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  1. Great assortment of Urdu newspapers. All of them are published by big media houses. Some of them have slanting views on issues and politics. But by and large all of these represent impartial and neutral views.

    For a writer or author of an article, it is difficult not to curb the tendency to give his or her own point of view. Which is based on personal biases and prejudices. It is important not to give opinionated views, or impose one’s lines.

    The purpose of good Journalism is to give balanced views, and report the events, incidents as they occur. Fair and honest reporting is required. It is the prerogative of the editorial board and the editor to select the contents. Obviously they do not have to agree with others. I find some of the columnist taking the role of a preacher, and showing only one side of the story.

    The narrative should be fair, erudite and provide decent information, instead of forcing his or her convoluted criticism. We must treat the subject of politics fairly and impartially. We should let the readers to form their own opinions.

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