By Col Masood Anwar, Retd (34th PMA Long Course)

“Recent research on lying is showing that up to 60% of people lie, males doing so more than females by two to three times. People lie an average of 25 times a day, mostly to dodge trouble, make themselves look good, or to avoid discomfort to others. In experiments at the University of Massachusetts, students were encouraged to introduce themselves to others. Over 60% lied about themselves (3 times every 10 minutes!) made up fictitious information to make themselves look better, yet there was no benefit to the lie.”

When there is no benefit, why do we lie then? Is it human nature; is it part of awareness; is it human weakness; is it a way to human development or is it a practice that has existed since the start of human civilization? Interestingly, we create situations sensationalize them; speak half truth or outright lie in order to keep the interest alive.

Lying falls in two categories; lying for effect and lying for nothing. Lying for effect is usually joined by deception and in this case the purpose is to serve one’s interests gather as much benefits as possible but at someone else’s cost. In the other case lying for nothing is to please others using publicity stunts and sensationalizing a situation into would-be or could-be phenomenon. This is without much aim; the speaker means no harm to the listener; primarily it is to please one self. Needless to say, the speaker does bring harm to the relationship between the speaker and the listener. What the speaker assumes might not be right. The use of language, tone, and expression of the speaker matter a lot notwithstanding the listener’s state of mind at a point in time.

Such variation of opinion apart, human beings are funny creatures; interesting and amusing. They make God their partner in emotional behaviour. They ask God for undue favours and plead for forgiveness for mistakes made on purpose. This is their usual self; they think they are clever and could befool everyone all the time. Incidentally they tell more lies to God than he do to fellow beings.


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