Naughty Kids Jokes (in English)

Little Johnny and His English Teacher

Best Jokes in English - Little Johnny and his English Teacher - Naughty Kids Jokes

Wrong Number

Funny Naughty Kids Jokes - Wrong Number - Naughty Kids Jokes in English

Gas Leak

Funny Naughty Kids Jokes - A 4 years old kid about the bending of his grandfather who blames his dog for the gas leak - Best Naughty Kids Jokes

Logic of Innocence

Funny Naughty Kids Jokes - Pastor asks Post Office's way from a kid, then invites him to Church on Sunday - Best Naughty Kids Jokes

Did You Start at 1 (One)?

Funny Naughty Kids Jokes - Grandmother, did you start at One? - Naughty Kids Jokes in English

 Where to Go, McDonald’s or KFC?
A five-year old boy asked his father,”Dad! can we go to McDonald’s today?”
His father said, “Ya, but only when you spell McDonald’s correctly.”
Kid thought for a moment and said, “Ok, forget it dad. How about going to KFC?”

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