Poetry on Mother (Urdu)

A mother (Mom or mum) is a woman who gives birth to a child and then raises that child. A mother is a symbol of sacrifice and has a challenging role in the life of every child. This page is dedicated to all the mothers and contains a collection of heart touching  poems about mothers. These mother poems are very inspiring.

Payari Maa mujhko teri Dua chahiye

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Payari Maa mujhko teri dua chahiye - Poetry for Mothers

Meri Maa ki Duaaen 

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Meri Maa ki Duaaen - Poetry for Mothers

A Mother’s Dua is Not Rejected

Poems about Mother in Urdu: A Mother's Dua is not rejected - Poetry for Mothers

Hifazat ki Lakeerain 

Poems about Mother in Urdu: "Hifazat ki Lakeerain" - Poetry for Mothers

Maa Jinn Ki Zinda Hoti Hai, Woh Bohat Khushnaseeb Hotay Hain 

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Maa jinn ki zinda hoti hai, woh bohat khushnaseeb hotay hain - Heart touching mother poem, Poems for Mothers

Maa kabhi bad-dua nahi deti 

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Maa kabhi bad-dua nahi deti - Poetry for Mothers

Effect of Mother’s ‘Dua’

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Maa ki duaaoun ka asar - Poetry for Mothers

Saari Zindagi Maa Kay Naam Karta Hoon

Best quotes, sayings about Mothers - Saari zindagi maa kay naam karta hoon - Best Poems about Mothers

Waqt-e-Rukhsat mathay pay Dua

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Waqt-e-Rukhsat mathay pay Dua - Poetry for Mothers

My Mother Didn’t Sleep Since Long

When Mother is No More

Mother’s Heart

Dear Mother, My Win is Because of You

‘Azeem Maa’

Aye Maa Mujhay Neend Nahi Aati 

Best Poems about Mothers: Aye Maa mujhay neend nahi aati - Heart touching Poems about Mothers

Pyari Maa Mujhko Teri Dua Chahiye. Ones who truly love their mothers, will listen to this poem with teary eyes.

Maa Kay Naam. A poem about mother.

A heart touching Urdu poem about mother. A mother is concerned about a child till her death.

Mother-My Life, My Happiness, My Love

An Urdu poem about mother Mother:My Life, My Happiness, My Love,the mother weeps for the sorrow of her children

To a Mother

Maa Kay Naam’

Don’t Misbehave With Mother

A Mother’s Heart

Maa Tum Kahan Ho,Ttumhain Dhoondta Hoon 

Best Poems about Mothers: Maa tum kahan ho, tumhain dhoondta hoon - Best quotes, sayings about Mothers

A Poem for Mother. Mother is a source of comfort. She helps her children in times of trouble.

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  1. Umul Banin says:

    This is all very wonderful poetry.

  2. Firoz Anwer Ashrafi says:

    I like all the poems, these are really heart-touching.

  3. My mother is my dream!!

  4. I love my mother. She is the most precious relation in my life….may God give her long life, Ameen.

  5. Sahmaila Naveed says:

    My mother is my life; I love my mother.
    Meray liye dunia mein Allah ka sub say anmole gift meri maa hai; I love my mother so much!!

  6. Saqlain Aftab says:

    I love my mom very much!!

  7. Tum nay toh meray moon ki baat he lay le haye!!!!!
    YOU ARE RIGHT !!!!

  8. This poem (“Hum jugnoo thay, hum tittli thay..”) is heart touching, it is wow, awesome!!!!!!!