Namaz Rakat Chart (Table) – Chart about Rakaat in each Namaz (Salah)

Namaz Rakat Chart (Table) for the order and number of rakat for each Salah (Prayer) Namaz


  1. Nahid Shaikh says:

    Is Jumma namaz same for ladies and gents? Plz reply!!

    • Asad Hakeem says:

      As per Hadees the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that its better for ladies to say prayers at home and the best place even within the home is a specified corner for the purpose. In case ladies go to a Masjid for Jumma Prayers they have to offer the same way as men would be offering Jumma prayers. However, if they are offering prayers at home as desired by Rasool Allah (PBUH), they have to offer Zuhar prayers as on all other days. If men for any reason miss Jumma congregation they also have to offer Zuhar prayer as they do on any other weekday. Jamat is necessary to offer Jumma prayers with some other restrictions as well.

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