Marriage Jokes (in Urdu & Punjabi)

Nikkah Fee

Funny Jokes in Urdu - Nikah Fee - Urdu Marriage Jokes

Lucky Boy; as told by Fortune Teller

Funny Jokes in Urdu - Lucky Boy as told by Fortune teller - Urdu Marriage Jokes

Son-in-Law to be Plays ‘Chankna’ in Coke Studio

Funny Jokes in Urdu -  Son-in-Law to be plays 'Chankna' in Coke Studio- Urdu Jokes

A Father’s Sentimental Letter to his Son before his Marriage

Funny Jokes in Urdu - A father's sentimental letter to his son before his marriage - Urdu Marriage Jokes

All Poets MUST Immediately Get Married 

Funny Jokes in Urdu - All Poets MUST get married - Urdu Marriage Jokes

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One MUST travel around the World before Marriage

Funny Jokes in Urdu - One MUST travel around the World before Marriage - Urdu Marriage Joke

‘Shaadi ki irtaqai Manaazil’

Jokes in Urdu - "Shaadi ki irtaqai Manaazil" - Urdu Marriage Jokes

Till What age are men Crazy about Second Marriage?

Urdu Jokes - Till what age are men crazy about second marriage?

Guests in Pakistani Marriages

Jokes in Urdu - Guests in Pakistani Marriages - Urdu Marriage Jokes

Marriage is not the Responsibility of Factory 

Urdu Jokes, Marriage Humour: Marriage is not the Factory's responsibility - Marriage Jokes

 Gharailoo Aalaat-e-Tashadud (Domestic Weapons of Torture) 

Urdu Jokes, Marriage Humour: Gharailoo Aalaat-e-Tashadud (Domestic weapons of torture) - Marriage Jokes

Does Every Mother want a “Bhoot” (Ghost) for her Son?

Urdu Jokes, Marriage Humour: A mother wants a "Bhoot" (Ghost) for her son - Marriage Jokes

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