Men and Women Jokes (Urdu & Punjabi)

‘Dukh Dard ki Saathi’

Funny Urdu Jokes : Dukh Dard ki Saathi - Men & Women Jokes in Urdu

‘Paaoun ki Jooti’

Funny Urdu Jokes : 'Paaoun ki Jooti' - Men & Women Jokes in Urdu

Kharra Such’

Funny Urdu Jokes : 'Kharra Such' for quit smoking - Men & Women Jokes in Urdu

‘The Typist’

Funny Urdu Jokes : 'The Typist' - Men & Women Jokes in Urdu

A Girl’s ‘Demand’ for a CHAPPAL

Funny Jokes in Urdu & Punjabi : A Girl's 'Demand' for a CHAPPAL - Men & Women Jokes

Weak Eye Sight

Funny Jokes in Urdu : "Weak Eye sight" - Men & Women Jokes

Koun Zayada Mazloom, Mard ya Aurat?

Jokes in Urdu : "Koun Zayada Mazloom, Mard ya Aurat?" - Men & Women Jokes


“Masoomiyat ka Shahkaar” (Masterpiece of Innocence)

Jokes in Urdu :"Masoomiyat ka Shahkaar" (Masterpiece of Innocence) - Men & Women Jokes

‘Chand’ aur Taaray

Jokes in Urdu : 'Chand' aur Taaray - Men & Women Jokes

Boy to Girl, “I am in love with you totally.”

Jokes in Urdu : Boy to Girl, "I am in love with you totally" - Men & Women Jokes

A Tragic Message from Bachelors

Jokes in Urdu : A Tragic Message from bachelors - Men & Women Jokes

Girl Friend aur Samosay

Jokes in Urdu : "Girl Friend aur Samosay" - Men & Women Jokes

Crow on the Roof Top 

Jokes in Punjabi : Crow on the roof top - Men & Women Jokes

‘Anoukhi Shakaayat’

Jokes in Punjabi : Anoukhi Shakaayat (Strange Complaint) by a village girl - Men & Women Jokes

Girl making Salad and Chutni in the Kitchen

Jokes in Urdu : Girl makes Chutni & Salad in the Kitchen - Men & Women Jokes

Boy Wanted to Impress the Girl with his English Vocabulary

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Never try to impress a girl with your English -  Men & Women Jokes

Boy asks a Girl about the colour of her Dress

Men and Women Jokes - Boy asks a girl about the colour of her dress - Urdu Jokes

A Boy and a Girl Were Sitting in a Park 

Men and Women Humour in Urdu - A Boy and a Girl were sitting in a Park when an elderly neighbor located them - Best Men & Women Jokes

A Boy Praises the Eyes, Hair and Voice of a Girl

  Men and Women Humour in Urdu - A boy praises the eyes, hair and voice of a girl. She says,"Abb chorro bhi!" - Best Men & Women Jokes

“Aggar Larkian naa Hoteen, Tou Tum Larkay Kahan Jatay?”

Men and Women Humour in Urdu - A girl asks a boy, "Aggar Larkian naa Hoteen, tou tum larkay kahan jatay?" - Best Men & Women Jokes

Boy to Girl; “When I Miss You, I Eat Your Favourite Chocolates” 

  Men and Women Humour in Urdu - Girl to Boy; "When I miss you, I smoke two Gold Leaf cigarettes" - Best Men & Women Jokes

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