“My First Pay Slip”

My First Pay Slip.

Editor’s Note: A Pay Slip is a note given to an employee when he has been paid, detailing the amount of pay given and the tax deducted. This is a new segment, titled; ‘My First Pay Slip’, added in Army Blog (Retired Officers) where the very first pay slips of Army officers of Pakistan Army are shown. An Army officer’s pay is sent directly to his bank account and a pay slip is sent to him for his info and record. All officers are welcome to send their First Pay Slips at the email address of the Editor, given at the end of this page.

My First Pay Slip - Photo of Col Parvez Amin Mufti 39th PMA Long Course Pakistan ArmyPA-10603, 2/Lt Parvez Amin Mufti, Ord (39th PMA Long Course)
Passing Out Parade of 39th PMA long Course was held on 19 October 1968. 2/Lt Parvez Amin Mufti received his first pay slip in January 1969 with arrears since October 1968. At that time the basic pay was Rs. 500 and Kit allowance was Rs. 50 only. Parvez Mufti retired as Col.

My First Pay Slip’.

 Pakistan Army Officer's Pay Slip - First Pay Slip Parvez Amin Mufti, 39th PMA Long Course - My First Pay Slip

Please contribute your first pay slip to this segment (My First Pay Slip).

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  1. Parvez Mufti says:

    Stand obliged to all who commented on my 1st pay slip. Certainly it was HUGE amount to spend in Lahore, that is where I was posted first. I was the food member and I recall, daily messing would fluctuate between Rs. 3.25 +- 15 paisa. Mess bill of the month would not go beyond Rs. 120 per month. The food standard was excellent as compared to one which is served now.

  2. My father got a plot of 500 sq yards from CDA Islamabad in sector F 6/1 for Rs 7500, amount to be paid in 4 equal installments. He could not pay the 4th installment. My elder brother Col Feroz Hassan got commission through 38th PMA Long Course. He paid the last installment along with fine when he received his first pay. This I wrote seeing the first payslip of Col Parvez Mufti.

  3. WOW…1969…Now this amount is equal 8 Bahraini Dinar….What a time it was. Thanks for sharing Col Mufti and thanks uncle Cheema…best regards.

  4. Parvez Mufti says:

    Dear Rashid Zia Cheema,
    Thanx for placing my 1st Pay Slip on your website.

  5. Major (R) Mujib Aftab, 2nd SSC says:

    Col Parvez Mufti,
    Sir, You got a lot of money. This was a very big amount in those days.

    • Pervez Mufti says:

      Dear Maj Mujib,
      Very correct, it was a huge amount to live in Lahore. Total pay Rs. 550, credited in bank Rs. 480 +- 10.
      I was Food Member and I recall daily messing never went beyond Rs. 3 & Paisa 25. Mess bill used to be less than Rs. 120.

  6. Lt Col Masood Alam (Retd), 2nd SSC says:

    Well done!! It’s a good segment. It may also include rare or interesting documents for sharing but I think then it should be password protected.

    • Dear Masood,
      It will be very difficult to convey the password to all the officers. That can be done with a particular Course only. I suggest we may leave the inclusion of rare documents.

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