Pakistan Army; Interesting & Unusual Photos

Pakistan Army Photos.

Compiled by Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (R), 2nd SSC

Big Mustache of Sardar Khan (1st Punjab), London 1953. Sardar Khan of 1st Punjab Regiment Pakistan Army, being measured for his big mustache in London in 1953.

Pakistan Army Photos - Big mustache of Sardar Khan, London, 1953 - Unusual Pakistan Army Pictures

A 15 Years Cancer Patient Became a soldier of Pakistan Army for One Day on 14 August 2010. Major General Asfand Yar Patodi, General Officer Commanding, at Malir Cantt, Karachi, presenting souvenir to Abdul Basit who became soldier of Pakistan Army for one day.
The young lad, who is suffering from blood cancer had expressed his desire to Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani through an NGO “Make A Wish Foundation” that he wanted to be soldier of Pakistan Army, may be for a day. General Kayani took special interest and allowed the child to become a soldier for a day and spend time in a unit on the Independence Day of Pakistan.
Basit, though very weak and fragile, because of his ailment put on the uniform like a professional soldier and reported to a unit of Punjab Regiment at Malir Cantt Karachi. The young soldier was warmly welcomed at the unit. Later, Master Abdul Basit spent a busy day with officers and men of his unit. Basit after a day’s work with soldiers said that his life time dream to join Pakistan Army has come true and he cherished every minute spent with the soldiers. Photo by ISPR.

Pakistan Army Photos - Cancer patient Master Basit became soldier of Pakistan Army for one day - Pics Pak Army

A Young Soldier who Lost Both Legs in Military Operation. He runs in athletics field with artificial legs. Look at the standing ovation in the stands for this brave soldier. This photo breaks one’s heart and at the same time gives it the warmth of pride and hope. Photo contributed by Maj (R) Zuha Saeed.

A young soldier who lost both legs in Military Operation runs in athletics field with artificial legs - Pakistan Army Photos

‘Jumping Jack’ at Passing Out Parade at PMA, KakulIt is probably Passing Out Parade of 119 PMA Long Course (25 April 2009). Maj Gen Raheel Sharif, Comdt PMA is also visible in the photo.
Photo courtesy: Zoya Khan.

Pakistan Army Photos - 'Jumping Jack' at Passing Out Parade at PMA, Kakul - Pakistan Army pictures

Long Mustaches of L/Nk Baghdad Shah ex 27 AK Regt. L/Nk Baghdad Shah retired in 1998 and is now employed as Security Guard with DHA Islamabad. He belongs to Mangla Hamlet but now resides at Adyala Road, Rawalpindi. Photo taken by Lt Col (R) Zahid Iqbal (75 PMA L/C) in DHA Phase 2, Islamabad on 15 July 2014.

Pakistan Army Photos - Long Mustaches of L/Nk Baghdad Shah ex 27 AK Regt - Pakistan Army Pictures

An Old Lady Kisses a Soldier during Flood Rescue Operation

Pakistan Army Photos - An old woman kisses a soldier during Flood Rescue Operation - Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistan Soldiers on Guard Duty at Buckingham Palace, London, England in 1953. Two Pakistani soldiers from the Frontier Force Rifles standing on guard duty in a sentry box with a British Grenadier.

Pakistan Army Photos - Pakistani troops perform guard duty at Buckingham Palace, England 1953 - Pakistan Army pics

Pakistani Soldiers on the Queen’s Coronation Day, 1953Pakistan Army soldiers marching on the Queen’s coronation day outside of Buckingham Palace, London, England on 2 June 1953.

 Pakistan Army unusual Photos - Pakistani Soldiers on the Queen’s Coronation Day, 2 June 1953 - Pakistan Army pictures


An Old Woman Patting a Major

Pakistan Army Photos - An old lady patting a Major on his cheeks - Pakistan Army Pictures

A Commanding Officer asks the Adjutant to ban Jang Group Newspapers in the Unit. Photo contributed by Rehan Rasheed.

Pakistan Army Photos - A Commanding Officer asks the Adjutant to ban Jang Group newspapers - Pakistan Army Pics

“I am Proud of Armed Forces”. A signboard in Landi Kotal. Photo contributed by Maj (R) Aamir Cheema, Avn.

Pakistan Army Photos = "I am proud of Armed Forces", a signboard in Landi Kotal - Pakistan Army Pics

“Love with the Unit…..”, Signboard in an Army Unit

Pakistan Army Photos - A signboard in an Army Unit - Pakistan Army Pictures

An Army officer Helping a Boy Drink a Glass of Water

 Pakistan Army Photos - An Army officer helps a boy drink a glass of water - Pakistan Army Pictures

A Soldier giving Fruit Juice to a Little Girl

 Pakistan Army Photos - A soldier giving fruit juice to a little girl - Pakistan Army Pictures

A Monkey Enjoys Sitting at the back of a Soldier during Exercise

Pakistan Army Photos - Monkey at the back of a soldier - Unusual Pakistan Army Pictures

“Gorkha” Position by a PMA Cadet

Pakistan Army Photos - "Gorkha" Position by a PMA Cadet - Pakistan Army pictures

PMA Cadets being punished by Seniors

Pakistan Army Photos - PMA Cadets being punished by seniors - Pakistan Army pictures

A Pakistani Soldier Feeding Milk to a Puppy with a feeding Bottle

Pakistan Army Photos - Pakistani soldier feeding milk to a puppy with a feeding bottle - Pakistan Army Pics

A Captain with a White Baby Goat in his Arms

Pakistan Army Photos - A Captain with a white baby goat in his arms - Unusual Pakistan Army Pictures

An Army Officer Patting a Kitten. It is the photo of Lt Noman Raza (Shaheed).

Pakistan Army Photos - An Army officer patting a kitten - Unusual Pakistan Army Pictures

PMA Adjutant is ‘Airborne’. Cadets of 133rd PMA Long Course are tossing up PMA Adjutant just after their Passing Out Parade on 17 October 2015.

Pakistan Army Photos - PMA Adjutant is tossed up by the cadets of 133rd PMA Long Course - Pakistan Army pictures

Lady officers at the Passing Out Parade

Pakistan Army Photos - Lady officers at the Passing Out Parade - Unusual Pakistan Army Pictures

Female Cadets Undergoing Training at PMA, Kakul. Photo courtesy: Aleena Rathore.

Pakistan Army Photos - Female cadets at PMA Kakul undergoing training - Pakistan Army pictures

Army Chief with a Kid. COAS Gen Raheel Sharif holding a boy during his visit to IDP Camp.

Pakistan Army Photos - COAS Gen Raheel Sharif holding a kid during his visit to IDP Camp - Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistani Soldiers with a Native Boy at UN Mission in Congo, Africa

 Pakistan Army Photos - Pakistani soldiers with a native boy at UN Mission in Congo - Pakistan Army Pictures

A Pakistani Soldier Jumping out of an APC at UN Mission in Congo, Africa

Pakistan Army Photos - A Pakistani soldier jumping out of an APC at UN Mission in Congo - Pak Army Pics

Pakistani Troops with Children at UN Mission in Ivory Coast, Africa

Pakistan Army Photos - Pakistani troops with children at UN Mission in Ivory Coast - Pakistan Army Pics

Pakistani Soldiers at a Cultural Show at UN Mission in Liberia, Africa

Pakistan Army Photos - Pakistani Soldiers at a Cultural Show at UN Mission in Liberia - Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistani Troops in a Peace Rally at UN Mission in Somalia, Africa

Pakistan Army Photos - Pakistani troops in a Peace Rally at UN Mission in Somalia - Pakistan Army Pictures

SSG Commandos Stamping their Blood on an Agreement to Defend Pakistan

 Pakistan Army Photos - SSG Commandos stamping their blood on an agreement to defend Pakistan - Unusual Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: Pakistani Flag at an Elevation at Cherat

Pakistan Army Photos - Pakistani Flag at an elevation at Cherat - Unusual Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: Soldiers get Protection from Scorching Sun

Pakistan Army Photos - Soldiers lie under the truck to get protection from Scorching Sun - Pak Army pics

Pakistan Army Photos: An Army Check Post

Pakistan Army Photos - An Army Check Post - Pakistan Army images & pictures

Clearance of Mirali in North Wazirastan Agency in Progress. July 2014. Photo by ISPR.

Pakistan Army Pictures - Clearance of Mirali in North Wazirastan Agency in progress - Pakistan Army Photos

Pakistan Army Photos: SSG Patrol in Full Gear in Miran Shah, North Waziristan

 Pakistan Army Photos - SSG Patrol in full gear in Miran Shah, North Waziristan - Unusual Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: Patrolling in Miranshah, North Waziristan. A soldier is patrolling during a military operation ( Zarb-i-Azb) against Taliban militants, in the town of Miranshah in North Waziristan, July 9, 2014.

Pakistan Army Photos - A soldier patrolling in Miranshah, North Waziristan - Pakistan Army Pictures

Battalion Mess in PMA prepared for Iftar in Ramzan. Wow! What a sumptuous Iftari!!

Pakistan Army Photos - Battalion Mess in PMA prepared for Iftari in Ramzan - Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: A Second Lieutenant having simple Lunch in Deployment AreaThough the officers get somewhat ‘sumptuous’ meal in the Officers’ Mess but in the operational area it is as simple as that being consumed by this newly commissioned subaltern. Please also look at the colour of water in the bottle.

Pakistan Army Photos - A Pakistani Second Lieutenant having simple lunch in deployment area - Pakistan Army Pics

Pakistan Army Photos: A Lieutenant having Lunch in Operational Area. Isn’t it ‘Dawat-e-Sheraz’?

Pakistan Army Photos - A Lieutenant having Lunch in Operational Area - Pak Army Pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: It is Meal Time in the Field AreaA Maj Gen (is he Gen Haroon?) having frugal lunch on the floor with his juniors in operational area.

Pakistan Army Photos - A Maj Gen having food with troops in operational area - Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: What an Improvisation!!!! An Army officer using Plastic bottle as a tea-cup. He is probably unaware of the danger of using hot liquids in a plastic bottle. Photo contributed by Rehan Rasheed.

Pakistan Army Photos - Improvisation; An Army officer using Plastic bottle as a tea cup - Pakistan Army Pics

Pakistan Army Photos: Helicopters Employed during Flood Relief Operations 2010. It is the Drill/Parade Ground of ASC Centre, Nowshera Cantt. During the 2010 flood, majority of the city was under water. Being on the higher ground, the ASC Centre was safe from the flood and all rescue operations were carried out from there.

Pakistan Army Photos - Helicopters employed during Flood Relief Operations 2010 - Pakistan Army pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: Evacuation of Flood Victims, 2010.  An elderly person being evacuated by helicopter crew during the floods in Sanawa, on August 5, 2010. Photo by (REUTERS/Stringer).

Pakistan Army Photos - An old man being evacuated by helicopter crew in 2010 floods - Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: An Old Woman being Evacuated by Helicopter during Flood Relief Operations

Pakistan Army Photos - An old woman being evacuated by helicopter during Flood Relief Operations - Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: Army Soldiers rescuing an Infant during Flood Relief Operations

Pakistan Army Photos - Army Soldiers rescuing an infant during Flood Relief Operations - Pak Army Pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: Aik Say barh Kay Aik. Two Pakistani soldiers with extraordinary big mustaches.

Pakistan Army Photos - Two Pakistani soldiers with extraordinary big mustaches - Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: Army Personnel Playing Cricket on the snow at Siachen

Pakistan Army Photos - Army Personnel playing cricket on the snow at Siachen - Pakistan Army Pics

Soldiers Playing Cricket in Siachen during the Summer Season

 Pakistan Army Photos - Soldiers Playing Cricket in Siachen during the summer season - Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: Gunners offering Namaz near their Gun at Siachen

Pakistan Army Photos - Gunners offering Namaz near their Gun at Siachen - Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: Troops Offering Namaz at Siachen

 Pakistan Army Photos - Troops offering Namaz at Siachen - Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: Namaz on the Snow at Siachen

Pakistan Army Photos - Namaz on the snow at Siachen - Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: A Quick Nap in Operational Area. A young officer is sleeping on the rocks. This nap on the stones, while defending the motherland, is thousand times better than the one on a comfortable bed in an air-conditioned room.

Pakistan Army Photos - An Army officer takes a nap in Operational Area - Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: A fully Equipped Naik with Big Mustache in Operational Area

Pakistan Army Photos - A fully equipped Naik with big Mustache in operational area - Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: Havildar Nasir of Pak Army with unusually Big Mustache 

Pakistan Army Photos - Pakistan Army's Havildar Nasir with very big mustache - Pakistan Army Pictures

Pakistan Army Photos: A Soldier with his Prized Mustaches

Pakistan Army Photos - A soldier with his prized mustaches - Pakistan Army Pictures


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  1. Zahid Aslam says:

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    Does anyone here know the whereabouts of Captain Noor Ahmed Qaemkhani who authored the book, “Fateh Garrh Say Farar”, an account of how a group of five brave men escaped from, the Fateh Garrh Camp in India?

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    Pakistan Army zindabad. I salute Pakistan Army.

  6. The location in “Helicopters Employed during Flood Relief Operations 2010” is:
    Drill/Parade Ground ASC Centre, Nowshera Cantt. During the 2010 flood, Majority of the city was underwater. Being on the higher grounds saved The ASC centre from the flood. The Rescue Operation was immediately undertaken ( without any Orders from Senior Officers) by The Deputy Commadant ASC centre, which later earned him appreciation of the Seniors. During the rescue operation the whole team,officers and soldiers alike, spent three days and nights without any rest to save the people.

  7. Sadaf Aamir says:

    The photo titled “An Army Officer Patting a Kitten” is of my beloved brother, Lt Noman Raza (Shaheed).
    Just saw his picture! Makes me proud, love him and miss him!!

    • Madam,
      The name of your Shaheed brother has been added in the Post. May his soul rest in eternal peace at the choicest station in Jannat-ul-Firdous, Aameen.

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    Superb Page with great real time field pictures, really refreshes the idle soul and Emaan… Please continue such wonderful work to uplift the morals of war torn Pakistan Nation.. I would like to mention Zara Sarfaraz’s Quote here “Indeed God’s hardest battles are for his strongest soldiers.” Indeed! Indeed! Pak Army Tujhe Dil se Salam…

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    Excellent Sir. I shall contribute a few on the email address mentioned above.

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    Our Army is the best in the world. We are proud of our heroes.

  52. Canvas_Brush says:

    Interesting! However the quality of captions can be improved with a bit of editing, e.g ‘a soldier rescuing a KID’ is actually a soldier rescuing an infant, beautiful picture of a soldier holding the baby with extreme care and affection!

  53. Pakistan Army is one of the Best Army.
    I Love Pak Army!!

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  60. First of all, my personal thanks to all the serving and retired Soldiers of Pakistan Armed Forces. My family members have also been in the Armed Forces so I know the feelings.

    I just have two humble requests or complaints for the serving/future generations.

    1. Why are the jawans still using those open top trucks? Where does all the money go? If the generals can get top notch bomb proof Mercedes why shouldn’t the jawans be provided protection against IEDs/bombs? Army should have focused on getting Humvee style transports or other APCs.

    2. Please don’t involve the Army in politics, either directly or indirectly. Quite a few generals have made it a tradition to meddle in the affairs of the country. It has damaged the country badly like the Musharraf & PTI cases. In the end the Army’s image suffers.

    May Allah tabaark wa ta’ala keep the common soldiers safe & secure. Ameen.

  61. “The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers. The Soldier is also a citizen. In fact, the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one’s country”.
    These are awesome pictures. I am inspired..

  62. Maj (R) Syed Javed Akbar (50 PMA) says:

    These wonderful pictures took me back to my time in uniform.

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    Soldiers are different….always ready and willing to lay their lives for Motherland. Shaheed if lucky and Ghazi if God still wants to test them.
    I am so proud to have been part of this great institution.
    Pakistan Army Zindha Baad. Pakistan Paindha Baad.

    • Capt Rizwan Naqvi (49 PMA) says:

      Let’s stop comments on this – can somebody load some thing new related to present reality, please?

      • Dear Capt Rizwan Naqvi,
        This website is not about current affairs. The title of this Post is “Pakistan Army; Interesting & Unusual Photos”. Let the comments come in, dear.

        • Lt Col Syed Ali Baqar Zaidi (retd), Engrs says:

          ……and Capt Rizwan can you please specify what is “Present reality”. I think what has be shown is the reality of “all times”. Life in the army will never be different than what it was yesterday, what it is today and what it will be tomorrow.

          • Capt Rizwan Naqvi - 49er. says:

            PRESENT REALITY is what Army is engaged in. Army is a living INSTITUTION and evolves in harmony with technological as well as societal dynamics.

  64. Mukhtar Choudhry says:

    I am so proud of of our army. May Allah’s blessings be upon them.

  65. Maj Pervez A. Minhas (49th PMA) says:

    Can you get ISPR to put some of these youngster’s pictures in media? So that Nation knows what contributions soldiers are making to keep us safe.

  66. Brig (r) Latif says:

    Very inspiring and very nostalgic pictures. Make one want to re- live the time spent in uniform….!

  67. Lt Col (Retd) Ghulam Jilani Khan says:

    I think all these photos are ceremonial or at the best promotional. In my humble opinion some photos may be added to depict real military life showing sweat, blood and fight with the real enemy in the context of present day Operation against the terrorists.

  68. Brig (R) Sh. Muhammad Tahir (55 PMA) says:

    I don’t have words to mention the inspirational and motivational value of these photos. Simply fabulous. I went around 37 years in seconds and enjoyed every picture. Thanks a lot for sharing.
    Pakistan Army Zindabad. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN!!

  69. Syed Shahid Abbas, Sigs (46 PMA) says:

    Excellent photographs, it’s good to disseminate such information which is clear manifestation of Army’s role in various spheres of nation building. Keep it up!!
    Long Live Pakistan Army!!
    Pakistan Zindabad!!

  70. Brig (R) Irshad says:

    Excellent collection of photos. I shall also try to send you some pics. Tell me how to send?

  71. Lt Col (R) Ali Muzaffar Zaidi says:

    What a wondrous collection!!! Thanx for the contribution.

  72. Maj (R) Safeer Ahmad Khan, 7FF says:

    Armies are the pride of any nation and I pray that Allah protect our Defense Forces from external and internal enemies and frustrate their nefarious designs. Ameen.
    Long live the Sherdils of Pakistan Defense Forces.

  73. Capt (R) Rizwan Naqvi (49 PMA) says:

    It took me back to good old times – and a recollection of my time in field/operatioanal areas.

  74. Maj (R) Arif Shaheed Khan, 4 Cav (46 PMA) says:

    I was in PMA in 1970-71, these photos are so nostalgic, as if you are seeing your own self. I relish every moment I spent as a soldier of Pakistan Army. Thank you Col Cheema. One thing I must admit that this present lot of rank and file is no less than our, rather better.

  75. Brig (R) Salim Daud says:

    I am proud of being a member of Pakistan Army as a soldier and would still like to defend my country in any capacity after retirement.

  76. Maj (R) Khalid Saeed Shah, Arty (2nd SSC) says:

    Cheema Jee,
    Thanks for sharing a very fine collection of photos of our proud soldiers.

  77. Shahid Aziz, First Pathan says:

    Excellent collection of soldiers’ new aspects of personality.

  78. Ambassador (R) Tariq Azizuddin (Capt (R) ex 45th PMA) says:

    Col Cheema,
    I salute you for your magnificent effort. It reignited the fire that simmers in my heart for the last 45 years though I spent 36 years in the Foreign Service of Pakistan (1975-2011). Very nostalgic photos honoring the brave soldiers of the Pakistan Army. May Allah always bless them. Pak Army Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad.

  79. Lt Col (R) M. Tariq, Quetta (49th PMA) says:

    I SALUTE my young soldiers and my Army. May The Almighty keep them safe from all hazards. Zindabad Pak Army….may you live forever so and stay blessed. My appreciation to Rashid Cheema….I love you. God bless.

  80. Col (r) Syed Jamal Hussain Shah says:

    Col Cheema,
    A very nice and commendable effort. Well done!
    The eye of camera has caught these moments rendering them immortal.

  81. Lt Col (R) Abdul Quddus Qazi says:

    Dear Col Cheema,
    Wonderful effort. May Allah SWT reward you for this noble effort. Kindly keep this nice practice up and keep aspiring us all. God bless you.

  82. Brig (R) Ashraf Mahmood (37th PMA) says:

    The effort is praise worthy, reminds me of good old days in Army, thank you.

  83. Mahmood Nanji says:

    It makes me so proud of my fellow citizens who are defending our country and giving a helping hand whereever needed. May Allah bless them always.

  84. The Great soldiers of Pakistan!!!! We are proud of you. May Allah bless the soldiers and people of Pakistan.

  85. Col (R) Maqbool Rabbani, Arty (41 PMA) says:

    Col Cheema,
    A nice inspiring job done by you. Please get it published in some good newspaper through ISPR.
    Stay blessed and keep doing your noble job.

  86. Shams Z Abbas says:

    Excellent collection of pics.

  87. Col (R) Muhammad Tahir Akram, 15 Sind/Army Avn (58th PMA) says:

    Great Job done.

  88. Brig (R) Khalid Rashid Lodhi (49th PMA) says:

    Undoubtedly you have made an excellent selection of pictures depicting true reflection of a soldier’s life. A great job.

  89. A tribute to the soft angle of life in the Army. Keep up the good work, Cheema Jee.

  90. Brig (R) Khalid Hassan, USA says:

    True reflection of soldier’s life.

  91. Good collection…Keep it up, Cheema and stay blessed always!!

  92. Faizaan Khan says:

    Ay watan kai sajeelay jawaanao, Qaum kai naghmay tumhaaray liyay hain! Laanut baishumaar on the fake politicians.
    No amount of money is equivalent to the valiant efforts, sacrifices our soldiers are applying in order to protect us, our sisters, mothers honour and our motherland, THE GREAT PAKISTAN!

  93. Lt Col (R) Javaid Ahmed Kamal says:

    Excellent collection, Keep it up.

  94. Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa says:

    Dear Cheema,
    You never cease to amaze me with your dedication to this forum. One wonders how you manage such contributions which not only boost the morale of old and young soldiers but also re-ignite our love for the second to none PAK ARMY.
    A humble suggestion —- why don’t you meet some officer of ISPR, show him a selection of these pictures and try to convince him to get these published in some national dailies. I assure you these pictures will create a better impression of our Mujahids than a hundred articles eulogizing their actions in FATA.
    Best regards. .

  95. Lt Col (R) Kamran Gul Abdullah, Engrs says:

    Cheema, It is an Excellent collection.
    The photo of the Lieut reminds me about my good old days at Kohlu in 1973 where I used to have my lunch on the road construction site.

  96. Shah Nawaz, a Veteran Soldier says:

    An excellent job by a veteran soldier, whose contributions are always outstanding…… Keep it up and let the morale of this Army remain high for all times to come. May ALLAH SWT GUIDE our Army to come up to the expectations of the Nation to handle Zarb-e-Azab with success…. Aameen.

  97. Dear Lt Col Rashid Cheema,
    It is really an excellent collection of photos depicting the very interesting activities of our brave soldiers on the front or otherwise. No doubt our brave Army, well known for their valour and exemplary discipline in the world and duly appreciated even by the enemies; deserves to be remembered and celebrated always. You are doing an excellent work to continue promoting and highlighting such interesting events towards their encouragement.

  98. Lt Col (R) Qadeer A Chaudhry, 24 /29 Punjab says:

    Really beautiful snaps. Keep it up.

  99. Major Munir Ahmed,18 FF (2nd SSC) says:

    Dear Col Rashid Cheema,
    As ever, a splendid effort. You made me feel in uniform. All these pictures depict the Army way of life. Undoubtedly Pak Army is our pride. My best wishes to all serving personnel who are safeguarding motherland under very difficult circumstances. May Allah keep them all in His protection & they come back to their cantonments as Victorians (Aameen).
    A smart salute to Col Cheema for his excellent effort.

  100. Azam Gill, France says:

    Cheema Jee,
    I am ovewhelmed by your ability and dedication. A big thank you.

  101. Azam Niazi, 29 Cav, Liberia says:

    Dear Col Cheema!
    You efforts to bring all of us on the same platform can never be ignored. Its not an easy task. Your deep and authentic research on all the topics is full of nostalgia. Topics from the recipient of Sword of Honours till the Mustaches of Pakistan Army. Every day you make our day. The best part of your website (Native Pakistan) is that its free of religion and politics. Members are mature and do not use offensive dialogue. Frankly I do not know you personally but you have ways of a gentleman. Many thanks.

  102. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.

  103. Syed Shahid Salam (Canada) says:

    Thank you for the very interesting collection. I remember the Pakistan Army had some very talented polo players in the 50’s. A few who were friends with Prince Philip.

  104. Capt (R) Rana M Sadiq, Bahawalpur says:

    Sir jee,
    Thanks a lot for keeping us abreast with the activities in the Army.

  105. Maj (R) Mushtaq Ur Rehman says:

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  106. Maj (R) Tahir Yasin, Avn (56 PMA) says:

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  107. Sadia Haider says:

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    Salute to our present serving….One step ahead of us, Masha Allah.

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  110. Lt Col Amir Afzal Khan (Retd), Air Def (40 PMA) says:

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  111. I would say soldiers are more human than so called humanitarians. Love Pakistan Armed Forces.

  112. Col Atiq Malik FF/Avn says:

    Really amazing pictures that truly reflect a soldier’s life and a thumping reply to the military critics. This is the time for ISPR to show these to the nation so that they can see what the real Army is all about? Not what they read about in the newspaper columns written by paid enemy agents.

  113. Great Job, Keep it up!

  114. I thoroughly enjoyed every picture. Great job done.

  115. Great job…..very inspirational & motivating pictures. God bless Pakistan. God bless Pakistan Army. As a Veteran I sum up to say, “I have only but one life to live for my country”.

  116. Brig Ahmed Salim (Retd), 34th PMA says:

    Mortal men, immortal memories. Thank you, Col Cheema

  117. Dear Col Cheema,
    Sir, Thank you for this wonderful expose of Army life. Truly, this work of yours is a legacy you are creating to inspire future leaders to emulate. Whenever we meet, it shall be an honor to shake your hand. God Bless.

  118. Brig (R) Aslam Khan, 30 Cav (33 PMA) says:

    Col Cheema,
    GREAT once again. You are doing such a wonderful service at the cost of your personal time and commitments. God bless you.

    The pictures about rugged soldiery are priceless. Simple food “on the rocks”, SSG commitment in blood to defend Pak, a General having frugal lunch on the floor with his juniors, a young officer sleeping on stones, a solitary soldier on patrol in a deserted but extremely dangerous area, soldiers on rescue ops and their caring attitude towards animals tell great tales worthy of our rank and file and make us proud.

    Apart from Military personnel, these photos would provide a good glimpse of Pak Army to our civilian relatives and friends who are generally under the mis-conception that Army officers are steeped in luxury.

    Thanks and BRAVO, Col Cheema.

  119. Maj (R) Javed Khan, Army Avn (36 PMA) says:

    Well done Cheema, you have shown the humane side of our Army which makes us proud. I had occasion to be with them on a visit to Free Town in Sierra Leone where they were on a peace keeping mission with UNO and had not only kept the peace but won the hearts of the locals. Pakistan Army Zindabad!

  120. Maj Gen (Retd) Parvez Akmal (42 PMA L/C) says:

    Thanks for sharing this treasure album. Our valiant soldiers deserve the richest tributes and a thousand salutes. Allah unhein apni hifz o aman mein rakhe aur her her mahaz per fatayab aur surkhroo fermaey. Ameen.

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  122. Lt Col (R) Javed Iqbal says:

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  123. Maj (R) Amjid Quamber says:

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  125. Maj (R) Rauf Shad says:

    So fantastic and encouraging. It is story of Pak Army in outline. Thanks Cheema jee, we do account for your efforts.

  126. Lt Col Masood Alam (retd) says:

    Nice collection! Gives lot of information and increases knowledge. Cheema (Editor) you are doing a good job. Regards

  127. Maj (R) Hasan Jawaid (1st SSC), USA says:

    Interestingly, on a similar note, those of you who visited or were in PMA in 1971-72 might have seen 1st Pak Battalion’s Subedar Major. Not sure about the size of his mustache but it was undoubtedly very impressive. So was his voice and personality and I am sure he would have been a good contender had he been in the Army back then.

    • A M ABBASI says:

      His name was SM Bashir.

      • Azam Niazi, 29 Cav, Liberia says:

        The first time I saw SM Bashir (l think later Hony. Capt ) was year 1974-75. He was a Judge for our Cadet College Hasanabdal Inter Wing Drill Competition. He was accompanied by the PMA Adjutant (Don’t remember his name). His personality was identical to FM. Gen Ayub Khan. His SM stripes/badge on his shoulders were obscure by his dominating personality. Till the last we thought that he was the Adjt PMA. God bless him.

        • Maj (R) Anwar Faridi (11th Graduate) says:

          I remember SM Bashir like yesterday, he was the life of the parade ground. Can anyone tell how is he doing and where does he live?

        • Maj (R) Pervez Minhas, 19 Baloch (49th PMA) says:

          I met SM Bashir at Rawalakot Bazaar in 1992. Invited him to Bde Mess and treated him as best as he deserved. He had gone old and fragile but that grace was still there.

          • Maj (R) Salah-ud-Din, 52 Cav (49th PMA) says:

            Dear Minhas!
            How about inviting such people to one of our 49th Get together, isn’t it a good idea?
            Maj Salahuddin (52 Cav) Khalid-2 Platoon

            • Lt Col (R) M. Tariq, Quetta (49th PMA) says:

              Yes, we can have a wonderful get together with them….we don’t have to wait for April 2015.

              • Ambassador (R) Tariq Azizuddin (Capt (R) ex 45th PMA) says:

                SM Bashir joined PMA during my days as a cadet. He replaced SM Rafiullah after whom PMA Drill Square is now named. While Rafiullah had a great word of command, Bashir was, arguably, the finest specimen of the Army, back then. I wish him good health and long life wherever he is.

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