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‘Amreeka Kaisa Lagga?’

Jokes for Expatriate Pakistani Jokes - 'Amreeka Kaisa lagga?' - Desi Pakistani Jokes

Irfan Murtaza Recites a Poem in Dallas (USA) Mushaira in 2010

Why Pakistanis living abroad forget that they are also ‘DESI’? 

Expatriate Pakistani Jokes - All Pakistanis living abroad are 'DESI - Jokes in Urdu

Papoo’s Dress for Halloween

Jokes for Overseas Pakistanis - Papoo's Dress for Halloween - Expatriate Pakistani Jokes

Desi Mothers and Children not interested in Studies

Expatriate Pakistani Jokes - Desi Mothers in USA - Desi Pakistanis Jokes

‘Desi’ People at the Airport

Urdu Jokes Immigrant Pakistani - Desi people at the Airport - Expatriate Pakistani Jokes

 Old Timer Mother in United States of America

JUrdu Jokes - Old timer Desi Mom in United States - Expatriate Pakistani Jokes

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  1. I will add one more verse also “Amrika chornay ko mae tayar nahi, Aap kay burhapay ka mae sahar nahi”.
    It is good that most of the hypocrites go out side so that we can live here in peace. Now even Zardari is running (or ruining) Govt from Dubai. All the persons who do not spend at least 2 months in Pakistan every year and public officers, politicians who do not live in Pakistan fo 6 out of 7 days every week must be deported from Pakistan, and their nationalities cancelled, all their academic degrees , diplomas cancelled, all professional memberships taken away and dishonorably discharged.

  2. Mehmud Ahmed (Brampton-Canada) says:

    Great poetry by Irfan Murtaza!! For the first time someone had the courage to put his finger on this conflict in the migrant Pakistanis. They were not happy there and not happy here too.

  3. Shaheda Rizvi, Canada says:

    I just listened to Irfan Murtaza’s Urdu poetry recital–his original verses, I suppose.
    A+ for Urdu poetry – and most probably a genius surfing through these rhymes, which he is.

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