‘Mae Nay Socha’ (I thought)

By Brig Muhammad Latif (R), Arty (20th War Course)

Muhammad Latif, Brig, Artillery (20th War Course)Editor: Brig Muhammad Latif is from Arty. He got commission on 2 Nov 1969, retired in 2001 and has settled in Rawalpindi.

In 1983 my unit, 12 Medium Regt Arty, was at Malir Cantt. We went out for collective training in Gadap area. Unit MTO, Capt Sadiq Chaudhry (2nd SSC), had placed an order for some MT spares with one of the suppliers in Saddar, Karachi. As the supplier could not deliver the stuff before moving out of the unit, it was arranged that on a fixed day and time he will bring the package at Malir Halt and wait for the unit rep in front of so and so shop.

So Capt Sadiq deputed his MT JCO to go by bus from the exercise area to Malir Halt and meet the supplier in front of so and so shop and collect the package.

Pakistan Army, an Artillery Junior Commissioned OfficerThe MT JCO left in the morning and came back in the evening empty-handed. When asked, his reply was, “Sir I reached Malir Halt in time but did not find the man there. I waited for one hour and he didn’t turn up. So I thought (mae nay socha) that I should go to his shop in Saddar. So I took the bus and went to his shop but it was closed. So I thought (mae nay socha) I should wait for him and kept standing in front of his shop for two hours but he didn’t turn up. Then I thought (mae nay socha) that he might be waiting for me at Malir Halt, so I took the bus and came back to Malir Halt but he was not there. I waited for two hours and when he didn’t turn up, I thought (mae nay socha) that I will miss the last bus to the exercise area, so I came back.”

Capt Sadiq was very furious. His discourse to the JCO was something like this:-

Talk of Capt Sadiq Chaudhry with MT JCO of 12 Med Regt Arty in 1983

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  1. Amjad Majid Abbasi says:

    Very interesting and very typical. Laughed my guts out. 🙂

  2. Dear Brig Latif,
    Here is one from India. Two Flt Cadets one day decided to do unauthorized formation flying. They decided to meet over a certain point. One reached earlier than the other. After circling for a while he transmitted “Bhatu to Gupu, Where are you?”
    The other snapped back, “Hey Bustered don’t say Bhatu to Gupu, say HAMLET TO MAGPET”.
    Their instructor was also hearing them While on ground, he shouted “Hamlet and Magpet don’t take off your parachutes.
    See that Hangar “just go around it Hamlet and Magpet follow Hamlet at the double.

  3. Col Hashmat Abbas (r) says:

    A real soldier’s way .. Well done Sadiq. 🙂

  4. Arshad Rahat Ansari says:

    Nice one sir.
    I had a batman who used to say “mein tidhon sochya” (I thought from my guts)…..it was so frustrating…he would keep my boots in the fridge (Almaree wich rakhay nai), and the veggies in the freezer of fridge (mein tidhon sochya kay ji sabzi taza raway gi).
    I remember you a lot with affection sir, the times we had in Okara.

  5. Thank you!

  6. Brig Latif says:

    Great comments and words of encouragement by all friends. Most pleasant surprise has been the rediscovery of my dear Capt Sadiq Ch…. 🙂
    Ch Sb, Please call me at 03008543419. It’s been a long time.
    Gen Ali Hamid, what a pleasure hearing from you, sir. It is too late at night right now. I’ll , therefore, call you in the morning.
    Col Cheema, thank you so much for starting this Blog. Apart from entertainment, it is providing a wonderful platform for reuniting old friends (تلاشِ گُمشدہ)…..

  7. Maj Nabil Ahmed, FF, Nadra, Islamabad says:

    Wonderful!! Very sweet memo, may Allah give you more health to contribute happiness among people specially soldiers.

  8. Nazar R. Rathore says:

    That’s why we say running a country is different from doing an exercise. Sochna parta hai, sir.

    • Brig Latif says:

      Nazar Rathore Sb,
      I agree with you, ‘sochna parta hai’.
      Aap ka matlab hai jaisay Nawaz Sharif Sb aur Zardari Sb sochtay rahey hain?

      • Malik Muhammad Saeed Anwar says:

        No sir, the way Pervaiz Musharraf had been. I think such gup-shup should remain to enjoyment and politics should be kept away. Brig Sb, after retirement one should try to make him civilised.

  9. Nisar Ahmed Mughal says:

    Great narration. Really enjoyed.

  10. Maj Khalid Saeed Shah (r), Arty says:

    Dear Sir,
    Wonderful narration only SADIQ CHAUDHRY could control his frustration and annoyance with a big heart and smile otherwise the poor JCO had made his coffin by saying “Mae ney socha”.
    Many thanks for sharing.

  11. MajMunir Ahmed (Retd) says:

    Dear Brig Latif,
    Sir, during our service in Army, we all have come across such funny incidents a number of times. Thank you for sharing an amusing write up. The simplicity of the JCO is at its peak with equal & fantastic sense of humour by Capt Sadiq Chaudhry.
    waiting for more to come from you.

  12. Dear Brig. Muhammad Latif,
    It is really a pleasure to see your photo after a long time.

  13. Col Qaisar Rashid (R) says:

    Ch. Sadiq is a quick-witted, whimsically humorous and lively like all the Tobians. Thank you Brig Latif for acknowledging and putting it on record for all of us.

  14. Dear Brig Latif,
    My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your wonderfully narrated anecdote on a quiet and somewhat boring evening. It brought a breathe of fresh air. I remember you with great fondness from the time we spent together as GSO-3s in 6 Armd Div way back in the 1970s. You were wonderful company and a pleasure to work with and I am so glad so see that your sense of humor has not deserted you. It would be wonderful to get together again …………do give me a call on 03472209999

  15. Maj Tahir Yasin (R), Avn (56 PMA) says:

    Good one Sir.
    Here is another anecdote.
    (Editor: The anecdote of Maj T. Yasin has been removed from here, it will appear as an article soon).

  16. Lt Col Masood Alam (r), 2nd SSC says:

    Wonderful write up. Thanks for sharing. Such funny things happened in Army and will keep on happening.
    Our 2/IC Maj Abul Hassan (later Col) was a gem of a person. He was very witty and always smiling. Once he was not pleased with some work of mine so he walked in my office (I was Adjutant) and after telling me that I had not completed the task as desired, all of a sudden asked me very loudly “Do you know what is your head for?”
    I kept quiet. After a silent moment, the 2/IC said, “It is to keep your cap on it”, and then gave a big smile. What a nice way to tell don’t use your head too much or in other words ‘Socha mut karo’.

  17. Lt Col Tahir Anjum (Retd) says:

    Yes! we had these simpletons during our time but they were gems. The Answer was good. 🙂

  18. Maj Hasan Jawaid (r), USA (1st SSC) says:

    Quite amusing, I think poor Subedar went over and above what was expected of him. However, there is a caveat here. Had he simply waited for an hour or two and returned empty handed he could have been asked yet another interesting question “Subdear Saheb! After waiting for an hour or so couldn’t you have taken an initiative on your own and gone to his shop?” Interestingly…sometimes it’s a lose/lose situation; poor soul still would have earned MTO’s wrath, regardless.

  19. Lt Col Zahid Mumtaz (Retd) says:

    A nice one.
    Good that he thought and took the last bus to Malir Cantt. Had he missed that he would have to walk from Malir Cantt to Gadap. Now the new lot of JCOs is much intelligent and they do think sensibly.

  20. Dear Brig Latif,
    Nice anecdote. Please share more.
    This world is too small. 🙂 Capt Sadiq Chaudhry happens to be my Platoon mate, a very jolly person. He lives in DHA Lahore.

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