Islam: A Religion of Peace

Editor’s Note: Many fake Islamic websites are found on Internet which create confusion. An endeavour has been made to list authentic websites, duaas and Ahadees (Hadith) here. Any discrepancy should be intimated by writing an instant comment at the end of this page.

– 99 Names of Allah
– Arabic-English Dictionary
Common Mistakes by Muslims Which Need Correction
– Duaa’s for all Occasions
– Hadees (Hadith) Books
– Hadees (Hadith) Related Articles
– Hajj/Umra
– Hijri Date Converter
– Islam & Science
– Islamic Glossary
– Islamic Websites
– Miscellaneous Info about Islam
– Namaz (Salah) Photos & Quotations
– Pardah in Islam
– Photos of Mecca (Makkah)
– Photos of Madina (Madinah)
– Prayer Timings
Qibla Locator  Excellent tool for frequent travelers to find Qibla direction on the computer anywhere in the world.
– Quran
Rizq: Its Importance in Islam
– Ramzan (Ramadan)
– Sunnah
Zamzam Water


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    Today, I came across this website while searching Duas in Ramadan. The best Islamic knowledge for every one.

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