Poetry on Mother (Urdu)

A mother (Mom or mum) is a woman who gives birth to a child and then raises that child. A mother is a symbol of sacrifice and has a challenging role in the life of every child. This page is dedicated to all the mothers and contains a collection of heart touching  poems about mothers. These mother poems are very inspiring.

Maa kay Qaddam

Poem about Mother - "Maa kay Qaddam" - Poetry for Mothers in Urdu

 Maa ki Dua Zindagi banaa day gi

Poem about Mother - Maa ki Dua zindagi banaa day gi - Poetry for Mothers in Urdu

Maa kay Bicharnay kay Baad 

Poem about Mother - Maa kay Bicharnay kay Baad - Poetry for Mothers in Urdu

Meri Waraasat, Meri Maa 

Poem about Mother - "Meri waraasat, meri maa" - Poetry for Mothers in Urdu

Yaad aa Jaati Hai Maa

Poems about Mother - Yaad aa jaati hai Maa - Poetry for Mothers in Urdu

Pyar aur Mamta 

Poems about Mother : Pyar aur Mamta - Poetry for Mothers in Urdu

Aik Muddat say meri Maa nahi soye TabishRead the complete Ghazal………

Poetry on Mother - Aik muddat say meri maa nahi soye Tabish - Mother poems in Urdu

Maa Kabhi Lote Kay Nahi Aati

Poems about Mother : Maa kabhi lote kay nahi aati - Poetry for Mothers in Urdu

Payari Maa mujhko teri Dua Chahiye

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Payari Maa mujhko teri dua chahiye - Poetry for Mothers

Meri Maa ki Duaaen 

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Meri Maa ki Duaaen - Poetry for Mothers

A Mother’s Dua is Not Rejected

Poems about Mother in Urdu: A Mother's Dua is not rejected - Poetry for Mothers

Hifazat ki Lakeerain 

Poems about Mother in Urdu: "Hifazat ki Lakeerain" - Poetry for Mothers

Maa Jinn Ki Zinda Hoti Hai, Woh Bohat Khushnaseeb Hotay Hain 

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Maa jinn ki zinda hoti hai, woh bohat khushnaseeb hotay hain - Heart touching mother poem, Poems for Mothers

Maa kabhi bad-dua nahi deti 

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Maa kabhi bad-dua nahi deti - Poetry for Mothers

Effect of Mother’s ‘Dua’

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Maa ki duaaoun ka asar - Poetry for Mothers

Saari Zindagi Maa Kay Naam Karta Hoon

Best quotes, sayings about Mothers - Saari zindagi maa kay naam karta hoon - Best Poems about Mothers

Waqt-e-Rukhsat mathay pay Dua

Poems about Mother in Urdu: Waqt-e-Rukhsat mathay pay Dua - Poetry for Mothers

Mother’s Heart

“Maa Kay Naam”, Poem on Mother by Wasi Shah 

Poems about Mother - Maa kay Naam, poem by Wasi Shah - Poetry for Mothers in Urdu

Dear Mother, My Win is Because of You

‘Azeem Maa’

Aye Maa Mujhay Neend Nahi Aati 

Best Poems about Mothers: Aye Maa mujhay neend nahi aati - Heart touching Poems about Mothers

Pyari Maa Mujhko Teri Dua Chahiye. Ones who truly love their mothers, will listen to this poem with teary eyes.

Maa Kay Naam. A poem about mother.

A heart touching Urdu poem about mother. A mother is concerned about a child till her death.

Mother-My Life, My Happiness, My Love

An Urdu poem about mother Mother:My Life, My Happiness, My Love,the mother weeps for the sorrow of her children

To a Mother

A Mother’s Heart

Maa Tum Kahan Ho,Ttumhain Dhoondta Hoon 

Best Poems about Mothers: Maa tum kahan ho, tumhain dhoondta hoon - Best quotes, sayings about Mothers

A Poem for Mother. Mother is a source of comfort. She helps her children in times of trouble.

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  1. Sofia Samreen says:

    Very nice poems and I love you Mom.

  2. ALLAH sub kay maa baap hamesha salamat rakhey, aameen.

  3. Sardar Taj Mahar says:

    Love you mom.

  4. Mehak Ch. says:

    I love my mom.

  5. Ismail Khan says:

    I love my mom very much.

  6. Ab tou mitti say baat ker layta hoon, yaad jub aati hai teri. I love Maa Jee, Allah aap ko Jannat may jagah day, (Aameen).

  7. Mazhar Butt says:

    Allah kay siwa koi daata nahi aur maa jaisa naata nahi.

  8. Kinza Mukhtar says:

    I love meri peyari maa. Allah meri maa ko Jannat me jagah de, Aameen!!

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