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‘Station Aa Gaya Hai’

A kid was playing with his play train. After every turn was completed he stopped the train and shouted, “Station aa gaya hai. Jis ullu kay pathay ko utarna hai uttar jaye.”

Then he let the train go on the round and stopped it again at the same place and shouted the same sentence.

His Dad got worried about the kid using bad language. He took the train away and scolded the child, “Do not talk like that!”

The kid sat silently for 30 minutes and Dad could not bear to see his sad face. He returned the train back to him saying, “Now son, do not talk like that again.”

The kid started playing. The train took the same turn and stopped and the kid shouted, “Station aa gaya hai. Jis ullu kay pathay ko uttarna hai uttar jaye. Pehley hi aik ullu kay pathay ki wajah se train late ho gaye hai.

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