 % sure that you will go through all. Watching this is worth every minute.

Rizq is Stopped

Best Quotes about Parents: Rizq is stopped when you don't pray for your Parents

Looking After Your Parents gives You Success

Best Quotes about Parents: Look after your Parents if you want to succeed in this world


Don’t Disobey Your Parents

Best Quotes about Parents: Never ever disobey your Parents


Look After Your Parents

Quotes about Parents: May Allah give us chance to look after your Parents

Parents’ Value

Best Quotes about Parents: never forget your Parents' Value

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  1. Really great motivation about parents’ respect.

  2. FZ Nauman says:

    All are so nice quotes.

  3. Usman Yousaf Cheema, USA says:

    “Time, Love, Praise & Encouragement in Relationships”. This video is absolutely worth 27 minutes. Thanks for sharing!

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