Maulvi Jokes

Editor’s Note: These jokes are on the lighter side and should be taken in a positive spirit. These are not meant to hurt the feelings of any community. The term ‘Maulvi’ or ‘Molvi’ here is used in the context of an illiterate person who has zero knowledge of religion but thinks that he is the custodian of religion. You can say that these jokes are about ‘Naam Nehad’  mullahs. The learned ones are referred to as ‘Maulana’ or ‘Allama’ and no one in his right mind can even think of ridiculing them.

Nikkah Fee 

Funny Jokes in Urdu - Nikkah Fee - Funny Jokes about Maulvi

Which is Better; Pistachio Halwa or Almond Halwa?

Molvi Joke - Which is better; Pistachio Halwa or Almond Halwa? - Funny Jokes about Maulvi

Clever Girl and Cleverer Maulvi Sahib

Molvi Joke - Clever Girl and Cleverer Maulvi - Funny Jokes about Maulvi

A Viallager’s Buffalo of enters jn the  Mosque

Molvi Joke - Villager's Buffalo enters a Mosque - Funny Maulvi Jokes

“Apni Hee Biwi”

Molvi Joke - "Puttar! Hore Rozay rakh" - Funny Maulvi Jokes

“Hay” say Halwa

Molvi Joke - "Hay" say Halwa - Funny Maulvi Jokes

“Innocence” of a village Maulvi

Molvi Joke - "Innocence" of a village Maulvi - Funny Maulvi Jokes


Jungle Mein Sher (Lion in the Jungle)

Molvi Jokes - Lion in the Jungle - Funny Maulvi Jokes

Maulvi Sahib Disappoints a Husband

Molvi Jokes - Maulvi Sahib disappoints a Husband who asks for Divorce - Funny Maulvi Jokes

Maulvi Sahib and Sohan Halwa

Funny Jokes in Urdu - Molvi Sahib and Sohan Halwa - Maulvi Jokes

Maulvi Sahib’s Speech Against Lipstick 

Funny Jokes in Urdu - Molvi Sahib's speech against lipstick - Maulvi Jokes

Maulvi Sahib’s Speech in Ramzan 

Maulvi Jokes - Maulvi Sahib's speech during Ramzan - Funny Molvi Jokes

A Maulvi Sahib’s Wife in a Romantic Mood

Maulvi Jokes - A Maulvi's wife in romantic mood asks him to say something sweet - Funny Molvi Jokes

“Maulvi Sahib, Will You Eat Halwa or Murghi?”

Molvi Jokes and Humour - Some one asked a Maulvi Sahib,"Halwa khao gay ya Murghi ?"- Funny Maulvi Jokes and Humour

Argument Between a Witty Maulvi Sahib and a Lawyer 

Maulvi Jokes - Argument between a witty Maulvi Sahib and a Lawyer - Funny Molvi Jokes

Dance in a Night Club in England

Molvi Jokes - A dancing Maulvi in a Night Club in England asked,"Aye kairay Baba Jee da urss ay?" - Funny Maulvi Jokes

What is the Difference Between a Molvi and a Murgha?

Maulvi Jokes - " What is the Difference between a Maulvi and a Murgha?" - Funny Molvi Jokes

A Boy Holding a Live Murgha Met a Maulvi Sahib in the Street

Molvi Jokes - A boy holding a live Murgha met a Maulvi Sahib who snatched it when found that it was for him - Funny Maulvi Jokes

A Crow Snatched Meat from a Maulvi Sahib’s Hand

Molvi Jokes and Humour - A crow snatched meat from a Maulvi Sahib who said "I will announce that crow is Halal" - Funny Maulvi Jokes and Humou

Village Molvi and “Go America Go” Slogans

Maulvi Jokes - "Go America Go" slogans, Village Maulvi wants American visa - Funny Molvi Jokes

A Woman’s Request to an Angel in Janat

Molvi Jokes - A woman requests an angel in Janat to get her married with her husband in the world  - Funny Maulvi Jokes

Is He Dum-darood Wala or Bumb-barood Wala?  

Molvi Jokes and Humour - A little boy saw a Moulvi Sahib in the bus and asked his mother,"Is he Dum-darood wala or Bumb-barood wala?" - Funny Maulvi Jokes and Humour

A Maulvi Sahib Hit a Woman With His Bicycle

Molvi Jokes - A Maulvi hit a woman with his bicycle. She got angry - Funny Maulvi Jokes

Who Wants to Eat Gajjar Halwa Mixed with Chicken Curry?

Molvi Jokes - A Maulvi's wife cooked chicken curry and Gajjar Halwa. Molvi,"Mein halway uttay botian pa kay kha lena aan" - Funny Maulvi Jokes

Niyyat for Qaza Namaz When Day Light Saving Time was Enforced by Musharraf

Maulvi Jokes - Niyyat for Qaza Namaz, Old Musharraf Time - Funny Molvi Jokes

A Man Enters a Mosque with a Sword in Hand to Search a True Muslim 

Molvi Jokes and Humour - A man enters a mosque with a sword in his hand and asks about a true Muslim - Funny Maulvi Jokes and Humour

Maulvi Sahib! Why Do You Sit on the Ground?

Maulvi Jokes - Someone asked a Maulvi "Why do you sit on the ground?" - Funny Molvi Jokes


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