In Loving Memory of Dr. Amar Nawaz Malhi (1956-2010)

By Rashid Zia Cheema

Amar Malhi

Amar passed away on 17 June 2010. Every year on 17 June, at his death anniversary, we fondly remember him. How can we forget that fateful day when he went to his heavenly abode and left his dear and near ones sad?

Dr. Amar Nawaz Malhi, loving known by his nick-name ‘Nony’, was a wonderful man and I have very good memories about him. He was only 5 years younger to me and we grew up together. His whole life is in front of my eyes like a film.

I wrote this poem in 2010 on Amar’s death. I am not a poet. I have just written a few lines in the loving memory of Nony. May his soul rest in peace, and may Allah grant him the highest and the choicest place in Jannah with his father and grandparents,  آمین.

Amar Nawaz, Page 1Amar Nawaz, Page 2
Amar Nawaz Page 3

Some More Photos of Amar

Amar, more Photos

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  1. roomana malhi says:

    Indeed,my brother was the most wonderful man whom everyone adored and loved,may his soul resides in heaven Ameen.I miss him so much that sometimes feel like crying aloud with pain and sadness but then my mother ,the one who gave birth to him,, says it was God’s will and we have to bow down and accept His decisions without complaint,i look at her with wonder and see an old collapsed lady with a firm belief in Allah’will,i salute her firm belief in God and then try to stop my tears falling down from my eyes.Bcoz in reality I know she also died from inside when her loving son left her for his heavenly abode.

  2. W June Cheema says:

    Noni, may you rest in peace, I shall always remember, how nice you always were to me and your dear Uncle Khalid. It was always a pleasure seeing you smile and always being so optimistic about the future. You are always in my prayers and thoughts.

  3. Roomana Malhi says:

    Roshi Bhai, you wrote a very touching poem about my brother, NONI BHAI, he definitely was a person never to be forgotten, three years went by so speedily just seems like today. It hurts like hell, still the pain is unbearable, wish I could see him just one more time, just once I want to see him smile, hear his warm voice, hug him but I know I have to wait till the day I die and may Allah let me be with him.

  4. May his soul rest in peace forever. Ameen.

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