Merasi Jokes (in Urdu & Punjabi)

It is a collection of funny Merasi jokes. These Merasi jokes are not meant to hurt the feelings of any community. Merasi tribe is well known for their witty retorts and the aspect of their jesting is evident in these jokes. Merasis (or Mirasis) are an inherent part of the village culture in Punjab. They are extremely witty and very good entertainers. One can still watch their performance at weddings in the rural areas but their role in the cities is no more in vogue and this tradition is fading out very fast and may become extinct in the near future.

A Merasi was Recruited in the British Indian Army during Second World War

Merasi Jokes : A Merasi recruited in Army in Second World War - Funny Mirasi Jokes

A ‘Wise’ Merasi in the Army

Village Jokes of Merasi : A 'Wise' Merasi in the Army - Funny Mirasi Jokes

A Merasi was asked to Massage the Horse of Chaudhry. Instead of massaging the horse the Mirasi went to sleep and during his deep slumber the horse was stolen by the thieves. When the Merasi got up in the morning he found the horse missing. To avoid the wrath of Chaudhry he started massaging a rabbit and when the Chaudhry came and asked him about the whereabouts of  his horse, the witty Merasi told him, “I have massaged the horse all night, it has now shrunk to the size of a rabbit”.

Funny Merasi Jokes : Merasi Massages the Horse of Chaudhry - Mirasi Jokes in Punjabi

A Charsi Merasi donates his Eyes

Funny Merasi Jokes : Eyes donation by a Charsi Merasi - Mirasi Jokes , Punjabi Jokes


One Kilo Karailay

Funny Merasi Jokes in Punjabi : Merasi buys Karailay - Mirasi Jokes

Roza daar Merasi and FM Radio 

Punjabi Jokes about Merasi : Roza, Merasi and FM Radio - Funny Mirasi Jokes

An Injured Merasi

Merasi Jokes : A Merasi needs stitches on his head - Mirasi Jokes in Punjabi

Dou ka Pahara

Merasi Jokes in Punjabi : Merasi's son and Dou ka Pahara - Funny Mirasi Jokes

Merasi’s Son wants to Marry an abusive Girl

Punjabi Jokes : Merasi's son to Marry an abusive Girl - Merasi Jokes

Merasi asked Chaudhry for Rishta

Merasi Jokes in Punjabi : Merasi asks Chaudhry for rishta - Funny Mirasi Jokes

A Merasi Judge and a Mirasi Thief

Funny Merasi Jokes : A Merasi Judge and a Mirasi Thief - Punjabi Jokes

Neighbor of Merasi throws Shoe whenever he Sings

Punjabi Jokes : Merasi sings, Neighbo throws shoe - Funny Merasi Jokes

Wife of a Merasi Gets Fever 

Punjabi Jokes, Merasi Humour: Wife of a Merasi gets fever - Merasi Jokes

Aik Merasi Nay Roza Rakha

Funny Merasi Jokes : A Merasi keeps Roza (Fast) - Funny Mirasi Jokes in Punjabi

Poli Poli Dholki at the Death Bed

Merasi Jokes in Punjabi - Poli Poli Dholki at the death bed - Merasi Humor

Lottery of Rs. 5 Crore, A Girl Jokes with a Merasi 

Urdu Jokes : Merasi and Rs. 5 Crore Lottery - Funny Merasi Jokes

A Merasi was Smoking an unlit Cigarette

Punjabi Jokes : A Merasi was smoking an unlit cigarette - Funny Merasi Jokes

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