I Am the Trouble

Masood Anwar, Col (34th PMA)






By Col (R) Masood Anwar, AC/Avn (34 Long Course)

Once upon a time troubles were smaller and I was bigger

I was able to keep them soundless and quiet

Whether it was homes roads or parks

Then troubles grew bigger and I became smaller

I see them now, on roads, in streets, in schools, in homes

Familiar and expressive to a degree of fault


I have, since then, thought very hard

What is the trouble?

I soon realised, I am the trouble because I make trouble

I create, I shape, I fashion trouble

The way I want, the way I like

At my convenience, in my interest

Then why blame trouble?


Troubles trouble because they are troubles

How comical, how intriguing

Am I not the whole trouble?

(Writer’s Note: I think, you might find, hidden within the lines, a message.)

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  1. Nice poem………we want more.

  2. Lt Col (R) Rashid Zia Cheema (2nd SSC) says:

    Good poem. Please contribute more.

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