“Remembering Lt Col Haq Nawaz Kayani (Shaheed), SJ & Bar”

By Maj (R) Aziz-ur-Rehman (15 War Course)

Maj Aziz-ur-Rehman, Air Def, 15 War CourseEditor’s Note: Maj Aziz-ur-Rehman is from Air Def. After the retirement, he has settled in Rawalpindi.

I was at Pir Kanti in Azad Kashmir sector during 1971 Indo-Pak War, serving in 7 Wing SWS (South Waziristan Scouts). Cease fire had taken place. It was a period of expectation of disengagement of those troops that had been moved from their peace locations to operational areas / Border Defence Area (BDA).

One morning we received a signal from GHQ, MS Branch reflecting  posting of a reservist officer Lt Col Haq Nawaz Kayani, SJ, of a seniority around 1st PMA, to our  Wing in place of our Wing Commander, Maj Hussain Shah (33 PMA, ex 13 Baluch) for whom orders were to follow. A veteran Alamgirian was to relieve a young Alamgirian. We could guess from the veteran soldier’s Pakistan Army No. PRR (Pakistan Regular Reserve) that the officer was certainly, in the jargon of Gunners, in his ‘last quarter of life’ and wondered how would he scale the heights of over 9000 feet in that rough mountainous terrain, where only foot / mule track existed for movement of troops and logistics.

After a few weeks, when Lt Col Kayani did not arrive nor there was any news about him, we inquired from the Bde HQ about the latest position of the case. We were informed that Lt Col Kayani had declined to move to our unit where there was lull in hostilities and had volunteered for a sector where some action with Indians could be expected.

Picture of Lt Col Haq Nawaz Kayani Shaheed, SJ and bar

On 5 May 1972, we heard that Lt Col Haq Nawaz Kayani had embraced shahadat at Leepa Valley while recapturing our position on a ridge, that Indians had captured after cease fire while it was unoccupied. The level of motivation of Lt Col Kayani can be judged from the accounts narrated by the men of his unit, 9th AKRF Bn. Before mounting the counter attack, he addressed his battalion apprising them of the mission, a planned attack. He informed them that it was going to be like a suicidal mission, as the chances of survival were zero due to enemy’s tenacity and its well dug-up position. He said that they were going to attack as Kaffan-posh sepoys of Allah and shahadat was for certain in that operation. He would lead the attack. It is said that when men in abundance volunteered themselves, he urged them to reconsider their decision saying, he could understand that some of them had large families to support and had no other bread-earner while some had old and sick parents to look after. Those who volunteered for the sake of the pride of the unit or to avoid be labeled as cowards by their comrades, could stay back and he needed only a few of them who were very tough and tenacious. Accordingly, Lt Col Haq Nawaz Kayani counter-attacked the position and recaptured it and embraced shahadat during the operation. The locals have named the ridge as ‘Kayani Ridge’ after his name.

'Kayani Ridge' in Leepa Valley Azad Kashmir captured by 9th AKRF Battalion in May 1972

No doubt Lt Col Haq Nawaz Kayani was a ‘Shaheen’ and a  ‘Mard-e-momin’ of Allama Iqbal whom he addressed in ‘Baal-e-Jabreel’ as under :-

Allama Iqbal poetry: "Uqaabi rooh jub baidar hoti hai jawani mein"
When an eagle’s spirit awakens in youthful hearts,
It sees its luminous goal beyond the starry heavens. 

Allama Iqbal poetry: "Nahin Tera Nasheman Qasr-e-Sultani Ke Gunbad Per"

Thy abode is not on the dome of a royal palace;
You are an eagle and should live on the rocks of mountains. 

An excerpt from the compilation of Maj Raja Muhammad Sarwar Dhuddy is appended below:-

“ Lt. Col Haq Nawaz Kiani’s action in recovering Leepa Valley positions after 1971 war is highly commendable. In that his battalion was deployed in TITHWAL Sector in a famous valley called Leepa. At the time of ceasefire, that battalion had held its ground but Indian forces much larger in numbers, occupied unmanned hill tops and encroached in many places after announcement of ceasefire. Such has always been common with these Indians. Kayani on resumption of Command, refused Indian pressure asking Pakistani troops to vacate the surrounded position. In May 1972, many months after ceasefire Kayani came and stayed with me for the night. After his midnight prayers he came to my bedside and asked me a question. I could see that he was very much perturbed and his question looked childish to me. He had asked me, if it would provoke a fresh war, in case he evicted the intruding Indians from the positions which they had wrongfully occupied. I replied that it was more likely that the affair shall remain local and it should not escalate to that extent. A few days later Kayani had attacked those high mountain peaks (about 8000 ft. and above) receiving a piece of shrapnel on his neck and one destroying his right kidney, he breathed his last. A few days later we received his letters to his wife, father-in-law, elder son ASGHAR NAWAZ and his spiritual guide. He had categorically predicted his martyrdom saying that he would lay down his life to achieve for Azad Kashmir and Pakistan what was their right and he would teach a lesson to treacherous Indians who knew no morals and ethics. He earned a very well deserved second award of “SITARA-E-JURAAT” (Posthumous). This action of Kayani put me to hard thinking on chivalry and Pakistan security. We have to read citations of recommendations for those heroes who earned “Nishan-e-Haider” the highest gallantry award and also deeds and acts of valour of those who received next higher gallantry awards.”

Urdu Poetry: "Shaheed ki jo maut hai, Woh qaum ki hayat hai."

The death of a Shaheed (Martyr) is the life of a Nation.

We are for ever indebted to such like personalities for sacrificing their AAJ for our KALL. May Allah shower His eternal blessings on the family of Lt Col Haq Nawaz Kayani Shaheed, Aameen.

Lt Col Haq nawaz Kayani Shaheed belonged to village Mona Pind, District Jhelum. He got his education from the prestigious institution, Military College Jhelum. He is one of the few officers who are SJ & Bar; he got his first SJ in 1965 War and the second SJ (Posthumously) for his gallant action in Leepa Valley in May 1972.

The Pakistan Army later honoured the AKRF (Azad Kashmir Regular Forces) by absorbing it into its own ranks and by giving it the status of a Regular Line Infantry Regiment. The AKRF thus became the Azad Kashmir Regiment on 20 September 1972.

Major Haq Nawaz Kiani receiving Sitara-e-Jurat  from Gen Ayub Khan after 1965 War

Tomb of Lt Col Haq Nawaz Kayani Shaheed, Hero of Leepa Valley, May 1972

Tomb stone at the grave of Lt Col Haq Nawaz Kiani Shaheed, Hero of Leepa Valley

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  1. Feisal Khan says:

    Maj (r) Francis Yeats Brown, ex15th Lancers, was recalled to service during WWII and joined ISPR. He wrote extensively about the Indian Army during WWII and in his book “Martial India” (written in 1944 but published posthumously in 1945) he mentions meeting a certain Cadet “Huq Nawaz Kayani,” the Head Boy at King George’s Royal Indian Military School at Jhelum. Kayani was Yeats Brown’s conducting officer when he toured KGRIMS Jhelum and Yeats Brown describes him as “Huq Nawaz was not only a charming lad, but a natural leader.” Yeats Brown describes how impressed he was by the Indian prefects and how well they ran the school.

    KGRIMS is of course now Military College Jhelum. Ltc. Kayani’s qualities were apparent even as a cadet.

    For anyone who is a fan of old Hollywood movies, the Gary Cooper film, “Lives of a Bengal Lancer,” was very loosely based on Yeats Brown’s autobiography.

  2. Touseef Ahmed Qazi says:

    Late Lt Col Qazi Muhammad Jan (SJ), 9 AK REGT, who was Coy Comd under the able comd of Lt Col Kiayani.
    Request to Editor for sharing of info about my grandfather.
    Jazak ALLAH.

  3. Late Lt Col Khairat Hussain, Tamgha e Jurrat, also took part in this Leepa action under the command of brave shaheed Col Haq Nawaz Kiyani.
    I want some info about my grandfather.

    • Salman Punwar says:

      Asslam O Aliakum,
      I am grandson of Late Major Raja Muhammad Sarwar khan Dhuddy. Col Haq Nawaz Kiyani was one of the fast friends of my grandfather, if you have the Batch number, I may have some old group pictures of all the cadets together and like wise. Thanks to respected Maj (R) Aziz-ur-Rehman for mentioning my grandfather’s name as few excerpts have been taken out from his book.
      Best regards to all,

      • Munawar Hussain says:

        Walaikuma Assalam.
        Any chance you can send me some of those pictures you have? I would be very happy to see some new pictures of my granddad.
        Jazak Allah.

  4. Munawar Hussain says:

    Salam does anyone have any pictures of the people who embraced shahadat on 5th May 1972 in Leepa Valley operation?
    Thank you,

  5. Muddasar ul Haque says:

    My grandfather was a martyr at Leepa Valley in 1972 and awarded Sitara-e-Jurat. I want to know where the remembrance will take place this year as the 5th of May is approaching, can anyone help?

    • Dear Muddasar ul Haque,
      Are you grandson of Lt Col Haq Nawaz Kayani (Shaheed)?

      • Munawar Hussain says:

        No, My granddad’s name is Subedaar M. Sadiq (Shaheed).

      • Daanial Mirza says:

        My great granddad is Col Haq Nawaz Kayani.
        I have the book of my great granddad as well.
        How did he die? He had just won the war and was offering namaz to thank Allah but then a shell hit him and it exploded. May Allah give his soul in eternal peace, Ameen.

  6. Haris Wasim says:

    Can anyone give me info on Lt Col Khairat Hussain, Tamgha-e-Jurrat? He also participated in Leepa action under the command of Col Haq Nawaz Kiani.

  7. Lt Col Kamran Ghazanfar says:

    Col Kayani was a great soldier who has set a precedence for others as to how to defend the Motherland and teach a lesson to your adversaries.
    I may take this opportunity to apprise this august forum about the name of yet another unsung hero who embraced shahadat along with Col Kayani. His name was Maj Ghulam Ahmed Shaheed. If I am not wrong they both were together in the same trench or at the same place at the time of shahadat.
    To commemorate the sacrifices another ridge adjacent to Kayani Ridge is named after Maj Ghulam Ahmed shaheed as GA Ridge.
    Maj Ghulam Ahmed Shaheed was from 27 Med Regt Arty and participated in this operation as Arty observer. He under the directions/ request of Col Kayani brought so concise Arty fire that enemy suffered lot of casualties and ultimately had to retreat back.
    In recognition of his courage and chivalry displayed by standing with Col Kayani at the hour of need, the unit of Maj GA was given the motto of “Lipa Ghazi”.
    My best wishes and regards for all the heroes of Lipa Operation from officers to down the ladder.
    Allah inn bundon kay darjaat buland famaaye, Aameen.

  8. Amina Ahmad says:

    Dear Heroes,
    Any body have info about Maj Aziz Ahmad, who embraced Shahaadat at the same place and in the same Mission?

    • Maj (R) Javed Anwar SJ. 11 FF & Tochi Scouts says:

      Maj Aziz Shaheed was from 2 FF & was Company Comd at Shishaladi Ridge in Lipa Valley now known as Aziz Ridge. He embraced Shahaadat during Dec 1971 war. 2 Lt Tariq was also decorated with SJ for his action in Dec 1971 war.
      Maj (R) Javed Anwar Sj

      • Nadeem Sadiq Malik says:

        GA ridge is known as Gun ridge (Gunners ridge) these days it is in the centre of valley, Aziz ridge is on Left side and Kiani Ridge is on right side , I have served in Leepa in 1987 -89

  9. Grandson of Late Maj Raja Muhammad Sarwar Khan Dhuddi says:

    It is a great honor to read this article and see all the old senior (buzurag) officers online altogether. I belong to a family of Soldiers myself.
    Respected sir, hope to read more from you.
    “And a real brave man acknowledges the strength of others.”
    Kind regards,
    Salman Imran

  10. Lt Col (R) Arshad Rahat Ansari says:

    There was another SJ won by a young 2nd Lt Tariq Mehmood (later retired as Brig) of 25 Mountain Regt Arty. The officer had joined the unit at Leepa after doing OW JTC. He had established an OP on the Kiani Ridge, the Indians tried their level best to re-capture the Kiani Ridge, in one of these attacks the Company Commander embraced Shahdat and the young 2nd Lt Tariq Mehmood took over the command and started directing the fire, he also ran from bunker to bunker to raise the morale of the troops. In one of the visit he saw that the RR crew had embraced Shahadat, he loaded the RR and fired on the advancing Indian troops. The enemy had penetrated in to the defensive position and as observer, he directed DF OL (Defensive Fire Own Locality). His OP received a direct hit and he was buried in the rubble. The Indian attack was repulsed and when he was taken out from the rubble of the bunker he was barely breathing. There were many Indian soldiers’ bodies around his bunker, the nearest being only a yard away. He was awarded SJ for his bravery in this action. (I have narrated this action from what I had read in the unit history in 1976-77, therefore the details are a bit sketchy).

    • Maj Aziz-ur-Rehman says:

      Your updating of the record of Lipa Operation is appreciable as it would have been great injustice to have ignored the acts of valour of a young officer, who as a subaltern earned SJ. It is our duty to cherish the memories of our war heroes. Thank you Col Arshad Ansari.

  11. Anil Madan says:

    Should we not publish articles of this type in our national papers so that Pakistanis realize the sacrifices of our gallant soldiers? A limited circulation is a tribute too little.

    • Maj (R) Aziz ur Rehman says:

      Actually the acts of bravery of our soldiers in the Lipa valley operation were covered by our media soon after the operation. However, the editor of this site may consider sending it to ISPR for publication in Hilal magazine.

      • Sir,
        Hilal magazine is in Urdu. You will have to translate the article into Urdu. The Editor of Hilal, Yousaf Alamgirian is known to me. I will talk to him and you may send the article to him by post.

  12. Brig (retd) Pervaiz Sarwar (54 PMA Long Course) says:

    In my exuberance to share thoughts on the shahadat of Shaheed Col Kayani, I forgot to thank the author for writing such an inspirational and blood warming article. He has taken pains in taking us through to that epic saga of devotion to duty and supreme sacrifice for one’s motherland.
    I pray for the long and healthy life of Major Aziz. May Allah raise his standing and bless him with good health and boundless strength to enlighten his readers further on such subjects (Aameen).

    • AzizurRehman says:

      I am honoured by your sentiments. In all humilty I pray Allah Almighty showers His blessings upon you and your family for ever. I am reminded of the PAF motto, pasted on stickers on cars during our 1965 & 1971 Wars that read “Sleep tight, PAF is awake”. On the same analogy, it is the supreme sacrifices of Col Haq Nawaz Kayani Shaheed and many others like him that today, Alhamdolillah, we are a blessed nation despite not an enviable social and political milieu. God willing, we will overcome all difficulties, notwithstanding doomsday scenario being painted by some political analysts. We are seeing repeat of acts of valour, ‘Col Kayani Shaheed type’ in Zarb-e-Azb. Thanks Brig Sarwar.

  13. Maj (R) Khalid Saeed Shah, Arty says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have the honor of serving with GREAT 9 AK BATALLION in Leepa in 1973 and heard about true events taken place during that action by the soldiers and officers who took part in the operation.
    The level of motivation of COL KIYANI SHAHEED on his troops was unimaginable, he himself during his stay with the BATALLION NEVER WORE THE BERET BUT COVERED HIS HEAD WITH “KAFAN” he brought along when joined the unit. Once he said in the unit Darbar, Wwe will attack enemy by crossing minefield but I assure you AALAH ko gawah bana ker, that no 9 AK soldier will be hurt by mines. During action what happened was that when 9 AK attacked there was no causality by the mines.
    We salute our GREAT HERO. Leepa ka naam aatey he COL KIYANI ka naam hontoun pay aa jaata hai.
    Aye rah-e-Haq Kay Shaheedo, Wafa ki tasweero, tum per Sallam!!

    • Touseef Ahmed Qazi says:

      Sir, can you recall any memory of Lt Col Qazi Muhammad Jan (SJ) 9 AK Regt who was Lt Col Kiyani’s comrade in this Operation?

  14. I had the privilege of commanding 75 Brigade in Lipa, and I saw the place where the battle took place. Lt Col Haq Nawaz Kiani’s gallant action makes us proud. Such valiant actions must be narrated for the consumption of younger generation.

  15. Faruq Hashmi Major (r) 41st PMA says:

    Excellent action for motivating our young generation. There should be a blog that such actions be communicated to all the units. Pakistan Army is the only army which has officers and men of such qualities.

  16. Lt Col (R) Syed Mahmud Rashid, ex Punjab Regt (44 PMA) says:

    During the Lipa Operations, I was a Lt serving in 51 Punjab (now 15 Sind) which was the Divisional reserve stationed at Harighel (near Bagh) after having fallen back from forward Kahuta after having actively participated in the Poonch Operations (day attack on Danna Feature). We were moved from Harighel on 02 May 1972 to Lipa for the follow up operations on Chakpatra and the subsequent blockade of Tutmar Gali (14000 ft) along with a SSG Coy which did not materialize as Indira Gandhi announced a unilateral ceasefire having experienced the reversals in the Lipa Valley.
    One coy commanded by Maj Riaz Ahmed (37 PMA) was tasked to clear the remaining portion of the Chakpatra Ridge to link up with the Scouts Company commanded by Maj Anwar (11 FF) which had been surrounded from all sides by the Indians. Maj Javed Anwar was awarded SJ for braving several Indian attacks but he stuck to his position. Yet another story of bravery and resilience with Scouts troops under his command.

    The attack to clear Chakpatra was a dare devil operation as it was frontal through the minefield and the least expected direction. The attack split the Chakpatra Ridge into two with the attacking troops under command Maj Sabir striking at the Company HQ of the enemy. Maj Sabir embraced Shahadat and was awarded SJ. The right portion of the Chakpatra Ridge was cleared/captured by 51 Punjab Company and the link up with the entrapped troops fighting at Beruwala Nar was completed without much resistance as the Indians were on the run planning to vacate the Lipa Valley from the only route available which was the Tutmaar Gali (14000 ft).

    I do not want to pen down the entire operation and distract you all from appreciating the bravery of Col Kiani Shaheed. This operation really raised the morale of Pakistan Army but certainly we lost an opportunity of crushing the Indians by surrounding their entire Brigade located in the valley at (Kaiyan) which was already packing up to escape from Tutmar Gali.

    • AzizurRehman says:

      Thank you Col Syed Mahmud Rashid for your pointer, mentioning Maj Javed Anwar (11FF), which has helped me recollect a missing link in my story for which I am highly indebted to you. In fact immediately after the operation in May 1972, name of Maj Javed Anwar SJ was synonymous with Col Haq Nawaz Kiyani Shaheed, with regard to valour, audacity, tenacity and ferocity.

      Your narration of the operation (no doubt 1st hand and from horse’s mouth as they say) helped me recollect another hero. If I am not wrong, Maj Javed Anwar was from 40 PMA Long Course. But anyway, my aim was to highlight first hand account of a RESERVIST officer, sacrificing beyond the call of duty.

      • Maj (R) Javed Anwar, SJ (11 FF & Tochi Scouts) says:

        I extend my gratitude to Lt Col (R) S M Rashid & Maj (R) Aziz for associating my name with the Great Warrior Lipa Hero Lt Col H N Kiani SJ & Bar (Shaheed). I take pride, feel blessed & thankful to Almighty ALLAH for giving me an opportunity to stand in the face of the enemy, under the command of an able, brave & true committed soldier. ALLAH Col Kiani kay Darjaat Bulland karey, Aameen suma Aameen.
        Even today I feel my first hand shake with a smile with him in April 1972.
        Note for Maj (R) Aziz — my cousin Col (R) Sajid Baseer Shaikh was with you in SWS.
        Maj (R) Javed Anwar
        Florida USA.

        • Raja Haris Wasim says:

          kindly can you give me some information about my grandfather late Lt col khairat Hussain who commanded 9 AK after the shahadat of great Lt col Haq Nawaz Kiani?

  17. Maj (R) Munir Ahmed (2nd SSC) says:

    Dear Major Ariz-Ur-Rehman,
    Sir, I salute you for unveiling an untold story. My salute to our Shaheed colleague for his valor act. I think our tribute & acknowledgement to his commendable act of bravery is the biggest reward, one can dream of. I am sure, he is in peace. Beautifully narrated story which makes the reader emotional & proud.
    My salute to the family of Lt Col Haq Nawaz (Shaheed). What an act of service to the nation.

  18. Maj (retd ) Azam Niazi, ex 29 Cav, Liberia says:

    Tough gallantry can’t be compared, but he deserved the top military award. As one brother officer very rightly said, he redeemed the national disgrace of 1971 and gave Bhutto a bargaining opportunity. Many thanks for reminding us of this great son of the soil.

  19. Major Aziz ur Rehman,
    Thank you for undertaking the honourable task of honouring an honourable officer.

  20. Major (Retd) Javaid IK.kayani (46 PMA) says:

    Kayani Ridge is the place Colonel Kayani embraced shahadat by artillery shrapnel on his forward command post as he was overlooking the flow of attack on chat para ridge much above the present Kayani Ridge. I know of this as I served as GSO 3 (Int& Ops) in 75 Brigade in Leepa and 9 Ak then later under the same Brigade in 19th. No doubt a very good narration of bravery of one of my elders.
    Need corrections as to the Attack objective.

  21. Maj Gen (Retd) Waqar Ahmad Kingravi (50 PMA) says:

    Hats off for this remarkable son of the soil. Such patriotism, dedication, motivation and bravery is unbelievable. Taking such a bold initiative of avenging the dastardly actions of the Indians is highly commendable. The ability of Col Kayani to motivate his men for a suicidal mission under such hostile conditions is really phenomenal. He richly deserved the highest gallantry award of this grateful Nation, but as long as we highlight his legacy to our younger generations, it would be a just reward in itself.
    Thank you very much Maj Aziz ur Rehman, for reminding us about our real heroes.

  22. Col (R) Tughral Bashir, Avn (50 PMA) says:

    Our history is full of such acts of bravery but it is important how we remember them because Allah gives them highest degree of recognition by mentioning in Holy Quran:
    “Wa la taqulu lemanyuqtalu fei sabilillahe amwaat..bal ahyaa walakin la trash uroon”
    (Translation: Those who are killed in the way of Allah are not dead, they are living and receiving their rizq also but you don’t know).
    That iswh y our holy Prophet (PBUM) also desired of martyrdom three times if given three lives. This is “Hayat e javidaan” and that is how they live in the timeline through pages of history and by word of mouth from heart to heart and chest to chest, and as Allama Iqbal has said:
    “Shahadat hai matloob o Maqsood e momin”.
    Allah hum Sub mominon ko aisi maut naseeb karey. Aameen.

  23. Maj Aziz,
    I personally wanted to thank you for letting us know the very brave exploits of Col Kiani. Nevertheless, thanks to you for this endeavour. Hope you’ll share more acts of valour of our brave personnel.

  24. Col (R) Zahid Shah (46 PMA) says:

    Heroes never die, they just fade away to live in our hearts, annals of history and in story books. They are immortals who live among men to imbibe them with valour and sacrifice even at the peril of their lives, so that nations are rejuvenated by their blood. Col Kayani was also one of them, may Allah bless and further honour him.

  25. Maj Farooq Rana, Retired (2nd SSC) says:

    A very nice and thrilling account of a brave son of the land…. Salutes for him.

  26. Lt Col (R) Muhammad Tayyab Qazi (8 War Course) says:

    Lt Col Kayani (Shaheed) was a brave soldier. Maj Ghulam Ahmed (Shaheed) of my unit, 27 Mountain Regt, was Bty Comd in the same operation and he also embraced shahadat with Lt Col Kayani. I was then part of the unit. Fond memories with a tinge of nostalgia.

  27. Indeed a soldiers’ pride, a very motivating article to be read.

  28. Brig (retd) Pervaiz Sarwar (54 PMA) says:

    Being closely associated with the Shaheed Kayani’s household let me share that while recommending the gallantry award, Gen Tikka Khan (C-in-C) had admitted that the level of courage and chivalry displayed by Col Kayani deserved award of NH. However, since the operation had taken place well after the ceasefire, the award of the highest award would have reflected involvement of GHQ and possibly led to escalation of hostilities which would have jeopardized the prospects of peace and the ensuing repatriation of our 80,000 plus POWs in Indian custody. The operation had been labeled by the GHQ as a local initiative.

    The operation was unique in the sense that the unit that undertook it, had only the restoration of pride and prestige of their motherland as the aim. They all knew it well that the cost of its success would be paid with their own lives.

    The tragedy is that while the courageous sons of the land sacrificed their lives in the hope of building a better Pakistan, those in power have since plundered the country and devastated it with a culture of corruption and misdemeanor. The sad thing is that such culture has now permeated into the general public which too, by and large, has embarked upon a path of self aggrandizement through corrupt practices and bigotry.

  29. Lt Col Masood Alam (retd) says:

    Maj Aziz,
    Thanks. A very motivating article written by you. It will certainly motivate the officers and jawans who are fighting against the terrorists.

  30. Faisal Tirmizi, USA says:

    A soldiers’ soldier. He led from the front.

  31. Lt Col (R) Abdul Salam, Sigs (15 War Course) says:

    This makes us proud.

  32. Thank you for the informative article. May the darajaat of all those who have laid down their lives to give us a better tomorrow, be bulund and their families be blessed too.
    As a Signals officer while raising FCNA, I was with 9 AK at Kel in Oct 1972 when it was commanded by Lt Col Yar Gul. This is historical period as this was the first Ops done by Rft Wing R now 49 Sigs in providing Radio Link between Kel and HQ FCNA Gilgit. The first joint PAF / Army Aviation Air Drop after 1971 of supplies was also coordinated at Kel. There I was fortunate to hear about the valiant deeds of our brothers in Arms and making me proud of my affiliation with 9 AK Regt. May Allah bless all our brothers in arms both serving and retired. Aameen.
    The Editor (Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema) deserves appreciation for ensuring regular flow of wonderful inspiring articles. Please keep up your good work!!

  33. Lt Gen (R) Tahir Qazi says:

    Imagine a reservist recalled officer volunteers to go to battle zone and after about five months of ceasefire, performs this act. Very few would match this chivalry and patriotism.

  34. Befitting tribute to Col Kayani Shaheed!! Such are the valiant soldiers whose abodes are atop the mountain peaks in this life, as Iqbal perceived, and the best of Heavens in the life hereafter, as Allah promised.
    Looking forward to Col Qaisar Rashid’s detailed narration.

  35. Maj (R) Jamil (55 PMA) says:

    Thanks for sharing such a great story of Col Kiani (Shaheed) SJ and Bar. We need to tell their heroic actions to the next generations. May Allah protect Pakistan.

  36. Waseem Zafar Iqbal (43 PMA) says:

    Today we are living safely due to such actions by our brave soldiers.

  37. Col (R) Qaisar Rashid Shaikh says:

    I have the honour of commanding my company on Kayani Ridge in 1976. Should be able to contribute about this iron-hearted soldier shortly. I interviewed few locals on this and “Chakpatra” Operation. I know what it takes to survive there, what to talk of carrying out an Offensive Operation. Hats off to the brave men and their chivalry.

  38. Sir,
    An excellent article remembering the Hero of Leepa Valley.

    • During 1965 War, I was Staff Capt in 1 AK Bde. Col Kiani (then a Maj) had infiltrated with his force from our Brigade area of responsibility. As Maj Kiani was conducting successive successful raids on Indian forces, the GHQ asked our Brigade to send citations for gallantry awards. Brigade commander asked the BM Maj (Late) Muhammad Sarwar Khan to send the citations. The BM, in turn, asked me to prepare and pass on the citations to the Div HQ. Among others, I had the honour of hurriedly conceiving the citation of Maj Kiani for SJ and passing it on to the Div HQ. The award of SJ for Maj Kiani was announced from Radio Pakistan the same evening.
      I, as a Major, also had the opportunity of serving with Col Kiani in Leepa Valley during the month of January 1971 and left Leepa few days before Col Kiani’s Shahadat.
      I found Col Kiani a remarkably brave and committed soldier to the cause of Pakistan.

      • Touseef Ahmed Qazi says:

        Sir, do you have any info about my grandfather Lt Col Qazi Muhammad Jan (SJ) 9 AK Regt, who also infiltrated along with Lt Col Kiyani Shaheed?

      • mohsinali37 says:

        Need ur email edress or contact number sir Col(R) Abdual Rashid

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