Lahori Jokes (in Urdu and Punjabi)

Editor’s Note: People of Lahore are very jolly and witty. They are truly called ‘Zinda dilan-e-Lahore’. This is a collection of Lahori jokes which depicts the happy-go-lucky type life style of people of Lahore. No offence is meant to any one, these are just jokes.

‘Are You Single?’

Lahori Jokes in Urdu - Girl asks, 'Are You Single?' - Funny Urdu Jokes from Lahore

Boy Falls on a Girl in Bus During Rush Hour

Lahori Jokes in Urdu - Boy falls on Girl in Bus - Funny Urdu Jokes from Lahore

Faulty Research about an Urdu Word

Funny Jokes in Urdu - Faulty Research about an Urdu word - Jokes from Lahore

A Fat Lahori acts on Doctor’s Advice

Funny Jokes in Urdu - A fat Lahori acts on Doctor's advice - Jokes from Lahore

Broken Legs

Punjabi Jokes : Broken legs (Hilarious) - Jokes from Lahore

Two Wives, the Cause of Hair Loss?

Punjabi Jokes :Two wives, the cause of hair loss - Jokes from Lahore

Lahori and a Dog in a Park

Punjabi Jokes : Lahori and a Dog in a Park - Jokes from Lahore

Lahori Motor Cyclist

Punjabi Jokes : Lahori Motor cyclist - Jokes from Lahore


Explanation of Parveen Shakir’s Poetry

Punjabi Jokes : A Lahori explains poetry of Perveen Shakir - Jokes from Lahore

A Lahori was beaten at Lakshami Chowk 

Punjabi Jokes : A Lahori was beaten at Lakshami Chowk by 9 persons - Jokes from Lahore

Aeh kehrra Station aye?

Punjabi Jokes : Aeh kehrra Station aye? - Jokes from Lahore

A Boy asks his Father to buy him a Motorcycle

Funny Punjabi Jokes : Boy asks father to buy him a motorcycle - Funny Jokes from Lahore

Jahaaz ka Pankhaa 

Funny Punjabi Jokes : Jahaaz ka Pankhaa Pilot ko thanda karta hai - Funny Jokes from Lahore

A Girl asks a Boy about the City where the Bus has Reached 

Funny Urdu Jokes : A girl asks a boy about the city where the bus has reached - Funny Jokes from Lahore

A Lahori’s Friend Avoided Him to Return the Borrowed Amount

Funny Punjabi Jokes : A Lahori's friend avoided him to return the borrowed Rs. 5000 - Funny Jokes from Lahore

Lahori Gol Gappay Wala wants Feedback on His FaceBook Page 

Funny Urdu Jokes : Lahori Gol Gappay wala wants feedback on his FaceBook page - Funny Jokes from Lahore

Concept of a Lahori for a Big Gift 

Funny Punjabi Jokes : Concept of a Lahori for a 'Big' gift - Funny Jokes from Lahore

A Lahori Goes to a Doctor with Pain in His Chest

Funny Punjabi Jokes : A Lahori goes to a doctor with pain in his chest - Funny Jokes from Lahore

A Lahori Baba Rings His Son at New York 

Funny Lahori Jokes : A Lahori Baba rings his son at New York - Funny Punjabi Jokes from Lahore

Maulvi Sahib and Sohan Halwa in Metro Bus

Funny Lahori Jokes : Molvi Sahib and Sohan Halwa in Metro Bus - Funny Urdu Jokes from Lahore

A Lahori and an Air Hostess

Lahori Punjabi Jokes : An air hostess' face resembles with the wife of a Lahori - Lahore Jokes

A Student and a Tonga Wala 

Funny Lahore Jokes - A Lahori Student and Tonga Wala - Funny Lahori Joke

How a Lahori Got Rid of Thumb Sucking Habit of His Son?

Lahori Punjabi Jokes : How a Lahori got rid of thumb sucking habit of his son? - Lahore Jokes

An Indian and a Lahori on a Train

Punjabi Jokes :An Indian and a Lahori on a train - Jokes from Lahore

A Lahori Buys Atta from a Shopkeeper

Lahori Punjabi Jokes : A Lahori buys atta from a shopkeeper - Lahore Jokes

A Lahori Facebook Addicted Boy Being Interviewed for School Admission

Lahori Punjabi Jokes : A Lahori facebook addicted boy being interviewed for school admission - Lahore Jokes

An Uninvited Lahori is Caught at an Iftar Party

Lahori Punjabi Jokes : An uninvited Lahori is caught in an Iftar Party - Lahore Jokes

A Student Wanted to Leave His Studies and Get Married

Lahori Punjabi Jokes : A student wanted to leave studies and get married - Lahore Jokes

Is He Dum-darood Wala or Bumb-barood Wala?  

Lahori Jokes and Humour - A little boy saw a Moulvi Sahib in the bus and asked his mother,"Is he Dum-darood wala or Bumb-barood wala?"

A Son Asks His Father to Add 19 Plus 17

Lahori Punjabi Jokes : A father scolds son for not adding 19 plus 17, and himself gets calculator - Lahore Jokes

Lahori Jokes: A Beggar Asks for Alms from a Lahori Cyclist

Lahori Punjabi Jokes : A Lahori gives the beggar a round of Mall Road on his bicycle - Lahore Jokes

Lahori Jokes: Surgeon Demands Rs. 10 Lac for a Minor Operation 

Lahori Punjabi Jokes : Surgeon demands Rs.10 lac for a minor operation - Lahore Jokes

Lahori Jokes: A Fly Falls in a Glass of Lassi Being Drunk by a Lahori

Lahori Punjabi Jokes : A fly falls in a glass of lassi being drunk by a Lahori - Lahore Jokes

Lahori Jokes: CCTV and Lahori People 

Lahori Punjabi Jokes : Lahori people want CCTV to tell about opening of Pathuray shop - Lahore Jokes


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