Quotes about Mother (in English)

Mother Quotes.

Mother Quotes: A mother is the biological female parent of a child. She has a very important role in upbringing and raising of her children. A mother’s lap is a learning place where a child picks up many things before going to the school. Mothers are held in very high esteem in all the religions.

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A Man who treats his Woman like a Princess..

Mother Quotes: "A Man who treats his Woman like a Princess.." - Sayings about Mother

 ‘Mother becomes Grandmother’

Mother Quotes in English: 'Mother becomes Grandmother' - Quotes on Mother

Share it if your MOM is ‘WOW’

Mother Quotes : Share it if your MOM is WOW - Sayings and Quotes for Mothers

Mother’s Lap

Mother Quotes : Mother's lap; the safest place on earth - Sayings and Quotes about Mother

Motherhood: Heaven and Hell at One Place

Quotes about Mothers: Motherhood, Heaven and Hell at one place - Mother Quotes & Sayings

“No Gift to your Mother can ever equal,……” 

Quotes for Mothers: "No Gift to your Mother can ever equal, her Gift to you" - Mother Quotes

“….I owe to my angel Mother” – Abraham Lincoln

Mother Quotes -"I owe to my angel Mother", Abraham Lincoln - Sayings & Quotes on Mothers


Quote about Mother: “The Best Academy….”

 Quotes about Mothers: "The best Academy, a mother's knee." - Sayings & Mother Quotes

Henry Ward Beecher: “What the Mother Sings to the Cradle…….”

Mother Quotes & Sayings: Quote by Henry Ward Beecher: "What the mother sings to the cradle goes all the way down to the coffin."

Spanish Proverb about Mother

Mother Quotes & Sayings: "An ounce of Mother is worth a ton of Priest", Spanish Proverb - Quotes for Mother

Quote by Terri Guillemets About Mama-hug 

Mother Quotes & Sayings: Quote by Terri Guillemets; "There’s nothing like a mama-hug" - Famous Quotes on Mother

 Being a full-time Mother…….Payment is Pure Love

Quotes about Mothers: "Being a full-time mother...payment is Pure Love." - Mother Quotes

In the Eyes of a Mother

 Mother Quotes & Sayings: Moorish Proverb; "Every beetle is a Gazelle in the eyes of its mother" - Famous Quotes about Mother

Mother Quotes: “It’s Not Easy Being a Mother.”

Mother Quotes & Sayings: "It’s not easy being a mother ('The Golden Girls' )- Famous Quotes about Mother

By the time a woman realizes her Mother was right….

Quotes about Mothers: "By the time a woman realizes her Mother was right" - Mother Quotes


Mother Quotes: Henry Ward Beecher about The Mother’s Heart 

Mother Quotes & Sayings: Quote by Henry Ward Beecher: "The Mother's heart is the child's school-room." - Famous Quotes about Mother

‘Mom – the Person Most Likely to Write an Autobiography and …..’. Courtsey: www.robertbrault.com

 Mother Quotes : "Mom – the person most likely to write an autobiography and never mention herself" - Quotes on Mother

Quote by T. DeWitt Talmage: “Mother – that was the Bank….”

 Mother Quotes : Mother – that was the Bank where we deposited all our Hurts and Worries" - Quotes about Moms

A Mother is she who can take the Place of all others…..

Quotes about Mothers: A mother can take the place of all others - Mother Quotes | Mom Quotes

A Mom is With You

Mother Quotes - Mom is with You in Spirit & in Love - Quotes about Moms

Hurricane in its Perfect Power

Mother Quotes : My mother is hurricane in its perfect power - Famous Sayings & Quotes about Mothers

Mother Quotes: A Proverb: ‘Mother is a Verb……’

 Mother Quotes : Mother is a Verb, not a Noun - Famous Sayings and Quotes on Mother

A Man Loves His Mother the Longest ~ Irish Proverb 

Quotes about Mother: Irish Proverb: A man loves his Mother the longest - Best Mother Quotes

A Freudian Slip is When You Say One Thing But Mean Your Mother.  ~Author Unknown . (A Freudian Slip is a mistake in speech that shows what the speaker is truly thinking. Example: He meant to say “I’m glad you’re here,” but what came out was a Freudian slip: “I’m mad you’re here.” Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary).

Mother Quotes : "A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother" - Quotes about Mother

Mother Quotes: Definition of a Sweater

Mother Quotes : "Sweater: a garment worn by child when its mother is feeling chilly" - Quotes on Mom

Mother Quotes: Quote by Robert Brault: ‘A Mom Reads You Like a Book…. ‘

Mother Quotes : "A mom reads you like a book.." - Famous Quotes about Mother - Quotes on Mom
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    I love my Mother and I believe that she is the best Mother of the world.

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    My mother is safe hand by my Allah.

  4. Shumaila Mumtaz says:

    I got to know about the true feelings of mothers, when I myself became a mother!!!

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    Mom is mom, no one can explain it……………..love you mom.

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