Lt Gen Mohsin Kamal, a Helmsman Who Was Born to Lead

By Lt Col Farooque Akhtar (GHR-2)

It was a chilly winter evening in 1975 or 1976. I was relaxing in my BOQ at Multan Cantt, when I heard a knock at the door.

“Please, come in”, I said loudly still lying in my bed.

The door opened and saw a very familiar face. He was Capt Mohsin Kamal. I recognized him the moment he entered the room. Who can forget the man who topped our Course? He tried to introduce himself but I interrupted him by saying, “I know you very well, Mohsin. I am also your Course mate.”

On hearing this, he embraced me. He was genuinely pleased to see a Course mate. Mohsin was on his way to Hyderabad where his unit was located. He had dropped at Multan to meet another Course mate (I am forgetting his name) but he was away on leave. The next train for Hyderabad was to leave in the morning. I offered him to stay with me which he kindly accepted. We went out to Saddar to see the “ronnaq-shonnaq”, had dinner in the Mess and played bridge. I dropped him at the railway station the next morning. I gave him a blanket to keep him warm during the journey.

Our next meeting was a brief one in 1979. I was serving in FC Baluchistan and he was a DS in Infantry School, Quetta. He welcomed me and looked after me well. I still cherish the warmth in his conduct.

I retired in 1999 and happened to go to Quetta in 2004. Mohsin was Comdt Comd & Staff College at that time. He helped me in solving my personal problem for which I will ever remain grateful to him. He gave me an advice which changed everything in my life.

During my various meetings with Mohsin, I always found him loving, warmhearted and friendly. He held every Course mate in high esteem. He was a helmsman who was born to lead.

I wish Mohsin and his family success in their future life, Ameen.

Editor’s Note: Lt Gen Mohsin Kamal retired on 8 Oct 2011. Lt Col Farooque Akhtar shared this Tribute with the Course mates on 30 Oct 2011. At that time our Course website was not created and this tribute was sent via email.

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  1. Editor (Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema, ABD-1) says:

    Dear Gen Mohsin,
    Where is that blanket?

    • Mohsin Kamal says:

      The blanket was given to another needy with the instructions to pass it on to others as sadqa jaria.

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