Husband and Wife Jokes (in Urdu & Punjabi)

‘Azad Punchi’ (Free Bird)

Funny Urdu Jokes : 'Azad Punchi' (Free Bird) - Husband & Wife Jokes in Urdu

Heart of a Newly Wed Wife

Funny Urdu Jokes : Heart of a Newly Wed Wife - Husband & Wife Jokes in Urdu


Funny Urdu Jokes : 'Silence' - Husband & Wife Jokes in Urdu

‘Khuda Khofi’

Husband and Wife Jokes in Urdu - 'Khuda Khofi' - Urdu Jokes

Less Salt in the Sabzi 

Funny Urdu Jokes : Less Salt in the Sabzi - Husband & Wife Jokes in Urdu

Husband’s ‘Sacrifice’

 Funny Urdu Jokes : Husband's 'Sacrifice' - Husband & Wife Jokes in Urdu

‘Organic Roasted Chestnuts’

 Funny Jokes in Urdu : 'Organic Roasted Chestnuts' - Husband & Wife Jokes in Urdu

Advantages & Disadvantages of Eating Mangoes

Funny Urdu Jokes : Advantages & Disadvantages of eating Mango - Husband & Wife Jokes in Urdu

Choice of a Wrong Place for Argument with Wife

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Choice of a wrong place for argument with wife - Husband & Wife Jokes in Urdu

This Man was Released from Jail after 12 Years

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Man Released from Jail after 12 Years - Husband & Wife Jokes in Urdu

‘General Knowledge’ of Husband

Funny Jokes in Urdu : 'General Knowledge' of Husband - Husband & Wife Jokes in Urdu

‘Happy Independence Day’

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Happy Independence Day - Husband & Wife Jokes in Urdu

‘Healthy Competition’

 Funny Jokes in Urdu :'Healthy Competition' - Husband & Wife Jokes in Urdu

The ‘Generous’ Woman who Closes Her one Eye

 Funny Jokes in Urdu : The 'Generous' Woman who closes her one eye - Husband & Wife Jokes in Urdu

Obedient Wives get ‘Official’ Permission from their Husbands 

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Obedient Wives get 'Official' Permission from Husbands - Husband & Wife Jokes in Urdu

Waddhi Aaee Oxygen

Jokes in Punjabi : 'Waddhi aaee Oxygen' - Husband & Wife Jokes

Wives can NEVER be Convinced

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Wives can NEVER be convinced - Husband & Wife Jokes in Urdu

‘Admi Aur Churrail’

Jokes in Punjabi : 'Admi Aur Churrail' - Husband & Wife Jokes

The ‘Clever’ Husband who didn’t give Newspaper to Wife

Funny Jokes in Urdu : 'Clever' Husband didn't give newspaper to Wife - Husband & Wife Jokes in Urdu

A Veterinary Doctor’s Love for his Wife

Funny Jokes in Urdu : A Veterinary Doctor's Love for his Wife - Husband & Wife Jokes in Urdu


Funny Jokes in Urdu : Fraud - Husband & Wife Jokes

‘Shaadi and Haldi’

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Shaadi & Haldi - Husband & Wife Jokes

“Azeem” Husband

Funny Jokes in Urdu : "Azeem" Husband - Husband & Wife Jokes

‘English Medium’ Wife

Funny Jokes in Urdu :  'English Medium' Wife - Husband & Wife Jokes

Angry Wife and ‘Maskeen’ Husband

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Angry Wife - Husband & Wife Jokes

Waddi aaee Jadoogarni’

Jokes in Punjabi : 'Waddi aaee Jadoogarni' - Husband & Wife Jokes

Witty Husband

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Witty Husband - Husband & Wife Jokes

What an Understanding after 50 Years of Married Life!

Funny Jokes in Urdu : What an Understanding after 50 Years of Married Life - Husband & Wife Jokes

Gum-Sum Aadmi ki Haqeeqat

Funny Jokes in Urdu : 'Gum-Sum' Man might be a Married Man - Husband & Wife Jokes

Billi Choohay ka Khail

Funny Jokes in Urdu : "Billi Choohay ka Khail" - Husband & Wife Jokes

Biwi ki Maikay say Waapsi

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Biwi ki Maikay say Waapsi - Husband & Wife Jokes

The Unfortunate Punjabi Wife 

Jokes in Punjabi :The Unfortunate Punjabi Wife - Husband & Wife Jokes

Changay Phassay Aaan

Jokes in Punjabi : "Changay Phassay Aaan" - Husband & Wife Jokes

Wife attends English Speaking Course 

Jokes in Urdu : Rest in Peace, Darling! - Husband & Wife Jokes

A Husband’s Last Message from ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

Jokes in Urdu : A Husband's last message from ICU (Intensive Care Unit) - Husband & Wife Jokes

Biggest Tennsion for a Husband??

Jokes in Urdu : Biggest tennsion for a Husband - Husband & Wife Jokes

Dua of a Wife for her Husband

Jokes in Urdu : A Wife's Dua for her Husband - Husband & Wife Jokes

Repetition of “Mera Mera” by the Wife

Jokes in Urdu : Repetition of "Mera Mera" by the wife - Husband & Wife Jokes

CV aur Biwi

Jokes in Urdu : CV aur Biwi - Husband & Wife Jokes

Iodex for Husband’s Injury

Jokes in Urdu : iodex for Husband's injury- Husband & Wife Jokes

Medical Research

Jokes in Urdu :  Medical Research about veins in human body - Husband & Wife Jokes

‘Phadday Baz’ Wife

Jokes in Urdu : Phadday baz Wife wants sugar jar - Husband & Wife Jokes

Mirch ka Achaar (Green Chilli Pickle)

Jokes in Urdu : Mirch ka Achaar (Green Chilli Pickle) - Husband & Wife Jokes

Cooking by Highly Educated Wife

Husband and Wife Jokes - Cooking of Highly educated wife - Punjabi Jokes

The Shortest Murder Story

Jokes in Urdu : The shortest Murder story - Husband & Wife Jokes

Puttar! Hore Rozay Rakh!! 

Jokes in Punjabi : Puttar, hore Rozay rakh - Husband & Wife Jokes

Love is really Strange

Jokes in Punjabi : Piyar bhi ajeeb cheez hai - Husband & Wife Jokes

A “Good” Wife

Jokes in Urdu : A "Good" Wife - Husband & Wife Jokes

Don’t Blame Your ‘Muqqadar’

Jokes in Urdu :Don't blame your Muqaddar - Husband & Wife Jokes

A Question for all Wives about Toilet Seat

Jokes in Urdu : A Question for all Wives about Toilet Seat - Husband & Wife Jokes

Bechara Writer 

Jokes in Urdu : Baichara writer who could not speak at home - Husband & Wife Jokes

Agar Aap ki Begum Aap ka Kehna nahi Maanti….

Jokes in Urdu : Agar aap ki Biwi aap ka kehna nahi maanti - Husband & Wife Jokes

Aqeedat ki Inteha”

Jokes in Urdu : "Aqeedat ki Inteha" - Husband & Wife Jokes

A Common “Threat” by all Wives 

Jokes in Urdu : A common"Threat" by all wives - Husband & Wife Jokes

“Meri Piyari Biwi”, a Poem by a ‘Dil jala’ Husband

Jokes in Urdu : "Meri Piyari Biwi", a Poem by a 'Dil jala' Husband - Husband & Wife Jokes

Doctor asks a Husband about his Headache

Jokes in Urdu : Doctor asks a husband about his Headache - Husband & Wife Jokes

Birthday Gift by a Wife

Jokes in Urdu : Birthday Gift by a Wife - Husband & Wife Jokes

Announcement on Loudspeaker

Jokes in Urdu : Announcement on loudspeaker - Husband & Wife Jokes

Ishtehaar-e-Gumshudgi for Wife 

Jokes in Punjabi : Ad in newspaper for lost wife - Husband & Wife Jokes

Why Husbands Speak Less? At last here is a Pro-wives joke on the demand of some ladies.

Jokes in Urdu : Why Husbands speak less? - Husband & Wife Jokes

Aik Bazzurg ka Mashwara

Jokes in Punjabi : Aik Bazzurg ka Mashwara - Husband & Wife Jokes

Shakk ki Intehaa by a Wife

Jokes in Urdu : Shakk ki Intehaa by a wife - Husband & Wife Jokes

Shohar ki Chalaakian 

Jokes in Punjabi : Shohar ki Chalaaki - Husband & Wife Jokes

Aurat ki Zindagi

Jokes in Urdu : Aurat ki Zindagi - Husband & Wife Jokes

A Man threatens his Wife for 7 Years

Jokes in Urdu : A man threatens his wife for 7 years - Husband & Wife Jokes

Hoping for a Better Replacement 

Jokes in Punjabi : Hoping for a better replacement - Husband & Wife Jokes

Qudrati Aafaat (Natural Disasters)

Urdu Jokes : Qudrati Aafaat (Natural Disasters) - Husband & Wife Jokes

 Little Girl wants to buy a gift for Grandmother

Urdu Jokes : Little Girl wants to buy a gift for Grandmother - Husband & Wife Jokes

Some Wives are Like Taliban 

Jokes in Urdu : Some wives are like Taliban - Husband & Wife Jokes

No “Dulaasa” (Sympathy) to a Man on His Wife’s Death

Funny Jokes in Urdu : No "Dulaasa" (Sympathy) on the death of wife - Husband & Wife Jokes

Stone Age Man Wants to teach his Wife how to Talk

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Stone Age man teaches his wife how to talk - Husband & Wife Jokes

Mother Tongue’ info in College Admission Form

Funny Jokes in Punjabi : 'Mother Tongue' info in College admission form - Husband & Wife Jokes

“Goongi Badmashi” (Roguish Silence)

Funny Jokes in Urdu : "Goongi Badmashi "(Roguish Silence) - Husband & Wife Jokes

Husband & Wife ka “Anmole Payar”

Funny Jokes in Punjabi : Husband & wife ka "Anmole Payar" - Husband & Wife Jokes

Sahayli (Friend) ki Nishaani

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Sahayli (Friend) ki Nishaani - Husband and Wife Jokes

Four Marriages by a Male

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Four marriages by a male - Husband and Wife Jokes

In which Season the Chilies grow?

Funny Jokes in Urdu : In which season the chilies grow? - Husband and Wife Jokes

FaceBook ka Chaskaa

Funny Jokes in Urdu : FaceBook ka Chaskaa - Husband and Wife Jokes

Kaali Biwi (Black wife) wants Curtains to avoid Neighbour’s Gaze

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Kaali Biwi (Black wife) wants curtains to avoid the gaze of neighbour - Husband and Wife Jokes

Blind Faith on Ariel Washing Detergent 

Jokes in Urdu : Blind faith of Pakistani Women on Ariel washing Powder - Husband & Wife Jokes


Funny Jokes in Urdu : "Bhoot" - Husband and Wife Jokes

Husband thinks his Wife is Dhamaka Khaiz Mouaad” (Explosive Device)

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Husband thinks his Wife is "Dhamaka Khaiz Mouaad" (Explosive Device)

A Bachelor is Always Wise

Funny Jokes in Urdu : A Bachelor is always wise - Husband and Wife Jokes

A Man’s Nature

Funny Jokes in Urdu : A husband asks a shopkeeper to show him a suit for lady - Husband and Wife Jokes


Funny Jokes in Urdu : Wife names her husband as "Sharafat-e-Pakistan" - Husband and Wife Jokes

‘Silence’ of a Husband

Funny Jokes in Punjabi : Silence of a Husband about his girl friends - Husband and Wife Jokes

Husband Laments about His 5 Years’ Married Life

Funny Jokes in Punjabi : Husband laments about his 5 years married life - Husband and Wife Jokes

Effectiveness of Multani Mitti Mask 

Funny Jokes in Punjabi : Beautician checks about the effectiveness of Multani Mitti Mask from a man - Husband and Wife Jokes

Maulvi Sahib Disappoints This Husband

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Maulvi Sahib disappoints this husband - Husband and Wife Jokes

Husband Bought 3 Tickets of a Film for Sunday

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Husband bought three tickets of a film for Sunday - Husband and Wife Jokes

Bazurgoun Ka ‘Billi Maar’ Experience

Funny Jokes in Urdu :  Gurba Kushtan roz-e-Awwal, Bazurgoun ka Billi Maar experience - Husband and Wife Jokes

2000 Rupaye Ka Suit, 4000 Ka Impression

Funny Jokes in Urdu : 2000 rupaye ka suit, 4000 ka impression - Husband and Wife Jokes

Dabaanay kay sunehri Asool

Funny Jokes in Urdu : Dabaanay kay sunehri Asool - Husband and Wife Jokes

Whose Mother is More Likable; Husband’s or Wife’s?

Urdu Jokes: Whose mother is more likable; husband's or wife's? - Husband and Wife Jokes

Baqr Eid Ka Qorma

Urdu Jokes: Husband likes Qorma on Baqr Eid day - Husband and Wife Jokes

Wishful Thinking of a Pakistani Wife

Urdu Jokes: Wishful thinking of a Pakistani wife - Husband and Wife Jokes

Is Marriage Good or Bad? There is an old saying, “Shadi aisa laddoo hai kay jis nay khaya woh bhi pachtaaya or jis nay nahin khaya woh bhi pachtaaya”.

Urdu Jokes: Husband and Wife Jokes - Is marriage good or bad?

A Non Romantic Husband

Urdu Jokes: Husband and Wife Jokes - A non romantic husband.

Hsband and Wife in Jannat

Urdu Jokes: Husband and Wife Jokes - Hsband and wife in Jannat

Doctor Tells Woman Not to Give Tension to Her Sick Husband  

Urdu Jokes: Husband and Wife Jokes - Doctor tells wife not to give tension to sick husband

Betting on a Wrong Horse

 Funny Husband and Wife Jokes in Urdu: Betting on a Wrong Horse; Husband asks his wife to marry his friend after his death - Best Husband & Wife Joke

Dua Before Marriage about the Future Mother-in-Law

 Funny Husband and Wife Jokes in Punjabi: Dua before marriage about the future mother-in-law - Best Husband & Wife Jokes

The Brave Husband Refused to Eat Hard Roti Made by His Wife

Funny Husband and Wife Jokes in Urdu: Husband with broken teeth says to doctor, "I refused to eat hard roti made by wife"- Best Husband & Wife Jokes

The Husband Doesn’t Pray and Keep Fast in Ramzan But Willing to Have Iftar . Also see Light Humour in Ramzan.

 Funny Husband and Wife Jokes in Urdu: The Husband who doesn't pray and keep fast in Ramzan but is very eager to have Iftar - Best Husband & Wife Joke

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Husband Tried to Protest When His Wife Bought Another Dupatta

 Funny Husband and Wife Jokes in Urdu: Husband tried to protest meekly when his wife bought another Dupatta - Best Husband & Wife Jokes

A Man finds Aladdin’s Lamp

Jokes in Urdu : A Man finds Aladdin's Lamp - Husband & Wife Jokes

An Advice to Married Men Whose Wives Get Angry

Funny Husband and Wife Jokes in Urdu: If wife gets angry, just tell her that its old people's habit to get angry - Best Husband & Wife Jokes

Couples are Formed in the Heavens But They are Disgraced on the Earth

 Funny Husband and Wife Jokes in Urdu: "Joray aasmaan per bantay hain, laikin zaleel zameen per hotay hain" - Best Husband & Wife Jokes

A Husband was Sad on his Wife’s Death

Jokes in Urdu : A Husband sad on wife's death - Husband & Wife Jokes

Husband: “Doctor, I Can’t Hear When My Wife When She Talks to Me.”

Funny Husband and Wife Jokes in Urdu: Husband, "Doctor, I can't hear when my wife talks to me." Doctor, "Yeh Allah ki rehmat hai."-  Best Husband & Wife Jokes

Husband Fed Up of Wife’s Demands, Wants to Commits Suicide

 Funny Husband and Wife Jokes in Urdu: Husband fed up of wife's demands wants to commit suicide, wife ask him to get her three white suits for 'Iddat' - Best Husband & Wife Jokes

Saddaqa Rids You from All Evils Except…..

 Funny Husband and Wife Jokes in Urdu: "Saddaqa her bala ko taal dayta hai, sawaye usskay jiss-say aap ka nikah ho chuka ho" - Best Husband & Wife Jokes

A Newly Married Saraiki Couple Sitting in a Park

 Funny Husband and Wife Jokes in Urdu - A newly married Saraiki couple sitting in a Park and eating chips - Best Husband & Wife Jokes

Anger is a Manly Trait, But…

Jokes in Urdu : Anger is a Manly Trait but... - Husband & Wife Jokes

A Mouse Danced in Front of a Lion’s Barat

 Funny Husband and Wife Jokes in Urdu: A mouse danced at lion's barat and said," Shaadi say pehlay mein bhi sher huwa karta tha". -  Best Husband & Wife Jokes

Totally Different Thinking of Husband and Wife Sitting Silent in a Room

 Funny Husband and Wife Jokes in Urdu: Totally different thinking of Husband and Wife sitting silent in a room - Best Husband & Wife Jokes

A Wise Married Man’s Dilemma

Funny Husband and Wife Jokes in Urdu - A wise married man ponders a lot, consults his parents and in the end does what his wife says - Best Husband & Wife Jokes

 Mother-in-Law Was Kidding 

Funny Husband and Wife Jokes in Urdu: Husband to wife; "Your mother was kidding. She asked if I were happy to marry her daughter" - Best Husband & Wife Joke

How Does a Wife Compare Her Husband with Other Male Relatives in the Family?

Funny Husband and Wife Jokes in Urdu: How does a Wife compare her Husband with other male relatives in the family? - Best Husband & Wife Joke

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