Identity of the Fingers

Fingerprints had no impact on people on the Prophet’s time. An Englishman by the name of Genn ginsen, in 1856, found that the pattern of lines at the tip of a human finger was something unique to the individual. Until 1856, people were unaware of this feature at your fingertips. The discovery was the fact that the pattern of lines on fingertips was a form of identification used by police to find criminals. Even in identical twins. is patterned on the tips of fingers differently. This proof of identity can not be faked, putting back a unique signature by the touch of something. One can not imitate or deny it. We carry it with us until the end of our days. Burns to the epidermis or other damage and aging, will not change this fact.
I think people that we can never gather his bones? (Quran 75:3)
Yes, indeed, we are able to shape and with his fingertips! (Quran 75:4)
This pattern of lines can be traced in the womb when the fetus completes its three-month period. It conducted research to see if these lines can be used to detect genetic defects in our body.
As far as we know this problembet so far, no positives were detected. Most likely, something new to come any day. At the time when the Quran was sent to man, had his fingertips no particular significance. God, who will turn man back on the day of resurrection, emphasizes the importance of your fingertips.
One of the fundamental character of this verse may refer to the pattern of lines on human fingertips. There may be other indications, which says that all the characteristics of our body are encoded at our fingertips. It is suggested that under our recreation, all peculiarities and functions will be restored in our body, so it may be that what is in the fingertips, apparently of small importance, will be sufficient for this process. The reason the fingertips given as an example of this is general acceptance that simple things are not worth much.
Nevertheless, even the seemingly insignificant tip of a finger a storage source, thanks to which the body can be formed again. DNA is one of the most important discoveries in human history. Detection of DNA put an end to the idea that the human cell had a simple structure with the content. As the cell was analyzed more and more, the complexity of the composition of its better understood. Even a piece of DNA includes sifrere formed in a series of more than three billion codes. From the color of the hair to the little finger of man, everything is in this code. A printout of data related to the DNA would form the contents of about 1,000 volumes of one million pages. Moreover, DNA has more capacity to duplicate all of this data within 20 to 80 minutes. In this lesson contained in the 1000 volume of a single DNA, one can find all the properties of the body. DNA in a single cell in the fingertip could provide all the necessary information. Our Creator can so easily resort to this lesson to recreate man. It would be easy for him to do as He did the first time when he created us.

And he takes an example for us, and have forgotten their creation. He says: “Who will give life to the decayed bones?” (Quran 36:78)
Say: “He will give them life, who brought them the first time! He knows all creature. (Quran 36-79)

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