Namaz (Salat) Photos and Quotations

Namaz Photos.

Namaz (Salah) is the formal worship in Islam. Its importance for Muslims can be judged by the fact that it is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. To perform Salah, one must perform ablution, (wuḍū) first. Obligatory Namaz (Salah) is prescribed at five times in a day. These are Fajr, Zuhr (Dhuhr), Asr,  Maghrib and Isha. Five times  prayer was made compulsory after Isra and Miraj of Prophet (s.a.w.) which was a year before Hijra on 27th of Rajab and first Azan was called in the first year of Hijra.

Editors Note: An endeavour has been made to list authentic Ahadees (Hadith) here. Any discrepancy should be intimated by writing an instant comment at the end of this page.

Getting Late for Namaz. A little boy is running in a mosque to join the gathering who are offering Namaz.

Namaz (Salat) Pictures - A little boy is running in a mosque to join the Namaz - Namaz Photos

Namaz Rakaat Chart (Table)

Namaz Rakat Chart (Table) - Number of rakat for each Namaz - Namaz Photos

Praying Five Times a Day

Best sayings about Namaz (Salah) - Praying five times a day doesn't make you religious, it just makes you a Muslim - Best Quotes about Namaz

Qibla Locator. Qibla Locator is an excellent tool for frequent travelers to find Qibla direction on the computer anywhere in the world. Find Qibla direction here

Qibla Locator

An Important Message: Don’t Ring Up Others During Namaz Timings 

Best sayings about Namaz (Salah) - An Important Message, Don't Ring up Others during Namaz timings - Best Quotes about Namaz

Quranic Ayat about Namaz: He is Successful who Offers Namaz

Importance of Supplication (Dua) in Islam - Quranic Ayat about Namaz; He is successful who offers namaz - Islamic Dua’s (Supplications) for All Occasions - Best Duas

Importance of Namaz. When those in Jannah will ask the Hell dwellers, “What brought you in Hell?” They will answer, “We didn’t offer Salah (Namaz).”

What is Namaz?

Best sayings about Namaz - Human Being meets Allah in Namaz - Namaz Photos - Quotes about Namaz

The One Who Skips Namaz

Skipping Namaz means Allah Doesn’t Want You to Stand Before Him

Best sayings about Salah (Namaz) - Skipping Namaz means Allah doesn't want you to stand before Him - Best Quotes about Namaz (Salah)

Azan Calls One for Namaz

Best sayings about Salah (Namaz) and azan - Azan calls one for namaz - Best Quotes about Namaz and Azan

Importance of Namaz-e Juma

Best sayings about Namaz - After listening to azan of Juma - Namaz Photos - Quotes about Namaz

Hadees about Namaz: Stop skipping Juma Prayer 

Hadees about Salah (Namaz): Stop skipping Juma praye r- Best sayings about Namaz (Salah) - Best Quotes about Namaz

Hadees about Weightage of Namaz at Different Places

Hadees about Salah (Namaz) - Best sayings about Salah (Namaz) - Weightage of Namaz at different places - Best Quotes about Namaz (Salah)

Namaz Saves from all Troubles: Hadith (Hadees) about Namaz. Whenever our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) faced any problem in life, he reverted to Namaz (Salah).

Namaz Hadees; Our Prophet paid attention to Namaz, whenever he faced any problem - Best Namaz Sayings

Namaz is Solution of all Problems

 Best sayings about Namaz (Salah) - Namaz is Solution of all Problems - Best Quotes about Namaz

Never Miss Namaz: Hadees (Hadith) about Namaz

Namaz Hadees; Skipping of Namaz is the distance between an individual and Kufr - Best Namaz Sayings

Namaz is Coolness of Prophet’s (s.a.w.) Eyes

Hadees about Namaz - Best sayings about Salah (Namaz) - Namaz is coolness of Prophet's (s.a.w.) eyes - Best Quotes about Namaz (Salah)

Namaz on Time

Namaz Hadees; Timely offering of Namaz is liked the best by Allah - Best Namaz Sayings

Hadees: Fazeelat of Offering Namaz in Time

Hadees about Salah (Namaz); Fazeelat of offering Namaz in time - Best sayings about Namaz (Salah) - Best Quotes about Namaz

No Namaz is Valid Without Wudu (Ablution)

Namaz Hadees; No Namaz is valid without Wuzoo (Ablution) and no Wudu without Bismillah - Best Namaz Sayings

Hadees about Two Rakats before Fajr Prayer

Hadith (Hadees)-Two Rakaah (rakat) before Fajr prayers are the best thing in the world

How to Offer Namaz Correctly? The Postures During Namaz

Namaz Hadees; How to offer Namaz correctly? The postures during Namaz - Best Namaz Sayings

Some Big Mistakes during Namaz

Namaz (Salat) Sayings - How to avoid some big mistakes during offering of Namaz - Best Namaz Quotes

Precautions While Doing Sajda (Prostration)

Namaz (Salat) Sayings - Precautions to be taken while doing Sajda (Prostration) during Namaz - Best Namaz Quotes

Do You Have Time to Pray?

Namaz (Salat) Sayings - Allah has time to listen to you. Do you have time to offer Namaz? - Best Namaz Quotes

Procedure for Sajda SahwIf you forget to offer some part of namaz by mistake, first offer that missed part. Then in the last rakaat of your namaz, after reciting ‘att-ta hayat’, say salam only towards the right side and offer two sajdas (As usual say ‘subhana-rabbi-yal-aala’ thrice in each sajda) and then complete the last rakaat again starting with ‘att-ta-hayat’.

Never Miss Your Namaz. Shaytan had refused only on Sajda to man but we often deny so many sajdas to Allah by not offering Namaz (Salah) even listening to azaan. Let’s ponder on it.

Namaz (Salat) Sayings - Iblees (Shaytan) refused one Sajda to man but me miss many Sajdas to Allah by not offering Namaz. Just think - Best Namaz Quotes

 Don’t Miss Namaz on Little Tiredness

Best sayings about Salah (Namaz) - Don't leave Namaz (salah) on little tiredness - Best Quotes about Namaz (Salah)

How Unfortunate is That Muslim Who Doesn’t Pray Even After Listening to Azaan!!

Say Ameen (Amen)

Namaz Hadees; Say Aameen with Imam during Namaz to join angels saying Aameen and your minor sins will be forgiven - Best Namaz Sayings

Dua for Taking Interest in Namaz

Best sayings about Salah (Namaz) - Dua for taking interest in Namaz - Best Quotes about Namaz

Adhan (Muslim call to prayer) Makes a Christian Cry.Azan (Adhan) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia makes a Christian reporter cry.

Namaz Ki Shaan

Namaz (Salat) Sayings - What do the angels say when a man offers Namaz? - Best Namaz Quotes

Ya Allah! Save Me from…..

Namaz (Salat) Sayings - "Ya Allah! Save me from all those activities which are hindrance in offering Namaz "- Best Namaz Quotes

Sin for Skipping Asr Namaz

Hadees asr Namaz (Salah): Whose asr Namaz is missed, as if his house and money has been looted - Best sayings about asr Namaz - Best Quotes about asr Namaz

Don’t Come Running for the Namaz; Hadith (Hadees) about Namaz

Namaz Hadees; Don't come running for the Namaz, offer it with Imam and then offer the skipped portion - Best Namaz Sayings

Importance of Miswaak before Namaz

Namaz Hadees; Had I not cared for the difficulty of my Ummah, I would have made the use of miswaak compulsory with every Namaz - Best Namaz Sayings

Namaz Makes Busy Life Easy

Namaz (Salat) Sayings - A Busy life makes offering of Namaz difficult but Namaz makes a busy life easy - Best Namaz Quotes

Papa Lets Pray Together

Best sayings about Namaz (Salah) - Little boy says to his father: "Papa lets pray together, so we can be in Jannah together" - Best Quotes about Namaz

Offer Namaz Beore Your namaz-e-Janaza is Offered

Best sayings about Salah (Namaz) - Offer namaz before your namaz-e-janaza is offered - Best Quotes about Namaz

Excellent One Liner for Motivating about Namaz

“Are you wrinkled with burden? Come to the mosque for a face lift.

Never Skip Namaz

 Best sayings about Namaz (Salah) - Please never skip a prayer. Millions in graves wish to come back to life to prostrate to Allah - Best Quotes about Namaz

Saudi Woman Got Divorce because Her Husband didn’t Offer Namaz

No excuse for missing namaz - Saudi woman got divorce because her husband didn't offer Namaz- Importance of Namaz

An Injured Patient is Offering Namaz in the Hospital.Do we have any excuse to skip Namaz? 

Namaz Pictures - An injured man offers Namaz in Hospital - Namaz Photos, Namaz Images

No Excuse to Skip Namaz, a Bridegroom offering Namaz on his Wedding Day

Namaz Pics - A Bridegroom offers namaz on a sidewalk - Best Namaz Photos

Simply No Excuse to Skip Namaz

Namaz Pictures - A Taxi Driver offers Namaz on the trunk of his cab - Namaz Photos

Offering Namaz after the Earth Quake

Namaz (Salat) Pictures - Muslims offering Namaz in Pakistan at the site of a mosque destroyed by earth quake in 2005 - Namaz Photos

Eid Prayer at Firoz Shah Kotla Masjid, New Delhi, India. Namaz Photos.

Namaz (Salat) Pictures - Muslims offering Eid prayer at Firoz Shah Kotla Masjid, New Delhi, India - Namaz Photos

Namaz in Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp (Gitmo) at Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba

Namaz Pictures - Muslim prisoners offering Namaz at Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp (Gitmo) - Namaz Photos

No Excuse to Miss Namaz. Do we have any excuse to miss namaz?

Namaz Pictures - A man with crutches is enters a mosque for offering Namaz - Namaz Photos

No Excuse of Missing Namaz by Able-bodied Persons. Namaz Photos.

Namaz Pics - Namaz Images - A man with two artificial legs is performing wuzu (ablution) in a mosque before Namaz - Namaz Photos

A Handicapped Man Offering Namaz in the MosqueNamaz Photos.

This photo is a good example for those who by the grace of Allah are normal but do not offer namaz regularly in the mosque. May Allah teach us something from this photo  آمین .

Namaz Pictures - A handicapped man offers Namaz, while his artificial limbs are near by - Namaz Photos

Bravo!  Despite His Handicap, This Boy Offers Namaz in the Mosque in Standing Position

Namaz (Salat) Pictures - A boy with only one leg is offering Namaz in standing position in a mosque. Do we have any excuse to skip Namaz? - Namaz Photos

A Disabled Boy is Offering NamazNamaz Photos.

Namaz Pictures - A disabled boy, who lost his both legs, is offering Namaz - Namaz Photos

A Man On a Wheel Chair is Offering NamazNamaz Photos. 

Namaz Pictures - A man on a wheel chair is offering Namaz - Namaz Photos - Images of Namaz

Namaz in All Circumstances. People offering Namaz in a mosque flooded with rain water. 

Namaz Photos - People offering Namaz in a mosque flooded with rain water - Namaz Pictures

Two Persons are Offering Namaz in the RainNamaz Photos.

The old man who is trying to protect them with an umbrella is also earning ‘sawab’. Everyone should be on the look out to find opportunities for earning reward from Allah.

Namaz Pictures - Two persons offering Namaz in the rain, an old man protects them with umbrella - Namaz Photos

Ask Importance of Namaz from Those Whose Mosques Have Been Snatched. Namaz Photos.

 Namaz Pics - Muslims offering Namaz in front of a tank - Namaz Photos - Images of Namaz

Little Students are Offering Namaz in the Class Room. A student is leading the prayers.

Namaz Pictures - Students offer Namaz in the class room, one student is leads the prayers - Namaz Photos

Little Girls Offering NamazNamaz Photos.

Namaz Photos - Little girls offering namaz - Best Namaz Pictures

Namaz During Graduation CeremonyNamaz Photos.

Namaz Pictures - A Muslim student offers Namaz during his Graduation Ceremony in USA - Namaz Photos

No Excuse to Miss Namaz. Namaz Photos.

Namaz Pictures - Muslims are offering Namaz at a Railway platform - Namaz Photos

A Pakistani Soldier offering Namaz on a mat in Operational AreaNamaz Photos.

Namaz Pics - Pakistani Soldier offers namaz on a mat in operational area - Best Namaz Photos

Helicopter Crew Offering Namaz near their Helicopter. Namaz Photos.

Best Namaz Pictures - Crew offering Namaz near helicopter - Best Namaz Photos

Namaz at Siachin Glacier, the Highest Battlefield in the WorldNamaz Photos.

Namaz Pictures - Pakistani soldiers offer Namaz on the snow at Siachen - Namaz Photos

Army Personnel Offering Namaz in a Makeshift MosqueNamaz Photos.

Best Namaz Pictures - Army personnel offering namaz in a makeshift Mosque - Best Namaz Photos

Soldiers Offering NamazNamaz Photos.

Namaz Pics - Pakistani soldiers offering Namaz in full battle dress- Namaz Photos

Two Mountain Climbers are Offering Namaz on the SnowNamaz Photos.

Namaz Pictures - Two Mountain Climbers are offering Namaz on the snow - Namaz Photos - Images of Namaz

The Entire Pakistani Cricket Team is Offering Namaz in Cricket GroundNamaz Photos.

Namaz Pictures - Pakistani Cricket team offering Namaz in the Cricket ground - Namaz Photos

Soldiers Offering Namaz on a Ship. Namaz Photos.

Best Namaz Pictures - Soldiers offering namaz on a ship - Best Namaz Photos

Namaz on the Boat. Namaz Photos.

Namaz Pictures - Muslims offering Namaz in three tiers on the deck of a big boat - Namaz Photos

Namaz in Washington D.C., USA. Namaz Photos.

Namaz Pictures - Muslims offering Namaz at National Mall near Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., USA - Namaz Photos

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