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Prophets Names Mentioned in Quran: The following are named as Prophets in the Quran:-
1. Adam (A.S) آدم
2. Idris (A.S)إدريس
3. Noah (A.S)نوح
4. Hud (A.S)هود
5. Saleh (A.S)صالح
6. Abraham (A.S)ابراهيم
7. Lut (A.S)لوط
8. Ismail (A.S)اسماعيل
9. Isaac (A.S.) اسحاق
10. Yaqub (A.S)(Jacob) يعقوب
11. Yusuf (A.S)(Joseph) يوسف
12. Ayyub (A.S) (Job) أيوب
13. Shoaib (A.S) (Jethro) شعيب
14. Musa (A.S) (Moses) موسى
15. Harun (A.S) (Aaron) هارون
16. Dhul-Kifl (A.S)(Ezekiel) ذو الكفل
17. Daud (A.S)(David) داود
18. Sulayman (A.S) (Solomon) سليمان
19. Ilyas (A.S) (Elijah) إلياس
20. Al-Yasa (A.S) (Elisha) اليسع
21. Yunus (A.S) (Jonah) يونس
22. Zakariya (A.S) (Zechariah) زكريا
23. Yahya (A.S) (John the Baptist) يحيى
24. Isa (A.S) (Jesus) عيسى
25. Muhammad (Sallahu Alaihi Wasallam) محمد

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