Pakistan Cities (Prayer Timings)

Faisalabad Multan Sialkot
Hyderabad Peshawar
Islamabad Quetta
Karachi Rawalpindi

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  1. In 1947-48 war all concocted story, I was the witness to Indian invasion of October 1947, true story is available in Wikipedia, there was no Pakistani Armed forces facing Indian Forces during move from Jammu to Rajuari to Poonich, they had no opposition upto Noshera, only at Jhangar village in Noshera, one mile from city, Indian forces were stopped by a Waziri Tribal, Hazarat Gull, was sitting on the top of Tyan, the famous hill, on the way to Rajuari –Mughal Road. He gave tough time, for that air power was called with that top of tyan hill was cleared. I very well remember belonged to village Narian three mile from Noshera, Rajuari. Indian Army wanted to flush out these saboteurs sent by Pakistan, had used air power, using British Royal Indian Air Force Vampire and Mysterious aircraft. Indian air force only was terrifying the civil population, was on Mughal Road to north going to Rajuari. To correct the history, let me further clear youth minds in Pakistan, we people from Rajuari and Poonich .were evicted in 1948, not 1947, During October 1947 to April 1947, there was anarchy, created by saboteurs sent by Pakistan as Mujahadeen from Tribal area of waziristan, who heated up the streets of Rajuari area with loot , arson raping young ladies. Muslims young girls were abducted by them, in 1950, there was a drive while we were in Mansar refugees’ camp, most of Muslims and Hindu ladies were recovered from Tribal area where Zarab-i-Azb is being conducted. Pl. correct your archive for wars Pakistan Military fought. It is again stated that, i have a credit and honor who served PAF for 31 years and was witness to all wars 1948, 65, 71 fought physically two at PAF Sargodha.

  2. Jazak Allah!!

  3. Niaz Ahmad says:

    Jazak Allah khair!!

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