Some ‘Facts’ about Kargil Conflict, 1999

Kargil War 1999.

By Lt Col Rashid Zia Cheema (r), 2nd SSC

This is a very brief account of Kargil Conflict (also called Kargil War) of 1999. It is meant for those readers who are totally unaware about the broad details of this operation. Ones interested in details about tactical and strategical aspects and lessons learnt etc., are requested to do their own research on the Internet.

The Kargil Conflict (Kargil War) was an armed conflict between India and Pakistan that took place between May and July 1999 in the Kargil district of Indian Occupied Kashmir and elsewhere along the Line of Control (LOC). The conflict is also referred to as “Operation Koh-e-Paima”.

Photo of the town of Kargil - Facts about Kargil Conflict 1999 - Kargil War

The strategically located town of Kargil.

The cause of the conflict was the infiltration of Pakistani soldiers and Kashmiri militants into positions on the Indian side of the LOC (Line of Control). Pakistani troops did not cross the International Borders at any stage of the conflict. Pakistan’s objective was to drive Indians out of Siachen and highlight Kashmir Issue in the eyes of the world.

In the spring of 1999, on the orders of Pakistan Army Chief, General Pervez Musharraf, Pakistani soldiers climbed up the snow-bound passes and occupied some high positions, including Tiger Hill and Point 5353, in the vacant area and infiltrated almost 10 km into the Indian territory ( still short of International Border). These positions overlooked Indian National Highway (NH 1 D). Pakistan was in a strong position to cut off supplies and winter dumping and thus force Indians to withdraw from the Siachen Glacier.

Photo of Tiger Hill taken from Indian side - Facts about Kargil Conflict 1999 - Kargil War 1999

Tiger Hill as seen from Indian side.

The Indians were caught off guard. They tried to evict the positions but failed miserably. They used a large number of Artillery guns and also used their air force against Pakistani positions. Two Indian aircraft were also shot down by Stinger Missiles. Indian aircraft violated Pakistani air space but they never admitted it openly. One of their pilots, Flight Lieutenant Kambampati Nachiketa, who ejected after his aircraft was shot down, was captured from the Pakistani territory. Indians ultimately complained to the International community and finally on pressure by the USA, Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, ordered the withdrawal of troops. Most of the casualties of “Operation Koh-e-Paima” were inflicted during the withdrawal. In General Musharraf’s words “A military victory was converted into a political defeat.”

An Indian officer told in an interview (Video at the end of this page) that normally the ratio between the attacking force and the defending force is 3:1 but due to the high altitude of the battleground Indian Army Chief increased it to 15:1 but yet they were unable to capture the positions occupied by Pakistani troops. Point 5353 is the highest point in Dras-Kargil area. Its recapture was the most important objective for Indian forces during the Kargil War. But they could never come close to it.

Point 5353 is still occupied by Pakistan, even 14 years after the battle. Pakistan has since fortified it with reinforced bunkers. After the end of the war, Indians tried many times to capture Point 5353 but all their efforts failed. India has now given up the post as ‘untenable’. Also read the article Near Tiger Hill, Point 5353 Still Pak-Occupied published in ‘The Indian Express’ on 13 July 2009.

Kargil War 1999 - Pakistani position on Point 5353 overlooking Indian national Highway (NH 1D) - Facts about Kargil Conflict 1999 - Kargil War 1999

Pakistani position on Point 5353 overlooking Indian National Highway (NH 1D).

Also read the following article published in ‘India Today’ on February 2, 2013:-

Gen VK Singh praises Pervez Musharraf’s courage for crossing LoC before 1999 Kargil operation

Please see a video which gives the real facts of Kargil War by Pakistani, British and Indian TVs. This video shows General Pervez Musharraf and Jaswant Singh, former Indian Foreign Minister, in the talk show “The Outsider With Tim Sebastian” hosted by the legendary BBC journalist Tim Sebastian. This video also includes a talk show of ARY News with Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and General Musharraf.  India TV gives glimpses of the Kargil War and tells about the destruction of Ammunition Depot by Pakistani fire which caused Rs. 100 Crore loss to India. Then lastly a brief interview conducted by a female host of ND TV of India with Musharraf where she asks him,”Do you have any regrets about Kargil now that you are such a welcome visitor in India?”

I am no fan of General Musharraf but I like the way he smilingly gave her a very apt reply,”Do you expect me to ever say that ‘Yes, I regret it’ ? If somebody was to ask Indian Prime Minister ‘Do you regret having divided Pakistan and made Bangladesh?’, would he say ‘yes, we are very sorry’? How would you expect that I would regret?”

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  1. Qali Bakhsh says:

    When Pakistan wanted to fight against terrorism that was the big problem for both state due to extremist they were apposite the system of

  2. zohaib kazmi says:

    im fed up listening indians ……they always say that we pakistani lost all 4 wars .I wonder … 1948 when pakistanarmy established they alongside with mujahadeen captured a large area which is azad lashmir we gained area in 1948 war . then 1965 war we successfully defended 2nd largest battle tanks attack from indiam side on chawinda over 150 tanks were destroyed and indian left there tanks and ran away we captured tanks of indian army ..90000pakistani army soldiers were enough to penetrate into indian border we entered 15_20 km inside indiam border from kasur side pak fazia destroyed your 150 aircraft losing just 14 in return alam destroyed your 5 aircrafts in less thn a minute and made world record our navy went deep into indian ocean and deatroyed ur dwarka port and return.successfully…your pm shastri died due to heart attack on tashkent treaty and still indian dreaming that they won all four wars nice joke noe come to 1971 war beside all strategic advantages that india has we fought bravely esst pakistan came into being as bangladesh due to political reason we made mistakes you people were not men enough to seperate pakistan.and in kargil war suffer heavy causality 30000 indian soldiers were fighting against 5000 mujahaden and pakistani soldiers altough they nev er achieved their objective instead they suffer embarrassment if ur not agree with me go.and watch kishan.pal saying on kargil which was lef general at that war ….

    • Beta abhi takk tumara punjabi, haryani aur rajput hindhus kay sath paala nahi parra. Sallay tum log to apnay baap kay be sagay nahi aur b.C convert ho gayay. Hamay kaya sikhatay ho. Lagta hari singh nallua ko bhul gayay. Behan chodo itni choday gay phir hum hindhoo say tumm panga nahi logay. Punjabi. Haryani.rajathani hindhoo say loo panga. Tumhari maa, behan ko tumharay samnay na choday to batana. Behan chod ho tumm mullay. Koi identity nahi hai tumahri tumhari problem identity crisis hai. Tum bantay to Arabian muslims ho parr arab kay log tumhay aab be hind kay nakali muslims kehtay hai. Baap ka pata nahi aur batay dekho. Harami ho tuum jinn ko baap ka pata nahi. Aur wo zahil hamid haar baar phatwata hai hasan nisaar say phir be akaal nahi. Sallo bekh mango kabhi America say paisay mangtay ho kabhi china say. Apni tumhari ekk 25 paisay ke aukaat nahi. China jo fuss weopan hotay hai wo day dayta hai aur hamay akhay dekhtay ho. America say f-16 laynay thay inn bekh mango nay. 3 saal taak paisay nahi jamma karr payay

    • Asli aukaat dekhni hai na to Saudi Arabia may dekho wo be Muslims hai na parr tum logo ko p.r nahi daytay. Aur to aur zahil hamid ko be arrest kaar liya tha. Tum khuh kay frog ho. Asli aukkat dekhni hai to u.s.a, England, canada aur even Saudi Arabia may dekho jo tumhay chor aur terrorist mantay hai. 25 paisay ke aukaat nahi aur batay dekho. Salwaar kamej pehan tay tumhari brave soldiers jo khusray aur ladies dalti hai. Uniform silva tumm saktay nahi aur batay kartay ho 1965, kargil ke jeet ke. Kabhi najam sethi aur hasaan nisaar ko be sunna karro. Akal ayay ge kuch bekh mango

    • Kazmi load shedding ke tumharay problem, petrol 3 dinn takk milta nahi. Khanna tumhay khanna nahi aata. China aaj sath chor day tumhari asli aukaat pata lag jatay. Tumhari identity hum hinduoo say hai Saudi Arabia may na kay Arabian muslims say. Identity crisis hai tumhay. Hassan nisaar theek kehta hai. Sidh, balochistan alag country banwayay gay hum. Gabrao nahi. Hum dimag say ladtay hai tumm jaisay zahil koum say. Humm puree army nahi lagatay

    • Oo kaday najam sethi nu ve dekh laya karro. Pehla tuhada musharraf kehanda kargil ch tay kashmiri mujhadin nay. Iss karkay uhh reinforcement nahi bhej sakda se. Ehh tay baad ch pata lag gaya se telephony tape cho jado China ch musharraf nay Pakistan gaal kitti tay utho confirm hoya kay Pakistan northern light infantry hai. Jaddo india nay puree tarah tokhya air force tay bafforce naal tay tuhaday kol paisay nahi se larran wastay phir shariff 4 July nu America bhaja gaya. Cheema tussi saliyo saach na dassya karro. Lie bolan ch number one ho tussi

  3. Gajanand Thakur says:

    No , no Cheema Sir and Paki brothers! As posted by me above,Kargil war was total humiliation for Pak Army. US saved your face.
    Pak army is great but even-
    1. Lost Bangladesh.
    2. Meek surrender by 92000 of them.
    3. Still daydreaming about Kashmir
    4. Osama was killed but they had no knowledge of it.

    If you read Indian Papers, then why don’t you read post of Irfan Husain in “Dawn” as I have mentioned in earlier post.
    You people never accept reality. Kindly accept your own writers.
    Happy dreaming brothers……

  4. Pakistan Army always does good work, thanks Pak army.

  5. Amit Bajwa says:

    Haha, poor Pakistanis! Can’t stand that we beat them fair and square in 1965, 1971, and 1999. It’s hard to digest for them that they were broken down to two pieces, and then we took over Kargil back and also took Siachen.

  6. Gajanand Thakur says:

    From Horse’s Mouth-
    From Irfan Husain of Dawn in 26/9/2016 edition of “The Statesman”-
    Why Nawaz can’t get it right
    You’d think that after having picked three army chiefs of staff, Nawaz Sharif would have got pretty good at it. You’d be wrong.
    Each time he has selected an army chief, the prime minister has been disappointed. In his eternal quest to get ‘apna banda’, or his guy, he has mostly picked somebody who was loyal to the institution of the army rather than to the person who elevated him.
    After the Kargil fiasco in 1999, Musharraf faced flak from the officer corps for having launched a campaign that cost many lives, and then having to pull back. In fact, it was Nawaz Sharif who saved the army from total humiliation by flying to Washington and begging president Bill Clinton to intervene. In the wake of the mutual recrimination and loathing that followed, it was a matter of time before Nawaz Sharif tried to get rid of Musharraf. In a bungled reverse coup against the army chief, it was the prime minister who lost his job.


    • Malik Hassan says:

      You Indians, tumhari government aur tumhari coward army aur tum sub loge 2 number ho. We won 1999 Kargil War. Tumahri army ka morale down tha, phir sulah ho gaye thi. 1965 mein bhi tum loge raat ko buzdilloun ki tatraha aaye aur phir tumhey haar ker waapis jaana parra. Aur rhai baat 1971 War ki, wo bhi tum logoun nay fraud kia tha. Tum Indians ho hi fraudy, tum loge kutch bhi nahi kar saktay aur Pakistan kay saath jang karney ki sochnaa bhii nahi, warnaaa tumharey pass kucth nhi rahey gaa.

      • meray dost inko sirf in ki news sun kar khush rehnay do kyun kay in may itni himmat pehlay din se he nahe kay yeh log sach ka samna kar sakay……1965 ki jaag begairaton ki tarha inhonay hari tabhe 71 ki jaag may pit per war kya aur bangaldesh hum se alag kya kyun kay yeh jaantay thay agar ais bar bhe samnay se aaye to pakistani army ki wahaan se gosay gy jahaan ka woh pisab peetay hain aur rahy baat kargil ki humesha ki tarah america kay jakar chosay aur kaha kay pakistan se kahey humhain muaaf kar day aur humari izzat rekhay jabhe 21 post per kabzay may se 3 inko wapis day kar aur humarau kum nasal wazir-e-azam ko paisay day kar kargil ki war india kay naam se registered karwai agar waqai ground reality abhe yeh jakar dekhain to shayed apni army per thook kar he aayengay aur aak baat hum aaj bhe kehtay hain buhat dum hey to aak bar aakar phr azma lo inshaAllah ais bar agar tum pura india pura lay gaye to phr kehna……………..

  7. Khalid Khan says:

    Array O Buzdil Indians, himat hai tou Pakistan per direct hamla ker kay dikha dou, tumhari eantt say eantt baja dain gay. Chup ker war kartay ho. You are looser. 2 din pehlay tumhary Army Cheif nay khud biyaan diya hai kay, “Agar Pakistan per hum hamla kertay hain tou nuqsaan hmara hi ho ga”.
    Aur hamray sher jaisay dil walay Army Chief General Raheel Sharif nay biyaan diya hai kay “India agar hamla kerta hai tou keray, hum uss ka bharpoor jawab dain gay”.
    Aur is say bhi berh ker Indians yaad rakhna, hum nay abhi Ghazwa-e-Hind bhi larna hai. Iss liye tayaari ker lo apni chitaoun (dead bodies) ko jallanay ki.

  8. Dheeraj Choudhary says:

    Please ask Nawaz Sharif, Musharraf and other generals about Captain Vikram Batra, Captain Anuj Nayyar, Officer Manoj Pandey, Yogendra Singh Yadav and thousands of more Indian brave hearts. They were among the thousands who made your “brave soldiers” run back to Pakistan’s side of LOC. Just think before comparing yourselves with India.

    • Adeel Akhtar says:

      General VP Malik (Indian General at time of Kargil War) said, We lost so many people”.
      “We didn’t win the Kargil War” was said by Kishan Paul, the former General of Indian Army.
      1797 Indian soldiers killed by Pakistan Army
      1363 indian’s wounded
      56 POWs
      1 fighter shot down
      1 helicaptor shot down
      1 fighter jet crashed by Pakistan Army
      And in 1965 we captured 494 square miles of India, then India starting crying in front of UNO, therefore we returned back your area. Kindly see the documentary of BBC News. You are loser, Dheeraj Choudhary.
      And for Kargil you have to find out the documentary of Kishan Paul in Indian newspapesr or in BBC’s newspapers of May, June and July 1999. Pakistan destroyed Indian power at Kargil in 1999.

  9. Ali Hasnain Siddique says:


  10. Arshad Ali Khan says:

    Indian people to bohut sochtay hain kay hum jeetay hain, lekin apni army say jaa ker poocho kaya tabahi machai thi Pakistani army nay. Abb batain chorna khatam ker do. 🙁
    100 baat ki aik baat, kahan 100 crore aur kahan 20 crore! Agar dum hai to aa jao na, 20 crore hee tumharay liye kaafi hain. 🙂

    • True Indian says:

      Yeh jo tumharey Gerenal loge tumhain story sunnatey hain, sub fake hain. 1971 mein kaya haal tha, jub hum ney Bangaldesh banaya tha, aap kitna bhi kuch ker lo, kabhi shidhi nahi hoti. America aur China ki aid lainay walo, hum Mars per pouhunch gaye, tum abhi bhi India mein gushney ki sochtye ho.

      • Umer Jutt says:

        1965 War yaad hai na?
        Aur India ko Mars pey janey ki tou per gai hai but jo tum logoun kay apnay loge bhook say marr rahey hain un ka kia? Jo tum loge minorities kay saath ker rahey ho uss ka kia? Aur maira khiyaal hai kay dunya janti hai kay American aid kone khata hai… mujhey kutch kehney ki zaroorat nahi hai.. warna tum loge UNO kay pass bohut jaldi bhaag jatey ho.

        • Dheeraj Choudhary says:

          Achhi tarah yaad hai. Jub tum loge Kashmir, Longewala, etc. lainay kay liye aaye thay, magar tumhara toh Lahore ko bachana mushkil ho gaya tha.

          • Malik Hassan says:

            Lahore ko bachaana mushkil ho gaya tha ya tumhari coward army ko Lahore say bhaagna mushkil ho gaya tha? Pehley jaao aur kutch seekh ker aao, phir baat kerna.

  11. This is the most unresearched paper I have ever read.

    • Dear ‘Babu’,
      Please read the first paragraph of this post again, reproduced here:
      “This is a very brief account of what happened in Kargil in 1999. It is meant for those readers who are totally unaware about the broad details of this operation. Ones interested in details about tactical and strategical aspects and lessons learnt etc., are requested to do their own research on the Internet.”

  12. To all Indians posting in reply to this article and comments, thereof, I would urge to keep this in mind. “Do not stoop down to the level of a stupid. They will beat you with experience (of being stupid for long) !!”.

    There are in no way comparable with India in all fields. It is Pakistan folks who are keen to flock Bollywood or any show managed/hosted by Bollywood. Their Cricket board is on their knees pleading to play cricket series so that they can get some ‘oxygen’ (read it as cash) to survive. We all know how they have been crying fowl when India rejected Pak players from participating in IPL and shouting ‘sour grapes’.

    They are just good at disappointing India and distance even more. If only they had ‘business’ sense they would have toned down and enjoyed share of the economic growth India has enjoyed in the IT and Services section (which China is yet to achieve, this is in response to the comment comparing China vs India, earlier in the post).

    Pak is just good at harbouring people we rejected or hunting to get them to books like ‘D’ Company, Hafiz, etc. I have seen many people from within Pak going on record (on Youtube / TV) acknowledging the benefits and welfare of people on the Indian side of Kashmir. All I can say and see is that Pak is spiraling down economically and it will be ruined sooner than later. God save them.

    I have no issues with Pak people. I live in a country where we have amicable relationship with them and indeed enjoy my time with them.

    • Seven Star says:

      We, unfortunately facing some mean leaders like Nawaz Shrif but Alhamdo Lillah we have a brave army. I am not here to talk about IPL, cricket, etc. because ones who bark in front of your door (INDIA), really cheap, 3rd class people and not even true Pakistani. I am just here to tell you please look at the ratio of army which belongs to both countries. Look at Muhammad bin Qasim’s, Tariq bin Ziad’s, Salah-ud-Din’s, and Teepu Sultan’s history. Truly said someone for you “Baghal mei churri, moonh pe Ram Ram”.
      It is my advice to pray always in front of your Bhagwan “Pakistan never governed by a true leader like Quaid-e-Azam or to have a commander like Muhammad bin Qasim” but it will not be done In Sha Allah because your Baghwan is helpless and we don’t bow in front of dependents.

      • Haaaa, tum converted harami ho. Jinno ko baap ka patta nahi. Mohammed qasim nahi. Shri krishna tumhara baap tha. Jaao aur Mohan jodro may jaa kar dekho. Tum saab Hindu thay aur convert huayay ho. Yeh hamari dariya dilli the jo tum logo ko Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh day diya. Shuru say bekh mangay thay aur raho gay. Iss chez ka jhut to nahi kay 1947 say pehlay Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan hindhoo ka tha. Wo mehar banni ho harami gandhi ke jo tumhay Pakistan milla. Nahi to tumhay lund millna tha bekh mango

  13. Kalyan Kalisetti says:

    Hi Everyone in this blog,

    Difference between Indian Army and Pakistan Army:

    India occupied Siachen in 1984 )Operation Meghadoot) fearing Pakistan may claim Siachen by granting permissions to Expeditions. When Paksistan observed that India is atop Siachen, they gave up because they thought it would be difficult to fight with enemy on top/heights.

    Same situation is seen in Kargil war, only difference is Pakistan is at Kargil peaks.

    But brave Indian Army did not give up and drove the pakistanis out of Kargil.

    Parvez Musharraf is intelligent than Nawaz Sharif who is made a bakara in this total conflict.

    When Nawaz sent to USA for ceasefire, Parvez claimed that Military Victory is converted to Politcal defeat.

    Parvez who fought wars with India in 65, 71 and 99 in different capacities, but never tasted any success.

  14. MUHAMMAD MUNAWAR AHMED (Karachi) says:

    Gali dena habit hai Indians ki, haqeeqat say waasta nahi, srif 5000 mujahid Kashmir mein hain woh tumhari army say samhaltay nahi unn kay khouf say Indain army kay buzdil jawaan khudkushi kartay hain ya phir apnay baray rank kay afsar ko maar detay hain. 750000, atni bari tadaat aur yeh morale.
    1965 War: Kahan tum kahan hum, India kay pass 750 air jets Pakistan kay pass 175 total air jets aur tum logon kay pass bohut kuch, 11 lacs ki army hamaray pass 350000 total. kioun bhaag gaye sazo samaan chore kay? Weapons chlalana nahi aata tha ya larna bhool gaye thay?
    1971 War: Logon ko bharka k ghaddari karwa kay bohut khush ho, Modi sarkaar nay qabool bhi kar liya kay “1971 mein mulk hum nay toura tha”.
    Pata hai yeh zulm hum nay bardasht kioun keya? Tum kam-zehno ko kaya samhaj aek doosra mulk wajood mein aaya lekin Musalmaano ka. Humaray sabar ki wajah yeh hai warna Hindustan kay itnay tukray kartay kay tum loge apnay aap ko Hindu bolna chore detay.
    Challange kartay rehye ho tum loge, phir aatay kioun nahi? Intazar hai sub barabar ho jaye ga, IN SHAH ALLAH.

  15. Chaudhary Bilal Sialkoti says:

    First of all hats off to you Gen Musharraf, and haan tum Hindustani logo mujhay aik baat ka jawab do. Yeh jo tum loge bari dhamkiyan day rahay ho, kay ‘hum jeetay thay’, blah blah, zara aik baat btao. Agar tum logoun mein itni himat thee toh America kay pass kiyoun bheek mangnay gaye thay kay Pakistan say hamari jaan churwa do?

    • Very good reply to Indians.

    • Ashu Mishra says:

      Yaar tab ka naa tujhey patta hai naa mujhey kuch sahii say pataa hai …per abhi ka patta chal raha hai kay tum dartay bahot ho. 🙂 Khair faqeeroun ki tarah jeena chorre dou aur khud bhi kutch karo tou maanay hum. Khud ki aik bus ki company kholi nahi jaati aur chalay hain hum say larnay …Aik baar larray tou economy aisi girri kay aaj tak uth na payee, doosri baar laro gay tou economy bachay gi hee nahi jo uthaani parray gi …Lol

      • Hassan Ch. says:

        Jiss qaum kay paas toilet hee nahi hain apnay logoun kay liay woh chalay hamein economy ka batanay….hahaahah. Lol.

        • Swarnali says:

          Tumhare pass toilet hai kya. Jhute kahika. Vikhari to tum ho. Aur gaddar tum sab ke sab. Ye desh hamara Hindu aur Boudh aur Jsino ka tha. Tum vikharion aur choron bahar se aakar gaddari se hamare desh me ghusa. Wo to hamare desh ks kamal hai tum ko panah dia. Aur fir British ke ssth milke khub batwara karlia. Tum jaise badmasho ki khair nehi. Hum kisi pe yunhi jor dikhane nehi jate ….agar jatey to tumhsra pant gila hojata. Bewakuf jag ke sapne dekha karo. Dunia var me musalmano ka ek hi pahechan ke wo terrorist hai. Yehi ek kazm jante ho tum.

      • Beta potty karne k liye Google ne ek new app di hai tm Indian ko jaa k woh use kro jang Hindustan k hijroon ka kaam nhi toilet search kro shabash

  16. Najeeb ansari says:

    I think kargil was a misadventure by Pakistan army just like operation Gibraltar in 65 , operation Chavez khan in 71 then this stupid operations with out taking in confidence political govt. But when India reacted Pakistan army was in a fix and they were loosing their own position. Musharaff then told Nawaz to go to USA for cease fire. Later they put all the blame on him. Nawaz wanted to sac musharraf but as he was not bold enough he waited for the opportunity to sac him.but musharaff toppled the political govt and took over. Kargil was a panga taken by a economically weak country with a much larger and stronger country. If u have 100 rs in pocket and think of having dinner in 5 star hotel then the hotel authorities will make u clean all their toilets and utensils for many days and then u will b kicked off the hotel.

  17. Mohammad Jamal says:

    Col Cheema,
    Sir, thank you for the true and real details about Kargil Conflict. I recently watched a talk show by Najam Sethi for which I was misguided about the true facts of Kargil.
    “War does not determine who is right – only who is left.” Bertrand Russell

  18. Akhilesh says:

    Dear friends ,
    Papaji papaji hee hote hain.

    • Swapnil Fase says:

      No matter who won or loss. One thing surely lost is humanity. Pakistan should ponder over the fact that what they got after doing Kargil? Pride? in whose eyes? International community? If Pakistan were 100% right then why they withdrew troops in international pressure especially when all Pakistani claim Allah is in their side?. When Allah is in your side and you think that war is inevitable with India then genuinely enter into war. What is fun doing Kargil?
      After World War 2, entire Europe understood there is no fun in fighting instead work for the betterment of people with help of each other. Pakistanis may feel that Indians fear from war and writing this but it is not the case. If Pakistan believes that Allah is on their side and no-one can beat them then fight with the true spirit of soldier and invade India and see the magic or else stop doing coward action like Kargil. Pakistan must understand Allah is not their property. Humans are equal in the eyes of Almighty and He always shower His blessing whoever is correct and genuine; be it Pakistan or India. So let’s fight and see who is correct….
      Well, we have not learned anything from past. Let’s have one nuclear war to understand the damage it can do to humanity… and then we will be good human beings….If we genuinely want to improve human condition across two nations, we should concentrate on development rather.

      • Ghulam Ali says:

        I agree toyo ur last word.

      • Hey dear firstly make your own self clear that you want war or not. And before blaming Pakistan take a look into yourself. 99 out of 100 attacks are being initiated from Indian side and when Pakistani shers respond you people just hide and claim that Pakistani’s attacked. You even don’t have the courage to accept that bullshit what you always do.

  19. Dear Lt Col (R) Rashid Zia Cheema,
    Keep up the good work…..we are starting A state of the art news website for Pakistan. Can you write or provide video or your interview on the Pakistan stance as you mentioned here to tell the people of Pakistan a true picture.

  20. Sami Khan says:

    Hello every body,
    I am in the middle of a research project on ‘Kargil’ and I need everybody’s help, please advise me of any book (already have over
    70 books on Kargil) or articles, Info, etc.
    My email is: savetax@

  21. It is informative, keep the good work and plz cite detailed cross references, thanks.
    If you have a mailing list plz add my email.

  22. Malik Asad says:

    Gen Musharraf, what a great man you are!!
    Sir, I salute you for your bravery. You are a true hero for Pakistan, I want you to be the President or Prime Minister of Pakistan again.

  23. Some observations here, to all my Pakistani friends
    1. I have read Quran and Hadith, nowhere it is mentioned that Allah is always on the side of Pakistan. Stop claiming that just
    because you are Muslim. Allah is on your side.
    2. Muslims in India hate Pakistan more as the whole country is now rotten. Thnx to your generals who imposed wars with whatever little taxes Pakistan economy could collect.
    3. Please check…India’s most infertile state has more GDP than Pakistan.
    4. 12 cities in India collect more taxes than entire Pakistan.
    5. While Pak aAmy squanders money in unnecessary wars, its citizens die in poverty.
    6. Bilawal Bhutto lead a life of aish-o-araam while his father siphoned off Pakistani money to his personal accounts.
    7. Lastly…forget India…plz save yourself from American drones and Taliban.
    8. Pakistan has become a joke to the world. Please wake up to save your country.

    • Saqib Khursheed says:

      Mr. Nirbhay,
      What about 1965 and 1971 War? Who imposed and started it? Forget this Taliban or American drones….. American is the one who pressurized Pakistani PM to withdraw from Kargil otherwise no one can take Kargil and Tiger Hill…. You always lose the war…… and Pakistan beat you without taking anyone’s support…… and you immediately take America’s help………. You have to be careful of China….. they will soon finish you.

      • Dear Saqib,
        Ask a 5 year old to sit on top a straight 90 degree wall. Give him a few toys to throw on you….and then see how quickly you evict him from the top.

        Even when Pak Army was sitting on top in well entrenched bunkers…with all possible fortifications and with a massive element of surprise…the Indian Army still flushed them out. How ridiculous can it be for Pakistan?? Indian Army captured Tololing, Tiger Hill and almost all other critical peaks.

        We even gave proper religious burial to all the deceased Pak soldiers. Contrast that with what Pak Army did with Lt Saurav Kalia – search for him if you don’t know.

        Get over this media propaganda from your side.

        Kargil, despite all its surprise element from the Pak side, was a military and political disaster for you guys.

        All the best for the future!

        P.S. 1971 war? Just read the amount of murders and rapes your favourite Pak Army did in a matter of months in Bangladesh. Do you even know about it? Please search and read third party articles on this. India was managing more than 10 Million refugees from Bangladesh at one point of time. We had to intervene. We did not force the war on Pak…you did it on yourself!

        • S. Sohaib Ahmed says:

          Get your facts straight man. Not even one post was taken by India. Not even one. Pakistan withdrew on international pressure and you were only able to kill the soldiers withdrawing off the posts.

          • Anonymous says:

            I agree, get your facts correct. Mr. Nawaz Sharif had gone on record and said Indian army had destroyed and eliminated our entire Northern Light Infantry…. These are in public domain. If you’ll search enough, you’ll get all records.
            What Pak government told you was to save themselves because they’ve used all your tax money and just lost everything. If you trust that’s true that USA was pressurizing Pakistan to withdraw from Kargil why did you listen to them. Did India go to USA for seeking advice? If it’s matter of two nations, who’s USA to speak? Mr. Vajpayee declined USA’s invitation to talk because entire world knows that India didn’t cross the LOC. And so no one can officially intervene in Kargil matter. What your government tells you is true, tell your government to say this in public infrom of international stake holders. I’m sure they’ll deny.

            • Basit ali says:

              U Indian don’t worry about our tax money if r taxes used against India we will spend more … be in ur limits and stop brutality in Kashmir .one day all will beat and ur country eliminate from map ….dont worry we r preparing our self against u …

        • Hasan Jawaid (USA) says:

          Varun, Nirbhay, and Likes,

          Not that anyone cares on our side on your pretending to be brave, the whole world, not just us, knows the shoddy quality and level of preparedness Indian Army possesses. Has anyone with sanity on your side ever seriously pondered why such a disproportionately large army (20:1 ratio) with a large economy to support has not been able to harm Pakistan in any way? Indian Army’s current and ex senior leadership, including PM and his advisers, know not to make statements that would come to haunt them, go ask them. It is the fear of Pakistan Army’s fighting (strike) capabilities, level of preparedness and commitment that runs deep down in their blood giving them spine chilling nightmares. You’re not doing a good job pretending to be brave concealing your fear. Stay away from vain talk.

          • Anonymous says:

            Hasan Jawed,
            If it’s vain talk, why would Nawaz Sharif needs to go on record that Indian Army had destroyed their entire Northern Light Infantry… You’re living in dream, Hasan Jawed! And you keep believing blindly to your masters. Just open your eyes and see what has happened in Kargil. Indian Army kicked you out despite having the best position during the War. You were fighting from the top of the hills and India fighting at bottom of the hills.
            Wake up now, still you’ve time. Don’t spend your money in sponsoring terrorism. It didn’t help in last 60 years and it will never. Instead focus on development of your own country. Think of your fellow Pakistanis.

        • Subramanyam Chandra says:

          Tiger Hill is Point 4660. Point 5353 is another peak which was with Pakistan and is still with Pakistan! So, this article’s first statement itself is a lie….

          • Mr. Subramanyam Chandra,
            The related portion of this article is reproduced here:-
            “…Pakistani soldiers climbed up the snow-bound passes and occupied some high positions, including Tiger Hill and Point 5353..”
            No on said that Point 5353 was captured by Pakistan. Point 5353 and Tiger Hill were vacant during winter and these were ‘occupied’ by Pakistan.

    • Awesome reply Nirbhay 🙂 !!

    • HASSAN MUJTABA says:

      Mr. Nibrhay,
      no 1 if u read quran? but not carefully that THERE is no use of word PAKISTAN IN QURAN there is somewhere Gazva hind is discussed……. no 2 you starts the trait of war in1948 and 1965 remember if not than google it no 3 one is some for people of mind and thinkings ……….. GDP MONEY BUGJET thats fucking is not all… zara nam ho to ye matti bari zarkhaiz ha saqi no 4 we are first in every thing karachi collects a lot of money in place of taxes understand????? no 5 if u dont know than i told u that ur government serves a great budget foe arms ant tanks and for the bears budjet there is 20,0000 dollers mind it man ur country is more poor than us most no 5 remember the budjet of rahul for parties in taj hotel and by the way zardari had a lot of money in heritance what rahul had??? think about it man no 6 we have sharpen our swords in in zarb e azab aginst talibans no 7 have no answer because its imoral to speak on anothers caracter without knowing him no 8 I AM HASSAN MUJTABA

      • Hassan brother, I completely agree with you but to be very honest we don’t have to reply to Indian brainwashed losers.

  24. Lt Col (R) Murawat Hussain (67th PMA) says:

    With due respect to all my seniors I ask only one question, why they did not speak same thing to their Comds for the betterment of Pak Army, brave young officers/soldiers and Pakistan? These things can be discussed indoor only as disputes are not yet settled with our neighbour.
    Every one of us is operational master but none is logistic master which is the real cause of our failure in 1965 War (Operation Gibraltar, Operation Grand Slam), 1971 wWr (Operation Lab-Baik,….) and Kargil (Operation koh-e-pema). We must look into the matter right from PMA where we were taught “Adm & log – Normal” then in all professional courses. We mst pray for the success & betterment of our armed forces in which we played our role whether good or bad.
    At the end I must say only one thing that always believe your seniors and have full faith on your subordinates. All are answerable to their conscious, nation and Allah Almighty.

  25. Listen guys, let me tell you one thing. In the past whatever happened we can not hold responsible to any particular country for wars because both countries did mistakes. But it was history, why to repeat it. It would give us nothing but destruction. Whatever is happening today is useless because it will only end up in nuclear holocaust.
    So forget the past mistakes and make peaceful relations with India. Do not hate India just for what our ancestors have done. We are the new generation and we have to prove that we can build peaceful relations and can become friends.

  26. Shame on politicians who divided Pakistan in 1970’s and then lost Kargil War. Its not democracy, its Hypocrisy and Gullo-crisy. We Muslims should go for khilafat instead of democracy. Our existance lies in Khilafat. Democracy was introduced to suppress the khilafat but it should be kept in mind that what Allah has decided is final and it will happen, IN SHA ALLAH.

    • Hasan Jawaid (USA) says:

      Dear AS Khan,
      I couldn’t resist smiling over your suggestion of khilafat. There are probably 8 or 9 traits that Quran has emphasized that a leader/khalifa ‘MUST’ have to lead a Muslim nation. These traits are ‘MUST’ & not just good to have. I don’t claim to be a historian but I haven’t found these traits in anyone except Prophet, peace be upon him, his ahlul bait, the 4 Caliphs, great sufis and saints and that’s pretty much where the list ends -unfortunately it is a short list. If you find one with all those 8 or 9 traits please let me know, I would be among the first one to follow him.
      Best of luck …

      • Sam Khan (Austin, Texas, USA) says:

        Hasan Jawaid,
        Two wrongs don’t make a right, even a caliph with half of those traits which YOU mention (I’m not sure where you read them) will be better than these democratic leaders. No matter how harsh, irrational is your biological / real / legitimate father is, you will never and should never accept the man in the neighbor no matter how rich, handsome and kind he might be.
        And I know how “eager” you are for living under Khilafah…. We all know that..
        and you also know that …. moron hypocrite go get a life.

        • Hasan Jawaid (USA) says:

          Dear AS Khan,
          It isn’t very difficult to use foul and dirty language and you might continue with such profanity at home and with your friends, but please maintain the decorum in this forum. This place is for educated and cultured people, don’t expose holes and weaknesses in your upbringing in this forum. Followers of Caliphs don’t hurl abuses, they express wisdom and logic. They think, learn and lead and become source of knowledge and light to others; ignorance is worst enemy and unfortunately, we Muslims, are plagued with it.

  27. Pakistan withdrew from Kargil because if the war had become full fledged then they would have suffered on the other borders. If they would have used nukes, some part of India would have been destroyed but Pakistan would have been wiped off the world map.
    In 1965 War initially India lost in many places but then pushed the Pakistan Army back and Pakistan agreed to a ceasefire because she saw that it cannot fight a long war, it does not have the means. Same even now, Pakistan cannot fight a long war, it does not have the means to do so.

  28. Imran Abbas says:

    Many things are coming in one’s thoughts, Indians say what is in favour of them, Pakistanis say what is in favour of them.
    My dear Indians remember, India is also our country, you hadn’t faced such problems which Pakistan army is facing. You have only and only to defend your borders, but Pakistan army has to look after Islamabad and Karachi and whole of the Muslim world. We don’t give you so importance. We don’t have Indian phobia but you have Pakistan phobia all the time.
    Remember!! you have only one country, we have sixty.

  29. Gen Musharraf, what a great man you are!! Sir, I salute you for your bravery. You are a true hero for Pakistan, I want you to be President or Prime Minister of Pakistan again.

  30. Akash Pawar says:

    I trust in Indian Army. I participated in Kargil Conflict. During the battle Anuj Panday and Vicky were great fighters.
    The cause of the conflict was the infiltration of Pakistani soldiers and Kashmiri militants into positions on the Indian side.
    Then after some times the action taken by Indian Army was mind blowing.

  31. Bikram Singh says:

    Appney moonh mian mithu.

  32. I salute Gen Musharraf for this brave act. Zindabad Pak Army!!!!

    • Srmeje says:

      In fact, Pakistan Army was not able to withstand Indian massive attack …. you people, just lying for self-satisfaction. Soldiers ran away for their life, is it a victory? If it is a victory, then why are you out of Kargil and hiding behind in the top hills point 5353.

  33. India has plenty of its own problems. Does Pakistan seriously think India is out to dismember it? If so, it’s delusional and is self destructive.

  34. Athar Rafi says:

    Is Point 5353 still with us? Is it a resounding reply to India’s capture of Siachin?

  35. Capt (R) Rana Muhammad Sadiq (2nd SSC) says:

    Each word of the report is correct especially what Gen Musharaf said. People who say that they were not briefed, tell lies. We never lost although suffered few casualties in withdrawal. Indians have accepted their casualties as 587 in this Conflict and very heavy losses of equipment and ammo. I remember Indians were short of 155 mm ammunition and they purchased from South Africa. As I remember, Kargil area was overtaken by India in 1971. This was no violation from Pakistan but a reply at a suitable time. May Allah help us to do more. We had achieved the aim of shaking the world about Kashmir.

    • Anand K Singh says:

      Kargil to Indians reiterated & substantiated a strongly felt opinion about Pak Generals that they lack the ability to think things through to its logical end.

      Ayub Khan did this in 1965 – Operation Gibraltar.

      In 1971 we saw Laungewala, we also saw the sheer stupidity of Operation Chengiz Khan.

      Kargil, in 1999, was yet another.

      How can anyone be so naive as to expect the enemy to conform to your plans! How can a war be ‘localised’ to suit the aggressor?

      One wonders what is taught in Command & Staff College, Quetta. The kind of plans made would put a Cadet to shame. An attack in Jammu & Kashmir is an attack on India and shall be responded to as such.

      Numerical details of Kargil matter little, what matters is the following:

      1. Were the stated aims of vacating Siachin achieved? In any case could they have been achieved by occupying Kargil? See this in light of the fact that NH1A connecting Pathankot to Jammu has never been severed during hot wars. Surely, did Musharraf believe that alternative routes did not exist or could not be created?

      2. The lies of Pakistan about the intruders not being Pakistan Army soldiers stood exposed.

      3. Once again after the fall of Dhaka was the leader of an Army lying and his Prime Minister had to rush to US on a national holiday – 4th of July – to seek intervention.

      How long will this carry on? and to what avail? All of us have been in different shades of uniforms and have planned & practiced tearing each other apart. All this was relevant then. Now having quit or hung our spurs and seen the world outside our Cantonments one realises – is it worth it?

      • Lt Col (R) Masood Alam (2nd SSC) says:

        Dear Cheema, I know only one thing that during and immediately after Kargil Conflict whole of India was crying in distress and agony and that is enough for me to give 100% marks to my brave soldiers and their General. Well done Musharraf and well done Pakistan Army.

        • Dear sir,
          With due respects since I think you are a professional soldier, many families in Pakistan could not even cry as they never received bodies of their loved ones. Their beloved country for which they fought and died never accepted their bodies. What a shame. Why not report the names of those who died for your nation? Like what Indians did so that every Indian remembers them with pride.

          • Lt Col Masood Alam (retd) 2nd SSC says:

            Dear Amit Sharma,
            In our religion dead bodies are very sacred specially of those who die while defending the country they are SHAHEED, and in Islam they are said to be alive and not dead. So they are respected to the utmost….There was nothing like abandoning the bodies. For your information even the enemy respect the dead bodies and are returned with respect. I myself attended the funeral of a soldier who died in Kargil Conflict. He was given full military honor. My unit was responsible for the ceremonial burial. Have you forgotten Kanal Sher? Every one witnessed their ceremonial burial with all the dignity and honor.
            Your generals who participated in the conflict have themselves accepted that they were loser in this conflict, they have accepted that their Bofors guns were ineffective and their planning was faulty. Only a few days back a general who participated in the Kargil Conflict has broken his silence and said, “I am not convinced in my heart that we won”. So what else I can say and please ask your top people why many officers were court martialed.
            I think you should accept the realities from the horse’s mouth and not what media tells to make you happy.

      • Hasan Jawaid, USA says:

        Anand K. Singh,
        I would have not even responded to your comment but the insidious misinformation you have presented compelled me to clarify a confused mind. Beware, half knowledge is worse than ignorance.

        Your questions remind me of Voltaire who had said something meaningful. I believe your questions have raised serious thoughts about the quality of officers Indian Army produces. This is what Voltaire had said, “You have to Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers”.

        Your questions my friend show gaps in your learning. Not sure if it is institution’s failure to provide you information about Pakistan’s fighting capabilities or you yourself could not imbibe it during your professional career. Whatever the case might have been, it is obvious that you have never held senior appointments in the Indian Army, because if you did, you would have learned Pakistan’s Armed Forces capabilities through RAW’s secret documents as well as formation and Corps commanders.

        You also seem to have shallow understanding of the collaborative strength of land, air and sea forces. Well, you are not alone; this seems to be quite pervasive in the Indian Armed Forces also, this was visible during Kargil action as Indian Army was crying out loud for air support.

        Your comment shouldn’t surprise us, it is the mindset that we all have experienced over several decades and we should be used to it by now. Many, not sure if you are one among them, desiring and attempting to see Pakistan crumble and its armed forces humiliated have kicked the bucket with this prolonged unfulfilled desire. For those who are still around, I would simply restate Churchill’s statement: “If you are going through hell, keep going.”

        Let’s get some facts right. With Indian economy on the rise since 80’s, unmatched billions in defense budget including acquisition of high tech equipment, large recruitment and extravagant spending on training officers (home & abroad) and yet its armed forces fearing to stand up to a tiny country is a question that Indian parliament need to seriously debate and resolve.

        India’s biggest defense is its allies (West & East), NEFA’s conflict of 60’s is before us, it wasn’t able to defend back then and it wouldn’t be able to defend in future without them on its own. This was not the case with Pakistan during any of the wars it fought against India. It rather faced sanctions and numerous threats from Western countries that have all along practiced neo-apartheid behavior which was enough to change the outcomes of wars. So, this is the reality my friend. It’s not the failure of Armed Forces of Pakistan who are trained to fight anywhere, anyplace, anytime; rather, it’s the Western influence which has come to rescue India time and again.

        If you stay connected with state of affairs of Indian Armed Forces, you might want to read Air Marshal Bedi fears about Pakistan Air Force and Gen Verma’s Kargil: Blood on the Snow? Tactical Victory, Strategic Failure. Don’t just read, try and understand from the strategic perspective what forces from either side gained/lost strategically and tactically.

        Few things are harder to put up with than a good reason, Pakistan is one among them.

        • Anand K Singh says:

          Hasan Jawaid,

          Read your meandering reply.

          Instead of judging a man by his questions, I’d rather judge a nation by its actions.

          Please refrain from commenting on the levels I attained for I could then bring myself down to your level to comment upon evident levels of comprehension – something I choose not to do.

          People like Ayub, Yahya, Niazi, Mush, etc attained the highest levels in the Pakistan Army. Are you sure their actions, planning & comprehension on the conduct of war & appreciation of enemy options spoke well of the levels attained? I don’t, & that’s the point I wanted to make.

          Most Pakistani officers still appear to be stuck in the mold of a Young Officer, they lose sight of the larger picture – read reply by Masood Alam of 02 Dec 2013 above.

          Since you are here on this Blog I presume you have service background. The Army seeking air support may sound like ‘crying out loud’ to you. To me its the first step in Jointmanship. Something taught even at grass root level.

          No, we do not want to see Pakistan “crumble or its armed forces kick(ed) the bucket” as you put it. Not because we love Pakistan or the Pakistan Army. Simply because its not in our interest if this were to happen.

          Pakistan (read Pakistan Army & ISI) by its actions over the decades has created this ‘acid’ for others which now has begun to eat into its ‘container’. Collapse of Pakistan and/or the Pakistan Army would make this spill over into India. We’d rather that it stays west of the Radcliffe Line.

          Wars are too serious a thing to be left to the Generals, the battlefield has to be prepared & for this all arms of the nations need to put their weight behind it. Something Pakistan has not displayed – ever. To the likes of you it may appear to be “neo – aparthied behaviour & Western influence saving India”- we call it diplomacy. This can only happen when everyone is on the same page.

          Just for the record, it was Nawaz Sharif who flew to Washington not Vajpayee.

          Pakistan to us is doing a splendid job of tearing itself apart from within – we’d like to keep it this way.

          To end, I’d like to repeat once again – its not worth it. We as nations need to reconcile to our Geography, cherish what we have instead of lamenting on what we do not have & get on with our lives.

          • Hasan Jawaid (USA),1st SSC says:

            Anand K Singh,

            If I were you I would be more concerned about McMahon Line than Radcliffe Line. There are many emerging challenges there that Indian Army needs to be worried about than spending time and efforts on events that have left question marks in the annals on its military leaders’ strategic vision and state of preparedness.

            However, it is interesting to see the level of obsession that Indian armed forces have with Pakistan’s armed forces. Never realized it would be so distraughtful to the other side on Radcliffe Line, I guess the psychological damage inflicted is fait accompli.

            You are right on Nawaz Sharif’ trip to US, his discussion on his return with Pakistan armed forces generals saw an end to the noose that was tightened around Indian Army’s neck for nearly two months in Kargil.

            A word of advice to you, Anand. Let go this obsession and produce, if you can, breed of generals and soldiers who have the metal who can think better and stand up on their own wobbling feet.

            Don’t let your armed forces rely on ‘Diplomacy’ alone, my friend. They may be in for a surprise next time around.

            • Jamil Haider says:

              Dear Cheema,
              I think hats off to Hasan Jawaid for giving a very candid/apt reply, most suited to Anand’s bragging. I won’t enter this unnecessary war of words because sanity demands so. One needs to be clear that India has never reconciled with the existence of Pakistan and may continue to do so in the future. Anand’s remarks about the present state of affairs in Pakistan is reflective of the Indian mindset and their wish that we stay like this. InshaAllah we will get out of this soon. He needs to be reminded also of the over dozen insurgencies in India and the havoc being caused by them.

              While Kargil was a strategic failure, one cannot take away the credit of tactical brilliance and the heavy losses inflicted on a 1:15 ratio superior force. If the watershed had not been occupied at that time it might have been a repeat of Siachin by the Indian Army, keeping their past habit of creeping forward.

              India needs to learn to respect smaller neighbours if she expects reciprocation and Pakistan Army remains a stumbling block in its expansionist designs. Actions rather than words can only change the present scenario if we wish to move forward. India should endeavour to take the lead and be more realistic and pragmatic in its approach while pursuing relations with Pakistan on equality basis. If India continues to do so what is happening in FATA or Balochistan, I am afraid ground realities will never change, at least in the near future. Lessons from the past should be learnt by all foes.

              I leave it at that to be pondered over.

              • Hasan Jawaid says:

                As an afterthought to an exchange of interesting comments with my Indian counterpart, I went on facts finding that underpins the vanity and arrogance that exists across our friendly border. China stood out as a comparable country and I went about investigating the differences between the two. My investigation began assessing where China and India stood on growth rate, annual gdp, foreign exchange reserves, defense and their dream on becoming the strongest regional power. According to Brookings (US think tank) China has surpassed India everywhere and is closer to its dream while India is still searching for its dreams. For those interested in getting more facts might want to read these two articles from Brookings:
                1. Tanvi Madan February 4, 2013, China’s Marathon is India’s Triathlon (
                2. Barry Bosworth and Susan M. Collins, Accounting for Growth: Comparing China and India, Journal of Economic Perspectives—Volume 22, Number 1—Winter 2008 (

                Although India is nowhere close to China, yet vanity, pride and arrogance have assumed alarming proportions in India. Growing economy has worsened its behavior and has morphed it into a bullying nation, while. West as ever, has preferred to play dumb and deaf to its shenanigan with smaller Asian countries.

                However, on the flip side, China has displayed a better sense of maturity that has ensured peace, harmony and stability in the region and has brought it closer to being super power in the region.

                Rightfully so, this has earned China recognition, respect and prominence at the regional and global level. Its military might is better than India but not a single bullet has been fired to gain this respect. This is called peaceful rise of a nation. The entire world looks at Chinese progress with keen interest, particularly its GDP and foreign reserves, while its strategic approach remains a subject of great interest and discussion in Ivy league schools in US and western countries. This should be an example for nations aspiring to be the regional power instead of going around the block with a stick or dagger up their sleeve.

                • Majid Azim (3rd SSC) says:

                  Where do we Pakistani stand? Compare it with India!!!

                  • Hasan Jawaid (USA) says:

                    Blatantly speaking, NO. we don’t even stand close to India in our GDP growth. Our performance has been shabby and GDP has been on a steady decline for number of years due to internal political situation, lack of proper policies, corrupt politicians and absence of governance.

                    Unfortunately every leader that takes over complains about its predecessor but don’t take any action other than building their empire everywhere but Pakistan. My sympathies with everyone in Pakistan for having an infinite capacity for facing miseries and for blind loyalties they seem to have with their political parties and leadership.

                    I have had some friends here in States who held senior positions in Asian Development Bank and it was depressing to hear the inside story about our beloved politicians who rented worn out nuclear equipment that China had decided to junk after utilizing it for nearly two decades. It was nothing but a piece of junk that had outlived its utility and was supposed to be cannibalized and sold for whatever it was worth.

                    There are two expressions that perfectly fit well with our politicians and bureaucrats, they are ‘Friends like you, I don’t need enemies’. The second for our friendly neighbors who can rightfully curve ball us with this one ‘You are doing a good job yourself, you don’t need my help’.

                    Truth be told, India has progressed with a high GDP growth rate for many years and the credit goes to two people – ‘Manmohan Singh’ & ‘Chedamburam’ – who reformed Indian economy and eliminated barriers for businesses that sky rocketed their economic stability.

                  • Thanks for acknowledging Indian GDP and growth. Apart from Mr. Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram, our ARMY is also responsible for same, as they never poke into politics.

                    Few countries across world has Politicized army, unfortunately Pakistan has. Democracy is yet to find its strong base and build nation in Pakistan.

                    Difference between military operation and exercise:-
                    Operation Meghdoot: RAW intercepted Pakistan’s plan to acquire Siachen points, Indian army launched Meghdoot (in short span Indian army got all the outfits needed to survive in extreme condition from same company based in UK (Pakistan also ordered to them the same stuff much before Indian order).
                    Pak Plan intercepted, Executed Outfit arrangements ,captured points operation completed.

                    Initially termed Infiltrators as Mujahedeen.
                    RAW intercepted Musharraf and Gen Aziz’s telephone call.
                    Later Nawaz accepted it as Pak Army’s action.
                    Nawaz flown to US for peace (army and politician difference of opinion).
                    Army withdrawal, objective not achieved.

                    yes Indian causalities were high and it was bound to be as war was fought at different altitude.
                    Monkey over the tree has edge over ground condition.

            • Anand K Singh says:

              Hasan Jawaid,

              Which part of my post gave you the impression that Indian Army relies on diplomacy alone ?

              What you term as obsession with the Pakistan Army is called ‘know your enemy’ by us.

              Thank you for your advice on which side of the Radcliffe Line we should worry about. We shall seek advice when we need it.

              If by ‘wobbly feet’ you refer to the Constitution & Law abiding kind of Generals who do not stage coups and violate the Army Act themselves by overthrowing an elected Govt yet throw the book at a Subaltern who does the same – thank you. We are happy with ours – they win wars for us. Unlike Generals in your land who promote themselves to Field Marshall despite not have fired even a round in anger.

              Indian Generals with ‘wobbly feet’ do not lose half our nation while having drinking binges in the Presidential Palace. Once again, thank you, our kind of Service officers do us fine.

              Now, I do not want to get into a one-on-one with you, so lets leave it at that. If, however, you wish to have the last word – be my guest.

  36. Lt Gen (R) Jamil Haider (2nd SSC) says:

    Dear Cheema, I happened to be part of the Conflict being Comd Arty FCNA. No one goes into the depth of reasons which forced the whole episode. No one talks of the Indian intentions and placing of Indian 70 Bde in Mashkoh Valley contrary to its usual deployment in Srinagar Valley during winters and our preemptive move. No one talks of the environment of 1997/1998 and the linkages with the situation in 12 Div. No one highlights the absence of move of our strategic forces which encouraged the Indians to move all assets up and achieve the 15:1 parity. The role of Indian Arty and IAF is totally over bloated. It can be gauged from the facts that a total of only 12 individuals sustained injuries on gun positions on the entire front of 400 kms and the IAF could knock out only 16 individuals and some stores through over 1500 sorties. One can have long sessions on this issue, I’ll leave it at that. My heart goes out to all those brave men and officers who roughed it out in those trying conditions. Its easy to criticize and in hindsight everyone becomes a thinker. Regards.

    • Dear Jamil Haider, thanks for coming to my rescue. My hands are tied in this bout of discussion because most of the commentators are my good friends and I am not the type to annoy anyone for my ego’s sake. Thanks again for giving some real facts about the Kargil Conflict. It is always good to hear from the horse’s mouth.

      • Brig (R) Majid Azim says:

        Dear Col Cheema,
        We haven’t and will not learn lesson from our history. I salute those brave young officers and soldiers who laid their lives for this country. Unfortunately no one tried to find the drawbacks in planning of this conflict. Because the culprits occupied the top positions, those who would have been sent home ended up 3/4 stars. There are stories of all these chaps telling lies at the time of planning/execution.

        Talolong was to be defended at all cost assuring all out Artillery support but unfortunately after 48 hours troops were left at the mercy of Indian Artillery (Bofors deployed all along Daras-Kargil Road). There was no ration and no ammunition with the troops. I know it when this idea was initiated and pended and reinitiated with the change of command in x Corps. Let us hope and pray that all culprits are taken to task one day. Ameen.

  37. Maj (R) Hasan Jawaid (1st SSC) says:

    Without naming, one of my friend and a current senior officer in Pakistan Army who was here in USA a couple of years ago, out of our casual conversation mentioned that Indian Army doesn’t even blink twice when they are asked to share the information officially about their nuclear assets which is part of annual exchange of information program.

    I have seen this myself first hand as a 2/Lt in Cholistan in 1972. Indians didn’t have the jewels to come inside our territory and I myself, call it a stupid gung ho, intruded behind their defence lines many a times. At one point, they sent a sortie after us. At the end of the day, I called Div HQ and informed them of this. Gen Jehanzeb Arbab happened to visit us on the border and was aware of it. His words were – ‘keep it up’, bring down the aircraft if it intrudes again.

    As for Nawaz Sharif, some of the newspapers had also mentioned him and his son Hasan Nawaz’s having close ties with Atal Bihari Vajpayee during
    their time as prime ministers. At one point, Hasan Nawaz had also requested Atal Bihari Vajpayee to intervene and rescue his father. I am not surprised because this runs in the family.

  38. Brig Anonymous (Name with-held) says:

    We belong to an age group where we need to call a spade a spade. Kargil War was a blunder and a fiasco on our part. Your favorite ‘strategist’ waged a war that had all the ingredients of failure right from the outset. This adventure had nearly landed us in an all out war with India which would have been disastrous for us.
    Military instrument is subservient to and subordinated to the political power. Here, in our case, the grand ‘strategist’ wanted it to be the other way around, i.e. the policy (political) should be tailored to the military instrument. It’s time we learn from our mistakes rather than eulogize some idiot in the name of national honor and draw wrong conclusions.
    I salute but at the same time, feel sorry for the brave soldiers and officers who were needlessly slaughtered for a purposeless venture. Besides, the exchequer was robbed of a sizable amount in the form of the cost of war. Our higher military leadership is alas very poor in reading environment and is always focused at the tactical level of the war. We never learnt from the mistakes of 1965 and 1971 wars and seem to have made a habit of repeating them over and over again.

    • Hi, Anonymous. Good comments. Keep it up.
      I will not involve myself in any discussion. Some reader will reply soon. I will just say to your remark {“Your favorite ‘strategist’} that he is not my “favorite strategist” at all.

    • Maj Hasan Jawaid (1st SSC) says:

      Dear Anonymous,
      I respect your thoughts and feelings but I disagree with you and let me explain to you why. First, in the hindsight, it is easy to debate the decisions in the light of consequences. Second, prognosis offers little or no value if the variables, known and unknown are not taken into account giving details of the environment that prevailed at the time decisions were made. Narrating half the story raises credibility issues. Besides, the effectiveness of such prognosis itself becomes questionable. Playing devil’s advocate, I feel that many people – perhaps including you – would have termed this a work of merit had Indians come to the negotiating table post Kargil action if Pakistan’s lobby, establishment and politicians had done due diligence and supported the action and bringing Kashmir issue to an end once for all. Look at how Indian media, establishment and lobby wail to the whole world to further their cause. I can anticipate a reply from you and others about western censures and my response would have been – are we not currently censured despite countervailing terrorism and having gone through huge collateral damage? My two cents, political strategy works when all its essential components are aligned with each other to gain convergence. Is this possible? Yes, if policies are defined and agreed upon by everyone including armed forces. With past and current situation, there has been a severe trust deficit between establishment, armed forces and politicians that has led to unilateral actions which includes Kargil action. Blaming one without considering all the facts is unfair and doesn’t hold value as it gives a biased view of the situation. I am with those who believe that armed forces should be subservient to the government, but was taken aback after listening to Stephen P. Cohen, Senior Fellow (Brookings), Foreign Policy, Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence.

  39. Brig 'B' (name with-held) says:

    Military is an expensive tool of national policy, therefore needs to be judiciously used. Its use should attain the objectives set forth in the national policy. Therefore I don’t buy the phrase used by Gen Musharraf ‘A military victory being converted into a political defeat’. A military operation which fails to attain national policy objectives, how would one grade it victory? The General may be asked to reread Clausewitz and author of Conduct of War. We need to be realistic in our thinking and approach to develop as a progressive nation. There is a difference between military exercise and military operation, the General probably forgot it. What to talk of inter services synergy, there was no coordination even within military tiers. The article does not provide facts, nor it is convincing to any rationale mind. We need to understand that line between image and reality is getting thinner and thinner with fast paced developments in IT. One wonders if the meaning of propaganda has been correctly understood in the article.

    • Dear “B”, you have written excellent comments.

      Do you remember my words when I sent you the link of this article in an email? These are reproduced here:-
      “Many Indians, who will enter the search term “Kargil War”, will also be able to access this page. Keeping that in view, I have intentionally omitted some glaring weaknesses from our side. Just take this article as a counter to Indian propaganda against us on the conduct of Kargil War. You may call it an intellectual dishonesty but I didn’t feel appropriate to wash our dirty linen in public.”
      By the Way, after reading your comments, I have changed the title of this article to “Some Facts about Kargil War” (instead of “Real Facts about Kargil War”). Thanks for your valuable input.

      “Bee”, I’m really sorry that I am not Brave enough to mention our weaknesses but I am proud that there is still a Brave Pakistani who did it all alone by himself in front of many Indian journalists. I salute him for this ‘daring’ act. People call him Nawaz Sharif. Please see his Bravery here:

      The above video is openly available on the Internet.

    • Maj Hasan Jawaid (1st SSC) says:

      Dear ‘B’ (name with held),
      If I may …. I would like to know where Clausewitz philosophy of war fits into this landscape, I have read him and would like to enrich from your perspective on Kargil action. You can see my comments above where I replied to “Mr. Anonymous”.

  40. Lt Col Masood Alam (Retd) says:

    Reply of Gen Musharraf is like a great statesman and a great leader. Pakistan had defeated India in this battle but our politicians and media persons are bent upon telling every one that we lost. I remember in those days Indian media was crying on their great losses which Pakistan Army had inflicted upon them. Pakistan and Pakistan Army Zindabad!!

  41. Col (R) Shahid Kureshi, Dubai (46 Long Course) says:

    Well done Cheema. It is extremely good coverage of the episode in its brevity.

    My only observation is that Kargil does not qualify as “War”. No violation of International Border took place and the operation was restricted to the use of ground forces only by Pakistan. At best it can be termed as an incursion over the LOC which is not an uncommon event from both sides. Having some knowledge of circumstances under which this operation was launched; I commend the planning in time and space; both, in terms of surprise and also more importantly the state of readiness that the Indian Forces as a whole were at the time. To briefly state, the Russian based IAF was virtually grounded and the serviceability state of the Indian armoured formations was next to nothing (the intelligence reviews of the period will bear me out) the Indians were in no position to escalate the issue over international borders.

    Pakistan had intruded in five places and captured the heights; Indian counter attacks came on only one of the five locations and that too was beaten. The other four were never even threatened when the Pakistani Prime Minister’s knees gave way and he ordered a withdrawal. Of the five our gallant soldiers are still flying the National Flag on the most important one. I salute them! Pakistan Army Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad!!!

    • Maj Hasan Jawaid (1st SSC) says:

      Cheema does an excellent job. He brings out interesting subjects that require thinking which essentially is …… Think, learn and lead.
      Good job Cheema.

      • Dear Col Shahid Kureshi,
        The word ‘War’ has been replaced by ‘Conflict’ in the title of this article. Thanks for the correction.

        • Ammad-ud-din says:

          Haqeeqat her koi janta hai….. Aur shaheed janat mein jata hai aur Hindu Ganga mein. Indians baatoun kay sher hain…. Dil kay buzdil. Tanks kay neechay bomb pehan kay laitna…… Indian souch bhi nahi saktay.
          Pakistan army zindabad!!

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