‘Lab Pe Aaati Hai Du’aa’ by Allama Iqbal

Children Poem by Allama Iqbal : ‘Lab Pe Aaati Hai Du’aa Bun Ke Tamanna Meri’ is one of the most famous Urdu poems for children by Allama Muhammad Iqbal. It is a du’aa (prayer) of a small child who asks Allah to bless him with noble traits like love for the humanity, love for his native country, love for the knowledge that should be a blessing for the entire mankind.

Children Poem by Allama Iqbal:  ‘Lab Pe Aaati Hai Du’aa Bun Ke Tamanna Meri’

Allama Iqbal Poetry for Kids in Urdu - 'Lab Pe Aaati Hai Dua' - Children Poem by Allama Iqbal

‘Lab Pe Aaati Hai Du’aa Bun Ke Tamanna Meri’. This Children Poem by Allama Iqbal is one of the most famous Urdu poems for kids by him.

Lab Pe Aaati Hai Dua Bun Ke Tamanna Meri,
Zindagi Shamma Ki Soorat Ho Khudaya Meri.
Doore Duniya Ka Merey Dum Say Andhera Ho Jaaye,
Her Jagah Merey Chamakney Say Ujaala Ho Jaaye.
Ho Merey Dum Say Younhi Merey Watan Ki Zeenat,
Jis Tarah Phool Say Hoti Hai Chaman Ki Zeenat.
Zindagi Ho Meri Parwaanay Ki Soorat Ya Rab!
Ilm Ki Shamma Say Ho Mujh Ko Mohabbat Ya Rab!
Ho Mera Kaam Ghareebo’n Ki Himaayat Karna,
Murray Allah Buraayee Say Bachaana Mujh Ko,
Naik Jo Raah Ho Uss Rah Pay Chalaana Mujh Ko.

Children Poem by Allama Iqbal: ‘Lab Pe Aaati hai Du’aa’. Watch this video of an extremely touching ‘du’aa’ (Prayer) written by Allama Iqbal for kids.

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  1. This beautiful poem takes me back to my childhood and reminds me my obligations and responsibilities. The message is loud and clear, what every child wants to be though if we human beings could follow the poem and do the things a little child wish for.

  2. Sadaf Butt says:

    This is one of the most lucid yet comprehensive Dua beautifully expressed by Iqbal for the children.

  3. Lt Col Masood Alam (retd) says:

    This is the poem which we used to sing in our school’s morning assembly. It is my favorite poem which I like and also remember by heart. I wish the present days children should remember this wonderful poem by heart.
    Thanks Cheema (Editor) for making me remember this beautiful poem.

  4. Shaheda Rizvi, Canada says:


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