I am Fearful

By Col Masood Anwar, Retd (34th PMA Long Course)

This is the rise and fall of human imagination; unable to manage the freedom he is so boastful about. One moment he is a mountain and the next a speck of dust.


When the day comes to a close I am fearful

And, then, I ask myself

Will the night pass away

Will there be another day

Will the sun rise, will the rain fall again

Will the flowers blossom

Will I hear the birds sing again

Will I meet again those I love

And those who love me


When the day comes to a close I am fearful

And I say to myself

“You are as brief as a moment

At the mercy of a breath of air a beat of the heart

You say thousands of hapless people

Are at you mercy, they laugh when you laugh

They cry when you cry

But you are so feeble so weak so helpless

You cannot know if the sun shall rise again

Whether there will be another day”


Yes; I am as brief as a moment, just a breath away

But, what seems to be a moment

Is a moment within a moment

That gives rise to another, and another, and another….

Yet it’s a moment, if you like


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