National Anthem of Pakistan

National Anthem of Pakistan. Our national anthem was adopted in August 1954. It is written by Hafeez Jullundhri and its music composed by Ahmad Ghulamali Chagla. The lyrics are written in Urdu, but uses a heavy Persian poetic vocabulary, with the word کا (kā) in the second stanza being the only word which is exclusively Urdu and not borrowed from Persian.


Hafeez  Jullundhri                                                           Ahmad Ghulamali Chagla

Lyrics of National Anthem

قومى ترانہ (Urdu)
:پاک سرزمین شاد باد
كشور حسين شاد باد
تو نشان عزم علیشان
! ارض پاکستان
مرکز یقین شاد باد
pāk sarzamīn shād bād
kishwar-e-hasīn shād bād
tū nishān-e`azm-e-`alīshān
markaz-e-yaqīn shād bād
Blessed be the sacred land
Happy be the bounteous realm
Thou symbol of high resolve
O Land of Pakistan!
Blessed be the centre of faith
:پاک سرزمین کا نظام
قوت اخوت عوام
قوم ، ملک ، سلطنت
! پائندہ تابندہ باد
شاد باد منزل مراد
pāk sarzamīn kā nizām
qaum, mulk, sultanat
pā’inda tābinda bād!
shād bād manzil-e-murād
The order of this sacred land
Is the might of the brotherhood of the people
May the nation, the country, and the Republic
Shine in glory everlasting!
Blessed be the goal of our ambition
:پرچم ستارہ و هلال
رہبر ترقی و کمال
ترجمان ماضی شان حال
! جان استقبال
سایۂ خدائے ذوالجلال
parcham-e-sitāra-o hilāl
rahbar-e-taraqqī-o kamāl
tarjumān-e-māzī, shān-e-hāl
The flag of the crescent and star
Leads the way to progress and perfection
Interpreter of our past, glory of our present
Inspiration for our future!
Shadow of God, the Glorious and Mighty

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