Inspirational Pearls of Wisdom (in Urdu)

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Don’t Trust for the Second Time

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - Don't Trust for the second time - Inspirational Urdu Quotes

Do respect the Silence

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - Do respect the Silence - Inspirational Urdu Quotes

Sehnay walay Kamal kartay hain

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - Batain Sehnay walay Kamal kartay hain - Inspirational Urdu Quotes

Why an Earthen Pitcher remains cool?

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - Why an earthen pitcher remains cool? - Inspirational Urdu Quotes

‘Gharoor Aik Bemari Hai’

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - ARROGANCE is a disease - Inspirational Quotes in Urdu

The Greatest Wisdom!

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - What is the Greatest Wisdom? - Inspirational Quotes

Don’t forget when you become Rich and Happy

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - "Don't forget when you become rich and happy" - Inspirational Quotes

Worldly Gods’ Ultimate Fate 

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - "Worldly Gods ultimate fate" - Inspirational Quotes

Haqooq-ul-Ibaad kay Gunah

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - "Haqooq-ul-Ibaad kay Gunah" - Inspirational Quotes

Don’t Disclose your Miseries to People

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - "Don't disclose your Miseries to People". - Inspirational Quotes

Mardoun ki Tarbiyat

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - "Mardoun ki Tarbiyat" - Inspirational Best Urdu Quotes

“Rishtoun ki Rassi”

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - "Rishtoun ki Rassi" - Inspirational Best Urdu Quotes


Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - " Thokkar" - Inspirational Best Urdu Quotes

Phool Yoon he nahi khill jaatay, Sahib!

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - Phool yoon he nahi khill jaatay, Sahib - Inspirational Best Urdu Quotes

Control your Tongue

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - Control your Tongue - Inspirational Best Urdu Quotes

Work Hard Silently 

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - Work hard silently - Inspirational Best Urdu Quotes

“Gehri Baatain”

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - "Gehri Baat" - Inspirational Best Urdu Quotes

Zindagi and It’s Lesson

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - Zindagi and it's Lesson - Inspirational Best Urdu Quotes

The Finger which wipes your tears

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - The Finger which wipes your tears - Inspirational Quotes

Who is a Great Man?

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - "Who is a Great man ?" - Inspirational Quotes

Think before you Speak 

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - "Think before you speak" - Inspirational Quotes

Worth of a Human Being. Passenger when alive and Cargo when dead 

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - "Worth of a Human Being; Passenger when alive and Cargo when dead" - Inspirational Quotes

“Hassad and Ghummand” (Jealousy and Arrogance). Arrogance is ‘Gharoor’ in Urdu which is the first Sin which Allah dislikes the most.

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - Hassad and Ghummand (Jealousy and Arrogance) - Inspirational Quotes

“Gharoor ka Beej” (The seed of Pride)

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - "Gharoor ka Beej" (The seed of Pride) - Inspirational Quotes

Slavery in a Palace Versus Rule in a Hut 

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - Slavery in a Palace versus rule in Hut - Inspirational Quotes

Remembering Allah’s Bounties 

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - "Remembering Allah's Bounties" - Inspirational Quotes

Use & Misuse of Human Tongue

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - Use & misuse of human Tongue - Best Urdu Quotes

Jealously is Poisonous

Pearls of wisdom in Urdu - Jealously is poisonous - Best Urdu Quotes

Don’t Spoil your Tongue with the Sins of Others

Best Urdu Quotes: Don't spoil your tongue with sins of others - Pearls of wisdom

Insaan ka apna kya hai?

Best Urdu Quotes: Insaan ka apna kya hai? - Pearls of wisdom

Ashfaq Ahmed about Difference Between Momin and Muslim

Quotes of Ashfaq Ahmed - Ashfaq Ahmed about Difference Between Momin and Muslim

Ashfaq Ahmed about Love

Famous Sayings and quotes of Ashfaq Ahmed - Best Quotes of Ashfaq Ahmed - Love is not sacrificing your life for someone, it is the sacrifice of happiness ' Munchalay ka Souda' by Ashfaq Ahmed

AShfaq Ahmed about Teacher

Sayings of Ashfaq Ahmed: Ashfaq Ahmed about a Teacher in the Court in Rome (Italy)

Ashfaq Ahmed about Strong Faith in Allah

Sayings of Ashfaq Ahmed: Ashfaq Ahmed about a Child's Strong Faith in Allah

Learning from Life-Ashfaq Ahmed

Sayings of Ashfaq Ahmed: Ashfaq Ahmed about Learning from Life

Ashfaq Ahmed about ‘Dhoka’ (Deceit)

Sayings of Ashfaq Ahmed: Ashfaq Ahmed about 'Dhoka' (Deceit)

Ashfaq Ahmed about a Cat’s Faith in Her Master

Ashfaq Ahmed about a Cat's faith in her master: Quotes of Ashfaq Ahmed

Amma Sardar Begum: Ashfaq Ahmed

IQuotes of Ashfaq Ahmed: 'Amma Sardar Begum' by Ashfaq Ahmed

Read More Quotes of Ashfaq Ahmed

Read More Quotes of Ashfaq Ahmed

Read More Quotes of Ashfaq Ahmed

Raise Your Character Very High

Best inspirational Islamic sayings - Raise your character so high that people wonder if followers are that righteous, how great would be their Prophet (s.a.w.) -  Best inspirational Quotes

Don’t Wait for Paradise, Let Paradise wait for you 

Best inspirational Islamic sayings - Don't wait for Jannat (Paradise),do good deeds and let Paradise wait for you - Best inspirational Quotes

How to Fix Pay in Islam?

The Concept of Security in Islam

Recognition of You and Your Friends

Learn Content from Birds-Sheikh Saadi

Sayings of Sheikh (Shaykh) Saadi;Learn Content from Birds-Sheikh Saadi Quotes

Keeping Your Secret- Sheikh Saadi

Best Sayings of Sheikh Saadi : Silence is better than telling Your Secret to someone and then ask him not to tell it to anyone -  Best Quotes of Sheikh (Shaykh) Saadi

Making Some One Happy with Your Good Deed-Sheikh Saadi

Best Sayings of Sheikh  Saadi -  Making Some One Happy with a kind act is better than thousand sajda (head-bowings) in prayer - Best Quotes of Sheikh (Shaykh) Saadi

Quote of Sheikh Saadi. Leave him who hurts you, but dn’t hurt whom you have left.

Sayings of Sheikh (Shaykh) Saadi- Leave him who hurts you, but dn't hurt whom you have left.-Sheikh Saadi

More Quotes of Sheikh Saadi

Some sayings of Sheikh (Shaykh) Saadi-Quotes of Sheikh Saadi

Sheikh Saadi about Illiterate and Illogical Person

Best Sayings of Sheikh Saadi  - Saadi About illiterate and illogical person - Best Quotes of Sheikh (Shaykh) Saadi

Sheikh Saadi: About a Pious Woman

Best Sayings of Sheikh Saadi  - A Pious Woman in a beggar's house, makes him a king - Best Quotes of Sheikh (Shaykh) Saadi

Read More Quotes of Sheikh Saadi

Read More Quotes of Sheikh Saadi

Read More Quotes of Sheikh Saadi

Anger: A Punishment to Yourself on the Fault of Some One Else

Best Urdu inspirational sayings - What is Anger? It is giving punishment to yourself on the fault of some one else - Best inspirational Quotes in Urdu

No One is Indispensable

Insaan Bhee Kiya Cheez Hai?

World, a Place of ‘Ibrat’

They Were Also Alive Yesterday

Never Be Proud

Noor Baba

Salah-ud-Din Ayubi’s Saying

Salah-ud-Din Ayubi about Vulgarity

Thank Allah that Your Sins are Hidden

Control on One’s Tongue

Complete Trust in Allah


Six Golden Principles

A Tall Tree

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