Poetry on Mother (Urdu)

A mother (Mom or mum) is a woman who gives birth to a child and then raises that child. A mother is a symbol of sacrifice and has a challenging role in the life of every child. This page is dedicated to all the mothers and contains a collection of heart touching  poems about mothers. These mother poems are very inspiring.

 Maa ki Dua Zindagi banaa day gi

Poem about Mother - Maa ki Dua zindagi banaa day gi - Poetry for Mothers in Urdu

Maa kay Bicharnay kay Baad 

Poem about Mother - Maa kay Bicharnay kay Baad - Poetry for Mothers in Urdu

Meri Waraasat, Meri Maa 

Poem about Mother - "Meri waraasat, meri maa" - Poetry for Mothers in Urdu

Yaad aa Jaati Hai Maa

Poems about Mother - Yaad aa jaati hai Maa - Poetry for Mothers in Urdu

Pyar aur Mamta 

Poems about Mother : Pyar aur Mamta - Poetry for Mothers in Urdu

Aik Muddat say meri Maa nahi soye TabishRead the complete Ghazal………

Poetry on Mother - Aik muddat say meri maa nahi soye Tabish - Mother poems in Urdu

Maa Kabhi Lote Kay Nahi Aati

Poems about Mother : Maa kabhi lote kay nahi aati - Poetry for Mothers in Urdu

Payari Maa mujhko teri Dua Chahiye

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Payari Maa mujhko teri dua chahiye - Poetry for Mothers

Meri Maa ki Duaaen 

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Meri Maa ki Duaaen - Poetry for Mothers

A Mother’s Dua is Not Rejected

Poems about Mother in Urdu: A Mother's Dua is not rejected - Poetry for Mothers

Hifazat ki Lakeerain 

Poems about Mother in Urdu: "Hifazat ki Lakeerain" - Poetry for Mothers

Maa Jinn Ki Zinda Hoti Hai, Woh Bohat Khushnaseeb Hotay Hain 

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Maa jinn ki zinda hoti hai, woh bohat khushnaseeb hotay hain - Heart touching mother poem, Poems for Mothers

Maa kabhi bad-dua nahi deti 

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Maa kabhi bad-dua nahi deti - Poetry for Mothers

Effect of Mother’s ‘Dua’

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Maa ki duaaoun ka asar - Poetry for Mothers

Saari Zindagi Maa Kay Naam Karta Hoon

Best quotes, sayings about Mothers - Saari zindagi maa kay naam karta hoon - Best Poems about Mothers

Waqt-e-Rukhsat mathay pay Dua

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Waqt-e-Rukhsat mathay pay Dua - Poetry for Mothers

Mother’s Heart

“Maa Kay Naam”, Poem on Mother by Wasi Shah 

Poems about Mother - Maa kay Naam, poem by Wasi Shah - Poetry for Mothers in Urdu

Dear Mother, My Win is Because of You

‘Azeem Maa’

Aye Maa Mujhay Neend Nahi Aati 

Best Poems about Mothers: Aye Maa mujhay neend nahi aati - Heart touching Poems about Mothers

Pyari Maa Mujhko Teri Dua Chahiye. Ones who truly love their mothers, will listen to this poem with teary eyes.

Maa Kay Naam. A poem about mother.

A heart touching Urdu poem about mother. A mother is concerned about a child till her death.

Mother-My Life, My Happiness, My Love

An Urdu poem about mother Mother:My Life, My Happiness, My Love,the mother weeps for the sorrow of her children

To a Mother

A Mother’s Heart

Maa Tum Kahan Ho,Ttumhain Dhoondta Hoon 

Best Poems about Mothers: Maa tum kahan ho, tumhain dhoondta hoon - Best quotes, sayings about Mothers

A Poem for Mother. Mother is a source of comfort. She helps her children in times of trouble.

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  1. Moin Khattak says:

    Aik mudat se meri maa nahi soyi Tabish
    Mein ne aik baar kaha tha mujhey darr lagta hai.

  2. Aly Shahid says:

    Ya Allah!!
    Hum sub kay maa baap ko sehat aur zindagi atta farma aur unka saya hum per humesha qaem rakh. Ameen.
    I love you ammi papa!!

  3. MAGHA RAM says:

    I love my mother very much because she gave me every thing in the world.

  4. Dr. Rais Samdani says:

    No one in the world is like mother. I always miss my mother who left us on 4 Sept 2009.
    Nice poetry about Maa.

  5. Zzargham Abbas says:

    I miss you my mom.

  6. Arooj Raheel says:

    I love this poetry and my nano is dead that’s why I opened this website.

  7. Shazia Munawar says:

    I love my mother so much, Allah meri maa ko hmesha hamaray saron pay salamat rkhay aur unko sehat tandrusti atta karay, Aameen sum Aameen.

  8. Syed Shakir says:

    There is no true Love in the world I think except your parents and family….and Specially Mother. I Love My Ammi. May Allah bless you and all the Mothers of the world with long life, Aameen.

  9. Natho Dotani says:

    Meri merhooma Maa, Walid, bhai aur sub Muslmano kay liye khusoosy Gua ki iltijja hai.

  10. Shah Zaib says:

    Maa to cheez hee aisi hoti hai!!

  11. Hemraj Raj says:

    I love my mother very much!!

  12. Zakriya Shabandri says:

    Wirasat mein milay ghar kisi ko, kisi kay hissay mein dukaan aye,
    Tamanna meri bus yeh hai kay mairay hissay mein maa aye.

  13. I love you payari ammi!!

  14. Iqra Khan says:

    I love you my ammi jan!!

  15. Arshad Mahmood says:

    Maawaan thandiyaan chaawaan!!

  16. Kashif Qadri says:

    Ammi Jan, mujhay abb tak yaqeen nahi ho raha kay aap mujhay chorr ker chali gae hain. I miss you a lot with my every breath, I love you very much!!

  17. Khawaja Ehsan Ahmed says:

    My first and last love is my mother!!

  18. Aiman Raza says:

    I love my parents!!

  19. Afshan Mehmood says:

    Mom, I miss you but I know you are in heaven and in no more in pain.

  20. my mother passedaway 13th may.my heart is still sad.i love u amma jani i miss you lots.God bless you in heaven.ameen.

  21. Amber Mushtaque says:

    I love you mom.
    My mother is ill, please pray for my mother. Allah give her long healthy and happy life, Ameen.

    • Amjad Malik says:

      ALLAH unhain sehat day or unka saaya hamesha app kay sir per qaim rakhay, ameen.
      Aye ALLAH, jinn ki mothers hain, unko mothers ki qadr karnay ki toufeeq day aur hum jesson ko jinn ki nahi hain un kay liye dua-e-maghfarit ki toufeeq atta farma, ameen.
      I miss you a lot mom, every time.

  22. Khalid Aftab says:

    I misss you dear mother. What I would give, to hear your sweet voice call out my name. NOTHING in this world could be of more significance. May Allah tallah bless you and reunite us in Jannat, Ameen.

  23. Missing my mother alooot.maaa tm kaha chli gai

  24. It is really very nice poetry about mother.

  25. I love my mother. She contributes in my education, school, teaches me what is good and what is bad, teaches me respect. I love my mothe, she is very nice.

  26. Hafiz Muhammad Ijaz says:

    Parents are the great blessing of Allah in the world. Both personalities spend their lives for us. Each and every thing sacrifice for us but never demand from us. May Allah shower His countless blessing on my parents and rests their soul in Jannat-ul-Firdous, Ameeen.

  27. Khubaib Khan Lodhi says:

    I love you Mom and Dad.

  28. Syed Ali Hussain says:

    After the demise of my mother, I am alone in this universe, waiting for death to meet her again & have a deep hug….. Love you Ammi!!!

  29. Muhammad Awais Abid says:

    I love Maa and so miss you, God bless you and may you live long.

    Sari zindgi Maa kay naam karta Hoon — Mein khud ko Maa ka Ghulam karta hoon,
    Jino nay ki zindgi ulad pay nisar — Jo hain Maain unko salam karta hoon,
    Jahan dekhta hoon lafz Maa likha huwa — choomta hoon us ka ahtram karta hoon,
    Meri zuban ko mil jati hai mithas — Jab bhi Maa say kalam Karta hoon.

  30. Asad Ali Khan says:

    I love my mother so much………

  31. Nazish Faisal says:

    I love my mother and father too. Allah bless them and all world’s parents, Aameen!!

  32. Talha Raza says:

    Mein dunya ki tamaam maaon ko kheraj-e-tehseen paish karta hoon (I love my mother).

  33. iai Ahmed says:

    Aye Allah! Hamaray maan baap ko salamat rakhna, un ko sehat aur lambi umar atta farma, un ka saaya hamesha hamaray saron pay qaim rahey…Aameen.

  34. Atif Mehmood says:

    Maa tujhay salam!!!

  35. All this poetry is really ammzing. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Areeba Fatima says:

    I love my mother very much because she gave me every thing in the world.

  37. Shaista Awan says:

    I love my mom and all this poetry about mother is really awesome!!

  38. This poetry is also for Mothers:
    “Mutt chalao sakht rawaeeya uss maan per, jiss nay tumhein bolna sikhaya!!!!!!!!”

  39. Zainab Khan says:

    Meri taraf say sub mothers ko Salam. I love you mom!!

  40. I love my mother, she is everything for me. She is my life. I also love my father. May Allah give both of them long life (Ameen).

  41. Toheed ur Rehman says:

    My Mother is my love, my life, my success!!

  42. Umul Banin says:

    This is all very wonderful poetry.

  43. Firoz Anwer Ashrafi says:

    I like all the poems, these are really heart-touching.

  44. My mother is my dream!!

  45. I love my mother. She is the most precious relation in my life….may God give her long life, Ameen.

  46. Sahmaila Naveed says:

    My mother is my life; I love my mother.
    Meray liye dunia mein Allah ka sub say anmole gift meri maa hai; I love my mother so much!!

  47. Saqlain Aftab says:

    I love my mom very much!!

  48. Tum nay toh meray moon ki baat he lay le haye!!!!!
    YOU ARE RIGHT !!!!

  49. This poem (“Hum jugnoo thay, hum tittli thay..”) is heart touching, it is wow, awesome!!!!!!!

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