Mother-in-Law Jokes (in Urdu & Punjabi)

‘Aaj Kal ki Larkiyan’

Funny Jokes in Urdu - Aaj Kal ki Larkiyan - Mother-in-Law Urdu Jokes

Rangar eats Saag for 7 Days

Funny Jokes in Urdu - Rangar eats Saag for 7 Days - Mother-in-Law Jokes in Urdu Jokes

Ishtehaar-e-Gumshudgi for Wife

Punjabi Jokes - Wife lost ad in newspaper - Mother-in-Law Humor & Jokes in Punjabi

Demands of Every Saas and Bahoo before Marriage

Demands of every Saas and Bahoo - Funny Mother-in-Law Jokes & Humor in Urdu

The Beggar who was dealt with two Women

Funny Jokes in Urdu - Beggar dealt with two women - Mother-in-Law Jokes in Urdu Jokes

Funny Couplet by a Married Girl

Funny Mother-in-Law Jokes in Urdu : Funny Couplet by a married girl


A Fauji Buys Cinema Tickets for His in-laws for Sunday

Funny Mother-in-Law Jokes in Urdu : Husband buys cinema tickets for his in-laws for Sunday

Why the Wife Rings Her Husband Daily from Her Parent’s House?

Funny Mother-in-Law Jokes in Urdu : Why the wife rings her husband daily from her Parents house?

Son-in-law’s Complaint about His Lazy Wife

Funny Jokes in Punjabi : Son-in-law complains about his lazy wife - Mother-in-Law Jokes

Tit for Tat: Two Eyes and 32 Teeth

Urdu Jokes: Tit for tat; 2 eyes and 32 teeth - Jokes about Mother-in-Law

Kadoo Shareef. A mother-in-law wanted to cook kadoo for her son-in-law.

Urdu Jokes: Mother-in-law wanted to cook 'Kadoo' for her son-in-law - Mother-in-Law Jokes

A Girl’s Dua Before Marriage about Her Mother-in-Law

Punjabi Jokes: A girl's dua before marriage about her Mother-in-law - Jokes about Mother-in-Law

Mother-in-Law’s Habit of Joking

Urdu Jokes: Mother-in-law's habit of joking - Jokes about Mother-in-Law

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  1. nice displayed ★ touching today problem

  2. Her larki kay dil ki aawazain……..zabardast jokes!!

  3. These are very funny jokes. All the best.

  4. Manjhee Derawala (Canada) says:

    I had thought only the English speaking people were wary of their mother-in-laws. Aey taan Punjab ya Punjabi wich we aihee haal aey…..Allah reham karey sussaan day haal tay.

  5. Maj (R) Rehmat Elahi says:

    Nicely displayed. Touching today’s problem!!!!

  6. Major (R) Munir Ahmed says:

    Dear Rashid Cheema, These are fantastic jokes. Thank you for sharing.

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