The Villager Who Provided Electricity in a Remote Village in Buner (KPK)

By Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (Retd)

Zahir Shah Malang from village Char Ghunda Kay (Tehsil: Salarzi, District: Buner) KPK Province

Zahir Shah Malang

Picture of Village Char Ghunda Kay (Tehsil: Salarzi, District: Buner) KPK ProvinceZahir Shah Malang hails from a remote village Char Ghunda Kay (Tehsil: Salarzi, District: Buner) in KPK Province. He belongs to a poor family but is passionate about social work. He saw a hydroelectricity project at Besham and was motivated to produce electricity for his village but had no resources. People in his village used to walk many kilometres downhill to a place, which had electricity, just to charge their mobile phones.

In 2005, Zahir Shah started the project with only Rs.180. His friends and family laughed at him but he was determined that his dream will come true. He gradually got their financial support. One of his friends sold his car and provided him the funds. He made a turbine at a water source which was located 4-5 km uphill from the road. Villagers voluntarily carried wires, poles and material for the turbine on their shoulders.

After 6 years of hard work, his project was finally completed in 2011 and electricity has been provided to 150 homes from dusk to 9 AM in the morning. During day the villagers were mostly busy in sheep breeding and other domestic chores. After sunset they were unable to utilise the time available before they went to sleep. Now at night children can study and elders can recite Quran.

Villagers are billed Rs. 200 for a small house and Rs. 250 for a large house per month. There are still 250 homes in his village without electricity. They don’t have the money to purchase wires to connect them with the facility. Zahir Shah is hopeful that one day he would be able to provide them electricity.

zara num ho tou yeh mitti bohut zarkhaiz hai saqi

Some NGO should come forward and help this man out in providing electricity to the left over homes in his remote village. Readers of this article are requested to inform the leaders of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf about this project, so they could start more small projects like this in other remote places. We see a ray of hope in PTI to end the miseries of masses in KPK, the other provinces will automatically follow suit or the ruling parties there will be shown the door in the next Elections.

Terrorists have recently destroyed Ziarat Residency and killed many innocent people in Quetta but as long as people like Zahir Shah Malang are there nothing can happen to Pakistan.

Please see the following video about this project. Also note the enthusiasm in Zahir Shah’s voice when he says: “Mera Passion Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad!”

Editor’s Note: Reportedly Pakistani media hasn’t shown this video on any TV channel for reasons best known to them. Please share this video with your Mailing List and also on
FacebookTwitter or any other social media. May be your ‘click’ motivates some NGO, wealthy individual or Provincial Government to provide help for provision of electricity to remaining 250 houses.

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  1. Sh Junaid says:

    You are a great person. People high up are more concerned in making and transferring public money.
    Well done Zahir shah, keep it up. May God help Pakistan.

  2. Great job, may Allah bless you for this noble job!

  3. Well done. Future of Pakistan is bright.

  4. Col. Absar Ahmad Minhas says:

    Kaash humm subb apnay mulk mein available resources (Natural and human) Ko saheeh simt mein apply karrayn aur iss tarah (Zahir Shah) jaisay azzeem sapooton ko shanaakht aur recognition day sakain.

  5. To help Mr. Zahir Shah every one of you, plz put Rs.5 one sikka (coin) to my account. InshasALLAH, trust this name of ALLAH, I will make arrangements, your money in aggregate reaches Zahir shah Malang. I m usual visitor of KPK Province villages and districts all over in my social work and community services and activities. I will put daily one Rs.5 coin to his account. Lets serve our community.
    Dr. Ghayur Ahmad, Islamabad
    MCB PlS account No; 1651-0 Branch I-9
    Industrial Area Islamabad
    Mob; 0346-5391712
    or you can send your money through Easy Paisa.

  6. Cdre (r) Shahid Nawaz says:

    Dear Gen Ovais, I shall pay Zahir Shah Rs. 10,000. Please tell me how?
    Cdre Shahid Nawaz

    • Dear Cdre Shahid Nawaz. I am impressed by your positive spirit and financial offer for the project. I am presently in USA. I will ask my Course mate Brig Zafar Chaudhry to help you locate Zahir Shah. Brig Zafar is running Falah Foundation (, a charitable organization managed by a group of philanthropists dedicated in the field of education, health and agriculture.

  7. Azam Gill, France says:

    Well done, Zahir Shah Malang!! The fundamental content of the clip is irreproachable, but it is amateur work and in its present raw state it is hardly surprising that mainstream channels would not carry it.
    It reminds me of Shah Rukh Khan’s movie in which he plays the part of an engineer coming back from the US and building a small turbine. When I saw the film, I wondered why every village that has water and a slope doesn’t make its own turbine and put all these leaders to shame who, instead of electricity, supply load shedding!
    Another thing that’s free is wind and sun energy and rain water for irrigation as we do for our garden. And we can’t blame this one on a foreign conspiracy, can we?

  8. Major Muhammad Javaid-ul-Hussan, Australia says:

    This is Pakistan, thousands of people have ideas but could not succeed because of resources but one day they will succeed in their mission like Zahir Shah. Any positive effort you make never goes waste. My pray for him is to please keep your effort high and you will get the results. Somebody is coming to make your mission a history. INSHA ALLAH.

  9. Maj Syed Mahmood Rizvi, USA says:

    Instead of just congratulations please donate as much as possible to Zahir Shah. Even Rs. 10 would be a good gesture. Drop by drop makes an ocean. Best would be to visit Buner and meet Zahir Shah in person. What a boost it would be to his morale!!!

  10. Brig Malik Amjad Pervaiz Awan says:

    It is the honesty of purpose with which this loyal and dedicated gentleman has realized a concept. If you move around mountainous areas especially KPK, NAs and AJ&K one will find so many waterfalls or places from where turbines can be installed and very cheap hydro electric can be produced. This energy will be sufficient to meet the domestic as well as commercial requirements of the people living in these areas. Apparently no Government in the past has ever focused in this direction probably lack of kick backs but they do take great interest in IPPs. IF THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY.

  11. Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa says:

    99.999999999 % Pakistanis love their homeland like Zahir Shah and would do anything in their power to further its interests. What a pity that 0.000000001% Zee———s keep cutting its roots and manage to get their cases time-barred..

  12. Lt Col Ansar Khas, UK says:

    If people like Zahir Shah are there, Pakistan can never be doomed Inshallah! Keep it up Zahir Shah!!

  13. Lt Col Kamran Gul Abdullah says:

    Surely, I shall circulate this video to my contacts on my Mailing List.

  14. Col Qaisar Rashid says:

    Good job done. Salute to the man. Hope Govt will respond to his initiative and extend help and resources.

  15. Col Jehan Zeb, SKMCH&RC says:

    Shame on our Media. Long live Pakisdtan/Pakistanis.

  16. Lt Col Masood Alam (retd) says:

    Hard work, consistency and passion pays. People like Zahir Shah are the real Heroes of Pakistan. Our Media is more concerned regarding Indian film stars rather than those who love and sacrifice for Pakistan. That is why Pakistan is in such a bad condition. Why can’t government launch such like projects at least in Baluchistan and KPK? Such motivated persons like Zahir Shah should be supported and encouraged by the government. But NO, people high up are more concerned in making and transferring public money.
    Well done Zahir shah, keep it up. May God help Pakistan. Regards.

  17. Cobrajock (Dubai) says:

    Now that it has been revealed, the government will levy some sort of tax/excise duty/IPP appeasement charges, etc.

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