Inspirational Quotes/Pearls of Wisdom (in English)

Swim Out to Your Ship

Inspirational Quotes - Swim Out to Your Ship - Motivational Quote by Jonathan Winters

Plant Your Own Garden

Best Quotes in English - Plant your own Garden - Quote by Jorge Luis Borges

Common Sense

Best Quotes in English - 'Common Sense' - Inspirational English Quotes

Be careful who you Trust…

Best Quotes in English - The Devil was once an Angel - Inspirational English Quotes

Your children will follow your example, not your advice

Best Quotes in English - Your children will follow your example, not your advice - Inspirational Quotes

War of Ego

Best Quotes in English - War of Ego - Inspirational Quotes

Take Your Ego out of the Equation 

Inspirational Quotes - Take your Ego out of the Equation - Motivational Quote about Ego

Don’t call the World Dirty…. 

Best Quotes in English: "Do not call the World dirty...." - Inspirational Quotes

The Tallest Oak in the Forest

Best Quotes in English: The tallest Oak tree in the Forest... - Pearls of wisdom

Do You Want to Feel Rich?

Best Quotes in English: "Do you want to get rich?" - Pearls of wisdom

Albert Einstein: Look Deep into Nature

Best Quotes in English - Look deep into nature...Quote by Albert Einstein - Inspirational Quotes

Albert Einstein: The World Will Not be Destroyed by Those who Do Evil

Quotes of Albert Einstein: The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those.... - Best English Inspirational Quotes of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein: Life is Like Riding a Bicycle

Best Quotes of Albert Einstein -" Life is like riding a bicycle..." - Albert Einstein Quotes

Please click the following link to read more Quotes of Albert Einstein:-

Quotes of Albert Einstein

Unbelievable Fact 

Best Quotes in English: Unbelievable fact about human body and Heart - Pearls of wisdom

George Bernard Shaw about Exchange of Ideas through Apple Analogy


Ernest Hemingway: Before You Act, Listen

Best Quotes of Famous People - Best Quotes of Ernest Hamingway; Before you act, listen. Before you react, think - Best Inspirational Quotes of famous people

Warren Buffet: Honesty is a Very Expensive Gift

Best Quotes of Famous People - Quotes of Warren Buffet; Honesty is a very expensive gift, don't expect it from cheap people - Inspirational Quotes of famous people

The Best Medicine for Humans is Care and Love

The Best medicine for humans is Care and Love, said a wise physician (doctor) . If it doesn't work, Increase the Dose.

Nelson Mandela: Education is the Most Powerful Weapon 

Quotes of Nelson Mandela: Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world - Best English Inspirational Quotes of Nelson Mandela

Eleanor Roosevelt; Great Minds Discuss Ideas…..

Best Quotes of Famous People - Best Quotes of Eleanor Roosevelt;Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people - Best Inspirational Quotes of famous people

Tony Gaskins about Building of Dreams 

Best Inspirational Quotes of Famous People - Best Quotes of Tony Gaskins; If you don't build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs

Inspirational Quote: Don’t Raise Your Voice, Improve Your Argument 

Best inspirational sayings - Don't raise your voice, Improve your argument - Best inspirational Quotes

Don’t Cheat in a Relationship. If You are Not Happy then Just Leave

Best inspirational sayings - Don't cheat in a relationship. If you are not happy then just leave - Best inspirational Quotes

Learn to Dance in the Rain

What is Life?

Life is Too Short

Life is Like a Roller Coaster

Life Always Offers a Second Chance

There are Always More Options

Time, Love, Praise & Encouragement in RelationshipsIt is an excellent video on relationship between the parents and the children and the husband and the wife. It is a long video. Please just see first 2 minutes and I am 100 % sure that you will go through all. Watching this is worth every minute.

Google Has its Limitations
Best line written in front of a Mosque:
“Always believe in ALLAH, B’coz there are some questions in grave that cannot be answered by Google.”

Life Has No Backspace

If You Do Wrong

 Fire In Hell

Faqeer Watayo is a Sindhi folk stories character. On a very cold night his mother said: “Watayo! You are close to God. It’s very cold tonight, can’t you ask God to spare a little bit of fire from hell to keep poor people like us warm?”

Watayo replied:”Amma, there is no fire in hell. Everyone has to bring his own.”

The Greatest Anti Retirement Video of All TimesHazel McCallion is the Mayor of Mississauga (Canada’s 6th largest city) for the last 31 years. She has amazing energy, amazing decision making strength and scrupulously honest. She won 11 consecutive elections and outlasted 8 Prime Ministers.

When You Want Something

When You Really Love Someone

You Lose 60 Seconds of Happiness


Why You Forgive People?

When Friends Become Strangers

Water Your Own Grass

Too Much Ego

Which is More Important?

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