Nursery Rhymes for Children in Punjabi

Unlike the kids of today who have access to TV, Internet, iPhone and iPad, the children of Punjab during 1950s &  1960s used to recite small ‘nursery rhymes’ which were not taught in any school.

It is a collection of a great treasure of Punjabi ‘poems’ for kids !!!! These are so old, so simple and so easy to remember for children.

This poetry will surely take you back to your nostalgic childhood days and you will be forced to wish the following:-

Sudarshan Faakir poetry : Yeh daulat bhi le lo, yeh shoharat bhi le lo,
Yeh daulat bhi le lo, yh shoharat bhi le lo,
Bhale cheen lo mujh se meri javani,
Magar mujh ko lautaa do bachapan ka saavan,
Vo kaghaz ki kashti, vo barish ka pani.

An Old Chinese Couple enjoying Swing like their Childhood Days

An old Chinese couple enjoying swing

Empty Saucer & Cup

 Khaali pirch payali, Kaan udd gaya beh gaye Laali - Poems for children in Punjabi

 Kallian Ittaan kalay rore…. It is a typical Punjabi dua (prayer) which kids would sing for rain during cloudy weather. It is very nostalgic and reminds us the past that we have left far behind.

 Kallian Ittaan kalay rore... - Poems for children in Punjabi
Kaalian ittaan kaalay rore,
Meinh wasaa day zorro zore.
Saadhi kothi daanay pa,
Dojayan di kothi daddoo pa.

Kaliaan Ittaan Kaalay Rore. This was also sung by Madam Noor Jehan in the film Janab-e-Aali (1968). She sang only the first part of the above ‘nursery rhyme’, not Kothi and  daddoos (frogs).

Kikli Kaleer Di, Pagg Mere Veer Di. It is a traditional Punjabi ‘nursery rhyme’ which is very favourite with little girls. It is a sort of game for them. Little girls hold each other’s hands and then they keep on dancing round and round in the circle while singing Kikli Kaleer Di.

Kikli Kaleer Di, Pagg Mere Veer Di - Poems for Children in Punjabi

Kikli Kaleer Di,
Pagg mere veer di.
Dupatta mera bhai da,
Fitte moonh jawai da.

Allar Ballar Baway Da

Allar ballar baaway da - Poems for Children in Punjabi
Allar ballar baaway da,
Baawa kanak leaway ga.
Baawi beh kay chatay gee,
So rupeeaa wattay gee.
Ikk rupeea khota,
Uddah lay andda lota.
Lotay vich paani,
Maa teri raani.
Payo tera raja,
Sonay da darwaja.
Chandi diyaan pohrian,
Satt pehnaan gorian.
Ikk pehn kaali,
O hi kermaan wali.

Learning ABC

"ABC, Kithay gaye see..." - Poems for Children in Punjabi

Write a Letter to Your Father Dictated by a village school teacher.

"Write a Letter to you Payo" - Poems for Children in Punjabi

Kokla Chapaaki (کوکلا چھپاکی جمعرات آئی اے جہیڑا اگے پچھے ویکھے اودی شامت آئی اے)

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  1. Zafar Sheikh says:

    A good contribution. Childhood memories revisited.

  2. Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa says:

    Revived memories of childhood. Good contribution by the editor.

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