Poetry on Mother (Punjabi)

‘Maa Bajoon Hun Kuj Nahi Labdha’

Poem about Mother - "Maa Bajoon hun kuj nahi labdha" - Poetry on Mothers in Punjabi

Maa tay Aakhir Maa Hondi aye’ 

Poem about Mother - "Maa tay Aakhir Maa Hondi aye" - Poetry on Mothers in Punjabi

‘Jiss Ghar Maa Nahi Hondi’

Poem about Mother - "Jiss ghar Maa nahi hondi, ous ghar chaan nahi hondi" - Poetry for Mothers in Punjabi

“Maawaan Thandian Chaawaan”

Poems about Mother in Punjabi :"Maawaan thandian chaawaan" - Poetry for Mothers

‘Uchian Lamian Taalian, Tay Ghanian Jinaan Dian Chawaan’

Poems about Mother in Punjabi :"Nahi labhdiyaan Sajnaan Maawaan" - Poetry for Mothers

Maaye nee kinoo Aakhaan, Dard Vichoray da Haal.This is the original poetry of Shah Hussain. In the songs and remakes, a few words have been added unnecessarily. The complete Kafi can be read by clicking at “Mai Nee…”

Poems about Mother in Punjabi :"Maaye nee kinoo aakhaan, Dard vichoray da haal" - Poetry for Mothers

“Mawaan baad Muhammad Baksha! koun karay rakhwali?” 

Poems about Mother in Punjabi : "Mawaan baad Muhammad Baksha! koun karay rakhwali?" - Poetry for Mothers

 “Maa kay Jaanay kay Baad” 

Poems about Mother in Punjabi : "Maa kay jaanay kay baad" - Poetry for Mothers

‘Ambri’ (Mother): A Heart touching Poem by Anwar Masood. This poem will bring tears in the eyes of everyone who knows the value of a mother. A school boy, Akram, beats his mother and runs for the school without having his breakfast. She goes to the house of his son’s school mate with a face bruised blue, and a  swollen hand. She has tears in her eyes, and blood on her lips. She says, ”My sweet Bashir. Do me a favor. Please take this food to the school for my Akram. He was angry when he left, upset with me.”

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  1. what is this????The title is written in punjabi and here it is URDU……

  2. Sohail Ashraf Chaudhary says:

    i have lost my mother seventh months before that is big loss in my life,my mother is the best in the world,Maa ji come back, please meet me in my dream,please

  3. Qaiser Khalil says:

    Beautiful collection of poetry and visuals. May Allah Bless all mothers who are with their children and who have left for the heavens. Ameen

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