“My Simple Office Runner”

By Maj Nazir Farooq Cheema, Retd, ASC (8th War Course)

Maj Nazir Farooq Cheema, ASC

Maj Nazir Farooq Cheema

Editor’s Note: Maj Nazir Farooq Cheema was commissioned in ASC in March 1967. After retirement, he has settled in DHA Phase 2, Islamabad.

Pakistan Army: Mules of an AT (Animal Transport) RegimentIn 1975, I was serving in 70 AT (Animal Transport) Regt at Jhelum. One day I drew my pay from the bank and came back to the unit, put some money in an envelop and asked my office runner to go to my house and hand it over to my wife.

The office runner (I am forgetting his name) was a simpleton belonging to some village in Sargodha District. My house was located just adjacent to the unit. He returned within 10 minutes and told me:

My Simple Office Runner 1

To ensure that he had delivered the money to my wife and not to some one else, I asked him, “To whom did you give the envelop?”

In those days, the jawans even called an officer’s wife as ‘Sir’. Some of them called “Begum Sahib” and a few called “Baji”. My simple office runner thought for a moment and then quickly said,

My Simple Office Runner 2

I laughed aloud at this new terminology.

Later, whenever the bell of our house rang and I went out to find some Working Party (then called ‘Fatigue’) or the DR (Dispatch Rider) with some urgent circular/mail, on my return my wife always used to ask as to who had come. Invariably my answer would be:

My Simple Office Runner 3

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  1. Maj David Emmanuel, Retd (12th OTS Course) says:

    My posting in AT Regt will always remain one of my best part of Army life. I served in 3 AT Regt and before serving I learnt riding in the same Regt in 1986.

  2. Maj Amjid Quamber (R) says:

    The AT Regt at Jhelum has special significance for me. As a young boy of 9, I learned riding there. The unit 7 AT was commanded by Lt Col (Later Brig) Hameed Hajibhoy in 1959. Then HQ 1 Corps was located at Jhelum.

  3. Enjoyed the anecdote. Excellent.

  4. Arshad Ansari says:

    Nice one sir….

    • Lt Col Zahid Iqbal (r) 76 Fd Regt says:

      The writer is my father-in-law. He never liked gunners but now his son-in-law is a gunner and his son’s father-in-law is also a gunner.

  5. Lt Col Akbar Luqman (retd) ASC. says:

    A real good one. simplicity and respect for elder is framed by the simple office runner.

  6. Col Syed Jamal Hussain Shah (r) says:

    A simple and affectionate anecdote. This was a time when we used to have simple but sincere and faithful sepoys.

  7. Maj (R) Shabbir Ahmad (39th PMA) says:

    What a simple ARMY we used to have.

  8. Maj (R) Zuha Saeed (12 OTS) says:

    Ha ha. My age old batman Khalid, nick-named YAMAHA in the Regt, called my mother “AUNTY” when he met her for the first time.
    Life was easy and we and the men we commanded were simple.
    Pak fauj Zinda baad.

  9. Lt Col (R) Qadeer A Chaudhry, 24 /29 Punjab says:

    Good one. Daftar runner nay Begum Sahiba ka liye new terminology eejaad ki hai. Fauji Bhayoo naya rishta Mubarik.

  10. Lt Col Masood Alam (retd), Air Def (2nd SSC) says:

    Good one. Thank you for taking us back to the old days when we used to face daily jokes by our innocent ORs. But the real tough time must have been faced by our wives.

  11. Brig (R) Sheikh Muhammad Tahir says:

    A fabulous narration to revive our memories.

  12. Lt (R) Azam Gill, France says:

    Thank you for a refreshingly original anecdote, Sir.

  13. Maj (R) Khalid Saeed Shah, Arty says:

    Indeed a good recollection. I appreciate the remarks of sir Salim Gul. KOOZEY MEIN SAMUNDER BAND KAR DIYA HAI.

  14. Salim Gul says:

    Army is a world of its own. It carries within it the most simple of the simpletons to the most notorious of the crooks. The beauty is they all exist together.

  15. Dr. Shaukat Chandna (56th PMA) says:

    Thank you, Sir, for a brilliant anecdote very accurately depicting the simple, and loving nature of our troops. And an excellent riposte for the Begum Saheb from her husband.

    • Brig (R) Sheikh Muhammad Tahir says:

      Dear Chandna,
      How are you and where aer you? Can you mention your cell number or e mail?

      • SHAUKAT CHANDNA says:

        My apologies, Sir, for not responding earlier. Of course, I would be so honored to be reconnected with great people like you, kind courtesy of this wonderful Blog for Army buddies. My number is 00-974-55621437. I am based in Qatar and have been here for slightly over one decade. My email adresses are shaukatchandna@yahoo.com and shaukat.chandna@qccd.net. Would love to hear from you.

        And a big thanks to the creator and editor of this page. Thank you, Sir!

        Regards and God Bless.

  16. Sir,
    Thanks for sharing this anecdote. I will wait for more anecdotes of your tenure as OC MP in Murree in 1976-78, as promised by you. 🙂

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