Marriage Jokes (in Urdu & Punjabi)

Marriage Jokes (in Urdu & Punjabi).

‘Souch Badlo, Amdani Barhao’

Funny Jokes in Urdu - 'Souch Badlo, Amdani Barhao' - Urdu Marriage Jokes

Dulha kay Aansoo

Punjabi Jokes - Dulha kay Aansoo - Marriage Jokes

Nikkah Fee Charged by the Maulvi SahibThis Molvi Sahib has a unique principle. He charges nikah fee according to the beauty of the bride.

Marriage Jokes - Nikah Fee charged by Molvi Sahib - Funny Jokes About Married Life - Urdu Jokes

Lucky Boy; as told by Fortune Teller

Funny Jokes in Urdu - Lucky Boy as told by Fortune teller - Urdu Marriage Jokes

Son-in-Law-to-be Plays ‘Chankna’ in Coke Studio

Marriage Jokes - Son-in-Law-to-be plays 'Chankna' in Coke Studio - Funny Jokes About Married Life - Urdu Jokes

A Father’s Sentimental Letter to his Son before his Marriage

Funny Jokes in Urdu - A father's sentimental letter to his son before his marriage - Urdu Marriage Jokes

All Poets MUST Immediately Get MarriedHere is the secret about churning out ‘good’ poetry.

Marriage Jokes - All Poets MUST get married - Funny Jokes About Married Life - Urdu Jokes


One MUST travel around the World before Marriage

Funny Jokes in Urdu - One MUST travel around the World before Marriage - Urdu Marriage Joke

‘Shaadi ki irtaqai Manaazil’

Jokes in Urdu - "Shaadi ki irtaqai Manaazil" - Urdu Marriage Jokes

Till What age are Men Crazy about Second Marriage?

Marriage Jokes - Till what age are men crazy about second marriage?- Funny Jokes About Married Life - Urdu Jokes

Interest of Guests in Pakistani Marriage Parties. It seems to be a correct chart.

Jokes in Urdu - Guests in Pakistani Marriages - Urdu Marriage Jokes

‘Accidents’ Occurring Outside the Factory. The factory owner is absolutely right in saying that any ‘accidents’ occurring outside the factory are not the responsibility of his factory.

Urdu Jokes, Marriage Humour: Marriage is not the Factory's responsibility - Marriage Jokes

‘Gharailoo Aalaat-e-Tashadud’(Domestic Weapons of Torture). These ‘Domestic Weapons of Torture’ (or one may call them as ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’) are invariably present in every house.

Urdu Jokes, Marriage Humour: Gharailoo Aalaat-e-Tashadud (Domestic weapons of torture) - Marriage Jokes

Does Every Mother want a “Bhoot” (Ghost) for her Son?

Urdu Jokes, Marriage Humour: A mother wants a "Bhoot" (Ghost) for her son - Marriage Jokes

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