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Old black & white rare photos dating back to 1947 can be seen in the last portion of this page.

Lahore in Orange County, Virginia, USALahore is a small town (Population: 1500) in Orange County, Virginia, 75 miles south of Washington D.C. The town was named after Pakistan’s city of Lahore and established by an American couple in 1860s who chose its name through random reading of a book on British India. In mid 1970s, a Pakistani American journalist,  Akmal Aleemi, lost his way in Orange County and ‘discovered’ Lahore accidentally. He wrote a column in Daily ‘Imroz’ about his ‘discovery’.  The story soon got lost in people’s memories.

Khalid Hasan, another journalist, broke the story once again in early 2007. Later, Noor Naghmi, a Lahore born Pakistani expatriate bought 235 acres of land in American Lahore including centre of the town for $ 3 million. He has plans to turn this town into a regional tourist attraction for South Asians and others. His plans include a Banquet Hall, a library and a museum dedicated to the histories of both Lahores. He wants to open a bed-and-breakfast place. He also wants to organize Basant with all its ‘halla-gulla’ in the American Lahore.” is supposed to be the website of this new project. The website doesn’t open. It seems to be some real state scam to sell land in Lahore, Orange County. However, the 7 mile long ‘Lahore Road’ and the Lahore Town is a reality.

For more interesting details, see the following two videos:-

Future plans for Lahore, Virginia

Quaid’s portrait in the Great Hall of Lincoln’s Inn, London. Quaid-e-Azam’s portrait hangs in the Great Hall of Lincoln’s Inn.

Memorabilia of Quaid-e-Azam: Jinnah's portrait in the Great Hall of Lincoln's Inn, London - Memorabilia of Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Quaid-e-Azam’s Statue in York University, Toronto (Canada). It is a 1.5 metre high bronze statue.

Jinnah Court, Bradford, England. ‘Jinnah Court’, a street in Bradford, England, has been named after Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Photo contributed by Raja Qaiser Zulqarnain.

A road in Bradford, England, named "Jinnah Court" after Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Iqbal Street in Heidelberg, Germany. In 1917, Allama Iqbal moved to Germany to study. Heearned PhD degree from the Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich in 1908. He had stayed in Heidelberg and a street has been named after him in that city.


A Road in Switzerland Named After Dr. Abdus Salam. This road in Switzerland has been named after Dr. Abdus Salam, the first Pakistani to win a Nobel Prize in Physics on the electroweak unification of the electromagnetic and weak forces.

Photo of a road in Switzerland named after Dr. Abdus Salam who won a Nobel Prize in Physics

Replica of Lahore Fort in Shanghai, China

A Woman Displays Pakistan’s Flag at Pakistan Festival in London, 28 July 2007

Pakistan in Foreign Lands - A woman displays Pakistan flag in London 2007 - Pakistan Abroad

Girls Waving a Pakistani Flag in a Street in London, UK

Pic of Girls waving Pakistani flag in a street in London, Great Britain. Celebrating Pakistan's Independence Day

Pakistan Army Band in Red Square Moscow (2011). A great display…. Watch the spectators’ response as well.

Babar Suleman, a Pakistani Origin Pilot, Safely Lands His Plane on a Highway in USABabar Suleman, a Pakistani origin civil engineer, safely landed his troubled single engine Piper Lance plane on an Indianapolis Interstate Highway in USA in 2008. When the engine died, he had to dead stick his plane to the highway, found a space between two cars and squeezed the plane in between them. Later, FAA gave him approval to get a mechanic to fix it…then he took off from the highway….that was thrilling!!
See the CNN news clip.

A Pakistani Decorated Bus in Ottawa, Canada. Photo taken by Salman Asad Cheema while this decorated Pakistani bus was parked opposite National War Memorial of Canada in Ottawa, Canada and all tourists were giving it a special attention and admiring the art.

Pakistani decorated bus is a Tourist attraction in Ottawa, Canada - Pakistani Culture abroad

Decorated Pakistani Bus in Istanbul, Turkey

Peshawari Bus in London, UK

Karachi’s Minibus Type Tram in Australia. The W-11 tram in Melbourne, Australia was decorated by a team of professional Pakistani vehicle decorators. It was commissioned by the City of Melbourne for the 2006 Commonwealth Games. The name is based on the mini buses plying on W-11 route in Karachi.

Pakistani Flag at Dulles Airport, Washington D.C. Photo by Salman Asad Cheema.

Pakistani flag at Dulles Airport, Washington D.C.

Signboard at Toronto Airport, Canada. Photo by Salman Asad Cheema.

Signboard at Toronto Airport

Jinnah Public School, Kinshasa, Congo. The Congolese students honor Pakistan once every year at the annual function by reciting the Pakistani national anthem. Some 4000 Pakistani civilians and soldiers are helping Congo-Kinshasa stand on its feet.

The school was established by Pakistan Army officers and soldiers as a gift to the people of Congo.

Jhelum Cash & Carry Store in London, UK 

Jhelum Cash & Carry Store in London, UK - Pakistan overseas

Reception of President Ayub Khan in Washington D.C. USA in 1961. Observe the Pakistani flag and welcome in Urdu and Bangali languages.

Photos of Ayub Khan's Foreign visits: Reception of President Ayub Khan in Washington D.C. USA in 1961

Pakistani Troops at Buckingham Palace, 1953. Pakistani troops take over guard duty at Buckingham Palace, England in 1953. Pakistan a member of Common Wealth in that time.

 Pakistani troops take over guard duty at Buckingham Palace, England in 1953 - Pakistan overseas

Pakistani Flag which was hoisted by UNO on 26 September 1947 in New York. United Nations guards display flag of Pakistan which was flown with flags of other Member States of the United Nations after Pakistan’s admittance at the 90th plenary meeting of the second regular session of the United Nations General Assembly on 26 September 1947 in New York.

Pakistani Flag which was displayed by UNO on 26 September 1947 in New York

New Pakistan Flag Being Raised in London in 1947Muslims living in London raising the new Pakistan flag to celebrate the gaining of independence of Pakistan.

Pakistan in Foreign Lands - New Pakistan flag being raised in London in 1947 - Pakistan Abroad

Muslim League National Guards with Pakistani Flag at Delhi Railway Station, August 9, 1947. This is one of the 30 Special Trains leaving New Delhi Railway Station for Karachi with the staff of the Pakistan government. Photo by Keystone Features/Getty Images.

Pakistan in Foreign Lands - Muslim League National Guards with Pakistani flag at Delhi Railway Station, August 9, 1947 - Pakistan Abroad

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