“Mazdoor Ki Eid”, a poem by Qaiser Khalil

 Editor’s Note: Qaiser Khalil is a Karachi based poet and painter. Here is a poem which he has especially written for Native Pakistan.

Poets of Karachi : Urdu Poem, "Mazdoor ki Eid" by Qaisar Khalil - Karachi Blog


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  1. Kausar Perveen says:

    I like the poem. It is a true picture of our society.

  2. Lt Col (R) Zafar Mustafa says:

    Poet has expressed the feelings of 99.999% Pakistanis. But what do we do with our oppressors? Shoud’nt they change their exploitative methods before people unite to get rid of them ?

  3. It is touching, only QK could write it. زبردست
    It rejects nationalisation theory.

  4. Rashid Zia Cheema says:

    Dear QK, it is a very touching poem. Please keep sharing more. الله کرے زورِ قلم اور زیادہ

    • Qaiser Khalil says:

      Thank you Cheema Sb for your love and encouragement.
      میں کوشش کروںگا کہ آپ کے معیار پر پورا اتر سکوں۔

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